Chapter 143: Second Phase.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

Reo Star System, once one of the three major nodes located on the border between the Ochs Empire and the Kabat Empire, where the Kabat Empire had left behind 50,000 warships.

However, currently, in the void, there was not a single Kabat Empire warship to be seen. There was only a large warship wreckage, and a huge fleet.

Every single warship of this fleet was huge.

However, among these huge warships, was an even bigger warship with a silver-white body. It was streamlined, noble and gorgeous.

A name was engraved on its hull, Uranus.

This was Lin Fan's new seat as the Military Commander, a 10 million ton heavy battleship! 

Inside the bridge, Lin Fan was sitting in the commander's seat, listening to Liang Xue's report.

"Military Commander, according to the reports from the Sub-fleets, all of the planets have been cleared."

"Very good, how is the situation of the other fleets?"

"All of the mission targets have been suppressed. The fleets are currently rushing to Reo and are expected to arrive in 3 days."

Lin Fan nodded, all of this was expected.

With the current combat power of 20,000 Killer Whale-Class Battleships per fleet, if there were accidents against these enemy Guard Fleets of only 10,000 to 20,000 warships, they should feel ashamed. 

Now, the first phase of Operation Dawn has ended perfectly. When all of the fleets arrived at Reo, the second phase would officially begin.

Different from the first phase, the second phase was the real battle. After all, in the first phase, the strongest force they would face was only the 50,000 warships of Reo.

As for the other places, there were only 1 to 20,000 warships, which was not worth mentioning.

However, in the second phase, the opponent has 3.8 million warships. In terms of number, it was 16x bigger than Lin Fan's 1st Legion.

If it was a purely head-to-head battle, with Lin Fan's 240,000 warships going against 3.8 million enemy warships, Lin Fan's side would surely suffer great casualties. After all, Energy Shields were not omnipotent.

However, Lin Fan never intended to go against the Kabat Empire head-on. Only a fool would do such a thing.

In the current situation, in the 12 Star Systems that had been taken by the 1st Legion, none of the enemies had managed to send any messages before they were destroyed. Even if they did, with the Kabat Empire's means of communication, it would take 1 to 2 months before it arrived in Viter.

Therefore, Lin Fan has a lot of room to operate and enough time to complete the operation!

Although such a tactic was despicable, this was war. Was war not just a competition to see who was more despicable? This wasn't some knight's duel, was it? 

Three days later, the remaining eleven fleets all arrived at Reo.

"Everyone, now that the first phase of the operation is over, we will now move to the second phase. Which is the raid on Viter and completely annihilating the 3.8 million main forces of the Kabat Empire!"

"The battle plan has already been issued, so those who have opinions can raise them now!"

"I have an opinion!"

Hearing this familiar voice, Lin Fan felt helpless.

Sure enough, out of anyone here, it's you!

"Go ahead, Sophia, I'm listening!"

"Military Commander, I don't have any opinion on the overall operation. However, I hope that in terms of mission distribution, the 5th Fleet can be in charge of holding down the entrance to the Star Path in the direction of Cecil!"

After she finished speaking, Sophia put on a pitiful expression, as she looked at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan's mouth corners twitched. Weren't you a Queen? What's with this acting?

As for why Sophia wanted to grab the blocking mission at the entrance of the Star Path in Cecil's direction, Lin Fan knew why.

After all, this would be the most intense firefight point in the entire battle plan.

"Yes, but it's not just the 5th Fleet, you'll have the 4th Fleet with you. The two fleets would work together complete the mission!"

"I can do it alone, why do you have to add Little Li Zi into the mix!"

Sophia muttered in a low voice, with some dissatisfaction.

"I heard you! If you speak of any more nonsense, I will make you stay in Reo!"

"Yes, Military Commander, I don't have any problems. I promise to complete the mission!"

Lin Fan had sort of figured out Sophia's attitude now. If she doesn't listen, he'll just threaten to keep her out of combat!

This was definitely more effective than any other way of threat. This would directly turn Sophia from a Queen into a tail-wagging puppy!

"Is there anyone else who has a problem?"

"No more Military Commander!"

Everyone straightened up and replied.

Lin Fan looked around at the crowd, nodded in satisfaction, and continued.

"Good, then I shall follow the battle plan and lead the 1st Fleet to depart first. You guys wait for my notice before you move!"


After the meeting ended, Lin Fan and Liang Xue returned to the bridge.

"Has the 1st Fleet's departure preparation been completed?"

"It's complete. We are ready to depart at any time, Military Commander!"

"Good, then let's go to Viter and put on a good show! Order the fleet to activate their Warp Engines and lock on the coordinates!"

"Yes... The Warp Engines have been activated."

"Coordinates are locked, all fleets are ready to warp!"


With a sudden shrinkage of the void, Lin Fan's Uranus and the 1st Fleet had disappeared.


Inside the command center of the fortress in Viter III's orbit.

"According to the time, the Human Federation's cargo fleet should arrive in the next few days. Do not attack them, especially when you see them suddenly appear. Do not be nervous, let alone make any hostile behavior! Do you all understand?"

"Yes, Military Commander Hamid!"

"Beep~ An unknown fleet has appeared at a distance of 3 million kilometers from Viter III!"

"Beep~ No matching warship was found in the database comparison, the opponent's affiliation is unknown!"

"Hmm? Not a fleet of the Human Federation? Who is it?"

Listening to the sudden alert in the fortress, Hamid was a bit confused.

At the first warning, Hamid thought it was the Human Federation's fleet that had arrived, and was even a little excited. But then the alert said that there was no matching warship in the database, meaning it was a fleet of unknown forces...

What a joke! If there was a civilization that can warp, doesn't it mean that there's a third Level 4 Civilization in the Orion's Arm Branch, besides the Barbawi Empire and the Human Federation?

One must know that all of the Human transport ships, as well as warships, were available in the database of the Kabat Empire.

Now that the no match had been found, how could Hamid not be nervous?

Fortunately, this tension did not last long, as the side of Faris had submitted a report.

"Military Commander Hamid, we have conducted a full range of scanning. Although the unknown fleet's and the Human Federation's warships are different, the emblem of the unknown fleet is that of the Human Federation! It should be a type of warship of the Human Federation that we have not seen yet."

After listening to Faris's report, Hamid sighed with relief. He got really scared for a second there.

"Military Commander Hamid, the other side has sent a communication request!"

"Quickly receive it!"

A few seconds later, a figure that Hamid was familiar with, appeared in front of him.

"Hamid, long time no see!"

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