Chapter 146: Sophia's Battle Style.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

According to Sophia's orders, the 4th Fleet and the 5th Fleet began to get into formation, with their backs blocking the entrance of the Star Path.

Sophia's 5th Fleet was located in the center of the defense line, slightly protruding forward and forming a triangle. It did not look like a defensive formation, but rather preparing for a surprise attack.

The 4th Fleet, on the other hand, was divided into two fleets of 10,000 Killer Whale-Class Battleships. Temporarily codenamed First Column and Second Column.

The two columns moved to the two sides of the 5th Fleet and laid a Cover Fire Formation at a distance of 1 million kilometers from both sides of the 5th Fleet.

The so-called Cover Fire Formation was to spread the fleet like a net, ensuring that every warship could fire at the same time, while also covering a larger area with firepower.

When the formation was set up, the 700,000 warships of the Kabat Empire were also finally within 3 million kilometers.

Their mission was to open up the entrance to Cecil's Star Path at all costs, so that the following fleet could make an unhindered evacuation!


With a command from the Commanders of both sides, the dark void was instantly illuminated with countless energy beams that swept the empty space. 

Since the distance was still far away, the Kabat Empire's commander used the Cover Fire Formation as well!

After all, at this distance, the hit rate would be terrifyingly low if they were spread too thin.

The Cover Fire Formation was different. No matter how the opponent changes formation and maneuvers, the hit rate would be maintained at an acceptable range.

But the disadvantage of the Cover Fire Formation was also obvious. It was almost impossible for the Human warships to be hit by multiple main cannon shots at the same time.

Therefore, there was basically no threat for the Human fleet that had Energy Shields. The real threat was when the distance between the two sides was reduced to 1 million kilometers or less. At this time, the Kabat Empire could start to concentrate their fire for relatively accurate shots.

But would Sophia give them this opportunity? Obviously, no!

Although there were only 40,000 warships on the Human's side, the firepower they could dish out was not weaker than one of the Kabat Empire's Main Fleet Legion, which had 300,000 different types of warships.

Moreover, at 3 million kilometers, the main and secondary cannons of the Killer Whale-Class Battleships could both attack, while only the main cannons of the Battlecruisers of the Kabat Empire's fleet could. Their secondary cannons were under-ranged.

Originally, their Battleships could also attack, but unfortunately, the entire army of Battleships were drawn out by Hamid. 80,000 of which had just been buried in the orbit of Viter III.

The remaining 50,000 Battleships were also put in the temporary upgrade station under Hamid's orders.

Hence, none of the Kabat Empire's fleet had Battleships right now, and the strongest ones were Battlecruisers.

In addition to these two types of ships, the other Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates and Carriers, etc., do not have the ability to attack from 3 million kilometers away. Especially the Frigates, which could only start attacking after entering 1 million kilometers in range. 

On the contrary, the Human fleet had all Killer Whale-Class Battleships. At 3 million kilometers, they could already intensively attack. Their plasma cannon and a large number of solar cannons would definitely make the Kabat Empire's fleet doubt life.

In fact, the Kabat Empire's commander was already doubting life right now.

The firepower of the Human’s 40,000 Battleships was several times more powerful than his own 700,000 warships!

Well, this Commander obviously forgot that although he had 700,000 warships, with the current range, only 60,000 Battlecruisers were capable of attacking.

The Battlecruisers, no matter the number of weapons or the caliber of the main and secondary cannons, were a lot worse than the Battleships.

As time passed, the distance between the two sides became closer and closer. The firepower of the Kabat Empire's side gradually increased.

After all, more types of warships entered firing range and attack. 

"Little Li Zi, it's going to begin. Make the columns on both flanks start projecting crossfire into the center of the opposing fleet. I'll start the assault with the 5th Fleet and your crossfire should extend backwards in accordance with the progress of my assault, got it?"

"Alright, leave it to me!"

The 4th Fleet, located on the two flanks of the 5th fleet, stopped firing at the front and each turned 20 degrees towards the center. A crossfire was then formed, and with the 5th Fleet's frontal fire, it directly bombarded the center formation of the Kabat Empire with a violent lurch!

The next moment, before the commander of the Kabat Empire's fleet could react, Sophia began to act. The 5th Fleet activated its engines at full power, and began to assault the center of the opposing enemy formation in a straight line.

The maximum speed of the Killer Whale-Class Battleship was 50,000 kilometers per second, which was completely up to the standard of sublight speed. Crossing 2 million kilometers would not even take a minute.

The Kabat Empire's warships' main cannons would take a minute to recharge after each shot.

As one can imagine, in the Interstellar Age, each level of civilization technology was an absolute leap from the previous level. As long as the civilization was one level higher, they would be able to dominate their opponent. Unless, of course, the quantity reaches a level where the quality could no longer be the deciding factor.

Just like the Zergs, in Lin Fan's previous life, when he watched various Interstellar films and TV works.

As the 5th Fleet ran with their assault, the two columns of the 4th Fleet were also firing, while adjusting the angle at which the Battleships were facing, so that the intersection of firepower kept moving further away.

In this way, they formed a cover fire for the attacking 5th Fleet and protected them until they manage to break into the enemy line.

The result was not too different from what was expected. The 5th Fleet, with the cover of the 4th Fleet, including the acceleration time, took only a minute or so to rush into the enemy line.

Sophia, who had cut into the enemy line, got even more excited.

"Little Li Zi, your crossfire can stop, simply hold their two flank formations for me. I'll take care of the middle!"

"Good, you take care!"

Sophia, who was in the middle of the enemy formation, was completely *HIGH*.

"Haha, fire for me. Fire anywhere you want, it's all enemy ships anyway!"

Everyone on the bridge had sweat dripping from their foreheads, their Commander was really...

In fact, it's not that Sophia's excitement clouded her judgment, but rather she had the confidence. 

After all, the Kabat Empire would have to worry about friendly fire, while the 5th Fleet could open fire on the outside of the assault formation without any fear.

The most critical thing was that the main cannons of a Level 3 Civilization's Battlecruiser could only fire forward. So if the Kabat Empire's warships want to attack the 5th Fleet with their main cannons, they would have to turn.

Also, if they don't use their main cannons, their secondary cannons would be too small to be an effective threat to the Humans' Energy Shields. As for the other Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates, etc., the main cannons equipped on them were much less powerful than the secondary cannons of the Killer Whale-Class Battleships.

This was the reason why Humans no longer equipped themselves with these types of ships. Their size was small, which meant that they could not be equipped with high-powered weapons, only small calibers guns that had short ranges.

With Energy Shields, what could these types of ships do? They're purely cannon fodder in the battlefield!

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