Chapter 149: Sophia, Doing It Again.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

In Viter Star System, near Cecil towards Star Path, there were energy bombs and beams of various colors flying in the void. Every second, a number of warships would explode and turn into a balls of fire!

"Carol, Dennis and Elio, why are you being so cautious against these weaklings?!"

Sophia looked at the tactical panel, saw what the 7th, 8th and 9th Fleets in the rear of the Kabat Empire's formation were doing and was greatly displeased. 

When the three heard Sophia's words, they all had black lines running through their faces.

In fact, there was nothing wrong with the three's decisions. They formed behind the enemy formation, using the firepower advantage of the Battleships to suppress and slow down the pressure for the 4th and 5th Fleets.

It can be said to be a very stable strategy, but this was the opposite of Sophia's style.

Sophia never knew what was prudent, and in her opinion, the trio's behavior was somewhat petty.

After all, she and Li Cangdou had already taken out 200,000 enemy warships. Currently, only 500,000 enemy warships were left and the enemy formation had already been turned upside down by them.

So in her opinion, why in the heII would the three not use this time to completely crush the enemy and instead choose to play it safe?

"Sophia, stop! Just directly say what you want!"

Carol directly interrupted Sophia, who was despising the three of them, and said helplessly.

"Simple, let's give them the Infinite Division Strategy!"

"Infinite Division?"

"Except for Little Li Zi, who will continue to guard the entrance of the Star Path, our four fleets will use our speed and firepower advantage to repeatedly assault the enemies, cutting through the enemy formation from different directions until they completely collapse!"

Listening to Sophia's words, the three pondered.

Indeed, this was the most convenient way to make the enemy's formation completely collapse in the shortest time. With this, the enemy wouldn't be able to fight as a whole. The enemy formation would lose its integrity.

As for why not doing this when they dealt with the Ochs Empire, it's actually simple. The Ochs Empire's troops wouldn't get shaken, even if they were alone. After all, till their last warship, none surrendered; while the Kabat Empire was not so hardcore.

"Alright, I agree!"

Carol did not have to think long before agreeing to this plan. She then looked at Dennis and Elio.

Both people also nodded their heads, to indicate their agreement.

"I'll give you five minutes to adjust your formation. After that time, we'll officially commence the Infinite Division Strategy!"

Five minutes later, the three Human fleets behind the Kabat Empire had changed into assault formations, each accelerating toward their own entry points!

At the same time, Sophia, who was constantly messing around in the center of the Kabat Empire's formation, also took action. She ordered the fleet to attack, while flying in an arc until the bow was aligned with the enemy flank!

Obviously, Sophia was ready to make a lateral assault.

At this moment, the one with the greatest pressure was Li Cangdou. All his attacks must be accurately predetermined before they should be issued. Otherwise, he could easily accidentally hit his teammates!

After all, there were now four fleets participating in a high-speed assault on the enemy formation that he had to take into account.

Soon, Carol and the other three fleets also crashed into Kabat Empire's formation, using their powerful firepower to clear a path, rushing forward at a speed of 50,000 kilometers per second.

Control would be difficult at this speed, fortunately, they had Energy Shields. The debris wouldn't bring any substantial damage to the Killer Whale-Class Battleships.

When the first assault was completed, the Kabat Empire's formation had been split into 7 whole divisions, 1 large and 6 small.

The 6 small divisions were formed by one horizontal cut from Sophia, plus a straight line cut from both Carol and Dennis, while the large division was cut by Elio at the edge of the formation.

Before the Kabat Empire could slow down, the four fleets had already cut a semicircle in the void and redirected their respective advances in an arcing flight to the Kabat Empire's formation, launching another assault!

With the speed and firepower of the Killer Whale-Class Battleships, the Kabat Empire's fleet was powerless to resist. They could only watch as the Humans sliced their formation again and again, before finally becoming fragmented, unable to form an effective formation to put up any semblance of resistance!

On the other side, the Kabat Empire fleet was also suffering from Lin Fan.

Lin Fan calculated the situation well. Giving the enemy enough hope so that they would be unwilling to stop and engage against him, but at the same time, also making the enemy pay the maximum price.

Now, just half of the warships passed through Lin Fan and Chris's crossfire, but they had already destroyed 200,000 warships. As for the pursuing Emma, Ayako and Yunting, they also destroyed nearly 100,000 warships.

In addition, the Kabat Empire fleet that was initially set up to block their rear, after being pierced through by the three women's fleet, was now tailing behind at a great distance. They could not catch up with the battlefield that was moving at a high speed. They could not even see the tail lights.

So in the initial 1.2 million warships of the Kabat Empire, only less than 800,000 warships were left, and this number was still rapidly declining.

But to the relief of the Kabat Empire Commanders, the warships in front of their formation had arrived near the Star Path's battlefield. They were only 10 minutes away from the Star Path and were about to escape.

However, their arrival made Sophia, who was not far away, even more excited.

Licking her sexy flaming-red lips, her face was once again covered with a red flush.

"Little Li Zi, the enemy formation here has completely collapsed. They only have less than 300,000 warships left, I can leave them to you, right?"

"No problem, but what are you going to do?"

Looking at Sophia's flushed face, Li Cangdou had some bad premonition.

"Me? Naturally, I'm going to greet the new guests. The enemies here can't satisfy me anymore!"

"Uh... I knew you wouldn't settle down..."

Li Cangdou was speechless, the battle here was not yet over, but Sophia was going to leave the enemy to run to the other side...

Words were not enough to describe her 'passion.'

But he also understood that with Sophia's character, he could not dissuade her. So he just added some reassurance.

"Dennis, Elio, you guys follow Sophia. Carol and I can deal with the situation here!"

"Don't worry, we'll watch that crazy woman for you!"

Dennis said with a smile. They've all been together for three years and were familiar with each other. They understood without needing to say too much.

"Thanks, I'll buy you guys dinner when we get back!"

"That's what you said, Elio and I will remember it!"

The four fleets then completed a final cut through. After that, with the 5th Fleet leading, the 8th and 9th Fleets were placed on both sides back, quickly forming a triangular assault formation. They then immediately rushed towards the Kabat Empire's fleet, more than 3 million kilometers away!

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