Chapter 141: Attack On Eldo (Part 1).

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

Eldo was a Three-Star System that was around 8.2 light years away from Horton.

It had 2 Natural Life Planets and 7 Modified Life Planets. It also had an unparalleled beautiful environment, which allowed visitors to immediately relax upon arrival.

The 9 Life Planets here, whether it was Natural or Modified, were developed according to the highest standards of Vacation Planets.

This was once the most famous vacation spot of the Ochs Empire, but nowadays, it was impossible to see any Ochs people here. The Ochs people had been captured and shipped away as slaves. Now, the owner of this place was the Kabat Empire!

In the void, a fleet of 3,000 warships was doing a routine patrol. They were the temporary Guard Fleet left by Hamid. They had a total of 10,000 warships that were stationed in Eldo.

"It makes me angry just thinking about it. Why is it that we, Team 3, are the ones patrolling again today? Meanwhile Team 1 and 2 are on vacation, spending their entire day on the planet!"

"Commander, Team 1 and 2 are part of the Governor's inner circle, while we are just temporarily drawn here."

"Damn it, there's not even a point in patrolling like this. There are no hostile forces within a few dozen light years!"

"Commander, it's always good to be caref..."

"Beep Beep Beep~ Warning~ Warning~! Unidentified fleet sighted, unidentified fleet sighted!"

While the Commander was complaining and the Adjutant was trying to persuade the former, the alarm suddenly rang.

"What's going on?"

"Commander, 20,000 warships have suddenly appeared 1 million kilometers ahead!"

"What, what does the scan say? From which force are they from?"

At this moment, the Commander was panicking. 20,000 warships had silently came to Eldo, while their side was completely unaware. Not to mention, they only discovered the unknown fleet at 1 million kilometers away!

If these 20,000 warships had malicious intentions, with just a few rounds of fire, their 3,000 warships will be wiped out!

"Reporting to the Commander, after the database comparison, no warship matched the unknown fleet's warships. However, the emblem on the opponent's warships was confirmed to be from a civilization called the Human Federation!"

"Hmm? Human Federation? Quickly, order all warships to not fire. Even just charging the cannons is not allowed!"

"Commander, what do you mean?"

The Adjutant was completely confused with what his Commander was thinking. An unknown fleet had appeared in front of them, and the Commander actually gave a non-resistance order?

After all, the content of the order was that even charging the ship's cannons was not allowed. If this was not a non-resistance order, then what was?

"Just do as I said, otherwise do you want us to die here?"


Although it was strange, the Adjutant still followed the Commander's order and conveyed his message to all their warships.

"Commander, the order has been conveyed, but what the he|| is going on here?"

"Sigh~ you're not ranked high enough, so you don't know yet... The Human Federation is a Level 4 Civilization. You must know the Empire's Trap Fleet right? The Energy Shield devices installed on that fleet was sold to us by the Human Federation!"

"What?! A Level 4 Civilization? And the Energy Shields of the Trap Fleet were bought from them?"

After hearing the Commander's words, the Adjutant was obviously shocked.

This was the first time he had heard of such a thing. That there was another Level 4 Civilization in the Orion's Arm Branch, besides the Babawi Empire. They even sold them a large amount of Energy Shields!

This time, the Adjutant no longer questioned the Commander's order, and instead, was glad.

When he now took a closer look at the scan results, he realized that it was not just 20,000 ordinary warships, but 20,000 Battleships!

A Level 4 Civilization was really terrifying!

If they had offended such a force, would he still have a chance to live? Not only him, even the whole Empire would follow the path of destruction!

"But what are the Human Federation's warships doing here? Send a communication request to the other side!"

"Yes, Commander!"

"Beep beep beep~, warning~, warning~! The opposing warships' cannons have started charging, the opposing warships' cannons have started charging!"

Just as the Adjutant was about to send a communication request to the other side, another alarm rang.

"What's going on?"

"Reporting to the Commander, the other side's fleet is preparing target and they're targeting us! The attack will arrive in ten seconds!"

"Evade quickly!"

The Commander immediately shouted!

He couldn't understand why the Human Federation had suddenly opened fire on them. It didn't seem like they were being rude in any way, right?

However, no matter how fast he reacted, it was already too late. The 20,000 Battleships had barraged them with attacks.

At a distance of only 1 million kilometers, the attack arrived in an instant.

Giant fireballs suddenly appeared in the void, followed by countless warship wreckage flying everywhere. Among the 3,000 warships, only about a 100 had survived the first volley of attack.

Most of these 100 warships were hit by the surrounding wreckage, and each one of them were badly damaged.

The remaining warships were at a loss, as the second volley of attack from the Human Federation had arrived.

This time, no warship was spared, and all of the remaining warships were destroyed. They couldn't even send any message to the Governor, who was enjoying his time on the Vacation Planet. 

After eliminating this Guard Fleet, the huge group of Battleships continued to advance without the slightest change in speed, as if there were never any warships in front of them in the first place.

In the center of this fleet, was a Battleship that was significantly larger than the other Battleships. It had Hestia emblazoned on its hull.

Hestia, the flagship of the Human Federation 1st Legion's 6th Fleet, the vehicle of Fujiwara Ayako, an 8 million-ton heavy Battleship! 

"Adjutant, has the detection finished? Where are the remaining enemy 7,000 warships?"

"Commander, the scan finished. The remaining warships are located in the orbit of Eldo I and Eldo II, they are all docked in the Starport! At the same time, there are 2,000 lives detected in all these Starports. Instead, there is a large number of life on the 2 Life Planets."

"Quite leisurely of them! Order the 2nd to 6th Sub-fleets attack the Starports in Eldo I's orbit, while have the 7th to 11th Sub-fleets attack the Starports in Eldo II's orbit. The 12th to 20th Sub-fleets will take charge of the atmospheric operations on the 9 Life Planets, act immediately!"

"Yes, Commander!"

According to Fujiwara Ayako's order, except for the 1st Sub-fleet, which was the Guard Fleet, the other 19 Sub-fleets immediately split up and took action.

At this time, in the several starports on Eldo, the personnel left behind also detected the firefight just now and confirmed the destruction of Team 3.

This made everyone anxious, and immediately thought to notify the Governor.

However, just as they picked up the communicator, they suddenly remembered that the Governor and the other two Teams were all on the Life Planet below! The Starports were currently unmanned!

At this moment, everyone was full of dread.

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