Chapter 147: Lin Fan Was Calculated On.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Viter Star System, the entrance to the Star Path towards Cecil.

A Human fleet was currently rampaging through a group of more than 600,000 Kabat Empire warships, unrestrainedly venting its powerful firepower.

2 million kilometers away, another Human fleet was leaning against the entrance of the Star Path, constantly suppressing the two sides of the Kabat Empire's fleet formation, so that it could not spread out the formation. Thus, not being able to form an encirclement around the crazy fleet in the middle.

It must be said that the Commanders of this fleet cooperated very well!

If Lin Fan were here, he would admit that these two were really in tune with each other.

On the other side of the Star System, in the orbit of Planet Viter III, the battle was also nearing its end.

At this moment, more than half of the Starports in the orbit had been destroyed!

Not far away, the fortress, which was in a half-destroyed state right from the beginning of the battle, was also in a completely paralyzed state. The fortress's exterior weapons had been completely destroyed and the Humans' Mecha had also broken in.

According to the report, three more minutes, at most, would be enough to take down its command center.

"Liang Xue, how is it going with Sophia and Li Cangdou?"

"There has been a firefight with the first 700,000 warships that arrived at the entrance of the Star Path."

"Pull up the Tactical Demo of the firefight process, I want to see!"

"Yes, Military Commander!"

Tactical Demo, also known as Tactical Image Recording, could simply demonstrate the course of the battle in the form of icons.

"This really fits her style, but speaking of which, the two of them really work well together!"

After watching the Tactical Demo, Lin Fan couldn't help, but sigh.

From the earliest time he gave the Star Path blockade mission to Sophia, Lin Fan knew that this woman would definitely not meekly "block" the opponents. She would definitely make things happen!

Now, the result was exactly the same as Lin Fan guessed. Sophia made a blockade mission into a full-scale annihilation battle!

However, it really didn't matter what she did, as long as she didn't let the Kabat Empire's fleet escape from the Star Path.

Of course, if there were a lot of casualties because Sophia messed up, then Lin Fan would also not let her off the hook.

Currently, although she seemed to be messing up here and there, she was able to control it well. There would not be a large number of casualties.

Moreover, it was obvious that Sophia had included Lin Fan in her plans. After all, the tactics she was using were indeed fine, if she was simply dealing with those 700,000 warships.

But the problem was that there were 2.1 million warships rushing to the battlefield. Sophia shouldn't be unaware of this, so how come she was still using such tactics?

Either she was a second-rate Commander, who only saw the battle in front of her and couldn't see the big picture, or she counted Lin Fan in her plans; calculating the time for Lin Fan's side to finish their battle, so that he could arrive in time and help her stop the 2 million plus fleet.

Lin Fan didn't think Sophia was a second-rate Commander, so it could only be the second possibility.

"This woman, she even included me in her crazy ideas!"

"Order Carol, Dennis, and Elio to lead the 7th, 8th and 9th Fleets to break away from the Viter III battlefield. Make them head to the Star Path entrance towards Cecil. Attack from behind the Kabat Empire's fleet, cooperate with the 4th and 5th Fleets to wipe out the 700,000 warships there!"

"Order Chris, Emma, Ayako and Yunting to lead the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 10th Fleets to follow my 1st Fleet out of the Viter III's battlefield, intercepting the seven legions of the Kabat Empire that are approaching the Star Path's battlefield."

"Finally, Xia Yu and Qin Tian will lead the 11th and 12th Fleets to stay in the Viter III's orbit to conduct closing operations!"

"Yes, Military Commander!"


Just as Lin Fan was giving combat missions to the fleets, a change occurred on the battlefield in Cecil's Star Path.

A Killer Whale-Class Battleship of the 5th Fleet was blown up in void of space. For a moment, the Kabat Empire's fleet was filled with cheers and a boost in morale.

It turns out that the other side can also be destroyed, they were not invincible!

However, their Commander did not look happy at all.

The enemy had rampaged within their own formation in a very fast speed. Attacking the enemy in this situation with their main cannon was obviously impossible. After all, the main cannons were only suitable for long-range linear attack and completely unsuitable for the current need to quickly adjust its trajectory.

Therefore, their only means of attack left was their secondary cannons. But the Energy Shields, on the Killer Whale-Class Battleships, could withstand at least 20 simultaneous hits from the main cannons of the Kabat Empire Battlecruiser. So what about the much less powerful secondary cannons? It would need at least 200 rounds of simultaneous hits!

Not to mention that even if the secondary cannons were more flexible than the main cannons and could fire in an omnidirectional rotation, they weren't fast!

The Kabat Empire's commander had a hard time having more than 10,000 Battlecruisers focus fire on a single Killer Whale-Class Battleship, with their secondary cannons, all at the same time. Eventually, they hit it more than 300 times and successfully destroyed it.

Considering the above, could this kind of thing be done all the time? Although the secondary cannons' recharge time was not as long as the main cannons, it still also took almost half a minute. Plus they still need to look for a target, aim and do other preparations. It would take at least 10 minutes!

Even if they succeed each time, it would take more than 3000 hours to destroy all these Battleships.

On the other hand, their own remaining 500,000 warships absolutely wouldn't be able to last 3 hours before they're wiped out clean!

Therefore, although they managed to destroy one Killer Whale-Class Battleship, the Kabat Empire's fleet Commander did not show any happy expression. On the contrary, his frown deepened.

"Commander, a Human fleet appeared behind our fleet, there are 60,000 of them! Their speed is 50,000 kilometers per second and is expected to approach our fleet within 3 million kilometers in 2 minutes!"

"What? Could it be that Military Commander Hamid has...? Quickly check what position the rest of the fleet has reached!"

"Among the remaining seven fleets, four have already converged and will reach us in about 15 minutes. The other three fleets that are farther away, will take half an hour to arrive!"

"Good, pass the order to the 200,000 warships in the rear to immediately make a 180 degree turn. The rear group becomes the front group and stop the enemy, even if it means death! The remaining warships will continue to pester the 40,000 Human warships here and hold on until the rest of the fleet arrives!"


At this time, the fleet commander was no longer thinking about how to destroy the enemy. His 700,000 warships couldn't even beat the other side's 40,000 warships, let alone the fact that they only have 100,000 left!

But he could still hold the 100,000 Human warships for an hour, before they were all destroyed.

With this time, the other fleet should have arrived, and could take advantage of the opportunity to rush into the Star Path and escape!

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