Chapter 148: To Give False Hope To The Enemy.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

It must be said that this fleet Commander of the Kabat Empire had a good idea, but only if he did not overlook two key factors.

First, he selectively forgot that Humans had Warp Engines. Even if they were rushing into the Star Path, it did not mean that they could escape. 

When they reach the other side, that was, Cecil, they would certainly be greeted by the Human fleet!

After all, the speed of warping was hundreds of times faster than the speed of the Star Path.

Another key point he missed was that there were 200,000 Human fleets on the battlefield in Viter III, not 60,000.

So far, only 60,000 warships had appeared, so where were the other 140,000?

Well, the answer would soon be revealed!

At a distance of about 6 million kilometers away from the battlefield, 1.2 million warships of the Kabat Empire were racing through the void, with four huge fleets converging together.

According to their speed, it was expected that it would take them around 20 minutes to reach the Star Path.

"Reporting to the Commander. Two Human fleets have appeared behind us, at a speed of 50,000 kilometers per second! They have 60,000 warships and all of them are Battleships! They are expected to catch up to the range in a minute and we will be attacked from behind!"

The Commander frowned, this was not good. How terrifying was the firepower of Human Battleships? He had already seen how devastating they could be, from the battle at the Star Path entrance.

If he was attacked from behind by 60,000 Battleships and engaged in battle until he entered the Star Path, he would lose at least half of his warships!

But half was better than total annihilation. The Commander could only comfort himself with this.

"Have the rear fleet leave 100,000 ships to block the attack, the rest of the warships continue to rush into the Star Path as fast as possible!"

"Yes, Commander!"

However, before the fleet could continue to move forward much further, the Adjutant reported anxiously to the Commander.

"Commander, there is another Human fleet directly in front of us, numbering 40,000 warships! All of them are also Battleships!"

"D@mn it, order the whole fleet to charge the main cannons! There are only 40,000 Battleships, they can't stop us all!"

"Yes, Commander!"

1.1 million warships then aggressively charged towards the Human fleet ahead.

However, Lin Fan did not intend to intercept them to begin with. It was simply impossible. After all, that's 1.1 million warships main cannons they would be facing against. 

Even with Energy Shields, they would concur serious battle damage!

Inside the bridge of the Uranus, Lin Fan looked at the 1.1 million warships that were coming straight towards him, as shown on the tactical panel and smiled. He asked Liang Xue, "Liang Xue, when the opponent is weaker than you, but overwhelms you in numbers, what do you think is the best thing to do?"

"Well... If it's me, I'll gradually pick off their forces bit by bit, instead of trying to destroy them all at once!" Liang Xue replied, after thinking for a while.

"That's right. Just as we weaken the other side, we also leave them some false hope, so that they will not fight us to the death. By the time they realize what's happening, even if they want to fight to the death, they would no longer be able to do so!"

Lin Fan looked at Liang Xue and said with a smile. The method that Liang Xue said just now, was actually the tactic that Lin Fan was going to use.

In fact, Liang Xue's command ability was not weak. If there's a simulation battle in the entire 1st Legion, except for Lin Fan, no one would be able to win against Liang Xue.

It was only because she refused to step down as Lin Fan's Adjutant that she remained here. Otherwise, she would have become a Fleet Commander before Chris, and the strongest one among the Fleet Commanders!

"Separate the 1st and 2nd Fleets. Spread out to both sides and give way to the Kabata Empire's fleet. We'll set up a cover fire on both sides!"


This was Lin Fan's strategy. There was no need for them to rush to the opponent. He'll just give them a path, then set up on both sides of the path, facing the middle.

At this point, would the opponent choose to either stop and engage against Lin Fan, or charge through the path with their head held high?

It's a simple, yet a difficult choice. It's like the enemy giving them the road, but it was riddled with mines!

So does one stop and spend a lot of time clearing the mines? Or do they leave a lot of bodies behind and rush straight through, despite the minefield?

Well, the answer came out the next moment. The Commander of the Kabat Empire gritted his teeth and chose the second option - rushing through, regardless of the Humans firing at them.

Thus, all of the Kabat Empire's fleets charging through the formation, completely exposed their flanks to the 1st and 2nd Fleets.

Initially there were still 1.2 million Kabat Empire warships, but after a while, it would be a question whether there would even be 500,000 warships left.

However, as Lin Fan said, don't push them to the brink and create some false hope for the other side, while gradually tearing them apart.

Such was the case with the current Kabat Empire commander, who had no idea of stopping to engage the Human fleets on either side. His current logic being that it was okay to lose some of his troops, as long as he could break into the Star Path!

So the 1.1 million warships advanced against the crossfire from both sides, exposing their weakest flank completely to the Human warships.

However, they soon discovered that not only the Human fleet on both sides were attacking them, but also 60,000 warships at their rear had started attacking while pursuing them!

These 60,000 warships were naturally Emma, Fujiwara Ayako and Shangguan Yunting's 3rd, 6th and 10th Fleets.

It turned out that they simply did not take care of the 100,000 Kabat Empire warships left behind to block them, but rather used their Energy Shields to break through the center. 

They did not slow down at all and shook off the blocking Kabat Empire fleet, biting on the tail of the main fleet of Kabat Empire ahead of them.

More than 10 minutes later, when the entire Kabat Empire's fleet passed through the area between Lin Fan and Chris, 500,000 of their warships were gone forever.

The losses of the Kabat Empire fleet had increased dramatically, averaging more than 5,000 warships destroyed every minute!

Not far away on the other side, near the entrance of the Star Path.

Since the 7th, 8th and 9th Fleets joined the battlefield from the rear of the Kabat Empire's formation, the Kabat Empire's fleet was already on the verge of being overwhelmed.

There were 100,000 Human Killer Whale-Class Battleships attacking the Kabat Empire altogether. 20,000 of which were rampaging through their formation and could not be repelled.

The only thing they could do was to grit their teeth and pester the Human fleet to create opportunities for the remaining seven fleets!

However, Sophia would not let them get what they wanted. Although it did not matter if they were just allowed to rush into the Star Path, it would take them a full year or so to reach Cecil.

This meant that the 1st Legion would have to wait for them for more than a year, which was completely unacceptable!

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