Chapter 142: Attack On Eldo (Part 2).

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

In the void of space, the 6th Legion's Sub-fleets were speeding towards their respective targets at a speed of 50,000 kilometers per second.

At the same time, on a beach of the Vacation Planet Eldo I, a huge stone man was sunbathing, feeling incomparable enjoyment. It was none other than the Governor of the Kabat Empire in Eldo, Abboud.

If a human was to see this, they would certainly scoff. After all, it's a 'stone' man sunbathing!

Just as Abboud was comfortably sunbathing, his communicator suddenly rang.

"You better have a reasonable explanation, otherwise I'll chop you up when I get back!"

Abboud was upset that his vacation was being disturbed. He picked up the communicator and angrily spoke into it!

"Governor, the situation is not good. A fleet suddenly appeared in Eldo and wiped out Team 3. They are currently heading towards us, and are expected to arrive in 5 minutes!"


Abboud couldn't care less about the d@mn sun anymore, and jumped up from his seat.

"Why didn't you contact Team 1 and 2 to intercept them?"

"I couldn't. Governor, haven't you already arranged for everyone from Team 1 and 2 to go on vacation on the planet? There's no one inside the Starports!"

Hearing this, Abboud remembered that he had indeed given such an order.

"Did you find out who the other party is?"

"Governor, no warship matched the database comparison. However, the emblem has. The emblem is from a civilization called the Human Federation, but the database does not have a detailed description of this civilization."

"What? Human Federation? Are you sure?"

"Yes, Governor, this was the result given."

"D@mn it, did Team 3 piss them off? No resistance is allowed! If they show signs of attack, you must surrender immediately! Even if they want to kill you, face your death with a smile on your face, is that clear?"


On the other end of the communication, an officer inside the Starport Command Center was holding the communicator, a dumbfounded look on his face. He did not understand what the Governor was saying at all.

"You id¡ot, the Human Federation is a Level 4 Civilization, and are the ones that sold us the Energy Shields. I don't know why they came to Eldo, and I don't know how Team 3 pissed them off, but in any case, the situation is not allowed to escalate any further!"

"Like I said earlier, no resistance of any kind is allowed. You can just surrender to the other side if the situation is not right, do you understand?"

"Understood Governor!"

"Good, now immediately send a communication request to the other side. Once connected, immediately forward it to me. I will personally apologize to the Human Federation!"

"Yes, Governor!"

The Officer, inside the command center, sighed in relief. When he heard that the other party was a Level 4 Civilization, he was scared out of his wits.

But Abboud's words made him let out a sigh of relief. After all, the Governor had said that they shouldn't resist and just surrender. In this case, their lives should at least be saved, right?

After calming down a bit, the officer immediately followed Abboud's instructions and began to contact the other side.

Ten million kilometers away, the 6th Legion's flagship, Hestia, inside the bridge.

"Commander, the other side keeps sending communication requests to us!"

"These guys, they still don’t understand that we're here to destroy them?"

Fujiwara Ayako couldn't help, but ask. However, the truth was exactly as she guessed.

Up until now, Abboud had thought that Team 3 had annoyed the Human Federation's fleet, which had led to its annihilation. He had never even thought that the other side was intentionally attacking them.

After all, for the time being, the Kabat Empire was a big customer of the Human Federation. There was absolutely no reason for the Humans to attack them.

Not only Abboud thought so. In fact, even Hamid and Emperor Farhale were thinking the same thing.

Of course, under normal circumstances, they were correct for considering this. But they were missing one thing and that was, their territory was blocking the human's expansion.

"Forget about them. Tell the 2nd to 11th Sub-fleets to open fire, once they enter the range of the Starports and destroy them! As for the enemy's 7000 Warships, destroy it along with the Starports!"

"Yes, Commander!"

Two minutes later, the assault teams of the 2nd to 6th Sub-fleets had entered range and then began to attack.

Three minutes later, the 7th to 11th Sub-fleets also attacked the Starport group in Eldo II's orbit.

At the same time, the 12th and 13th Sub-fleets had arrived at the orbits of Eldo I and Eldo II, then began to release their mech troops for atmospheric operations.

At this time, Abboud, who was on the beach of Eldo I, suddenly found that he could no longer contact the Starport in the orbit of the planet. 

When he raised his head to look at the sky, his expression instantly froze.

What did he see? Countless fireballs appeared in the sky and were rapidly descending.

Naturally, Abboud knew what this was! They were a large number of troops that were descending into the planet's atmosphere. 

Soon, the contents inside these fireballs revealed their true appearance, they were mechs!

"D@mn it, what the hell is this for?"

Just as Abboud shouted towards the sky, a mech, in the middle of landing towards him, had raised the laser rifle in its hand.

The next moment, a beam of light hit where Abboud was, engulfing him along with it.

"Commander, the assault fleet reported that Eldo I and Eldo II's Starport group has all been destroyed, while the nine planets' atmospheric operations have been completed. They are currently searching the planets for fishes that escaped the net!"

"Good! We have limited time, so in one hour, recall all of the mechs, regardless of the degree of completion! Anyway, without the warships, it doesn't matter if there are a few lucky fishes on the planets that escaped."


One hour later, the mechs on the planets began to return to the warships, one after another, and Fujiwara Ayako sent a report to Lin Fan!

"First phase of the mission completed, waiting for the order to start the second phase!"

What happened in Eldo also happened in the Kabat Empire's 12 Star Systems. Now, the Kabat Empire only had one Star System left.

The only remaining Star System was Viter, and Hamid still knew nothing of what was happening.

He was still excited about the 50,000 sets of Energy Shield devices that were about to be delivered...

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