Chapter 57: A Little Too Much.

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"The commotion outside the city has caused the earthquake. Even if this Official is only the temporary Governor, I can not idly stand by."

When Shen Changqing looked at Ming Zhengyang's face, he immediately understood what was on his mind. Though, Shen Changqing also did not explain too much.

He was the Governor of Lin'an City and from the Demon Suppression Division. He didn't have to report his actions to these people.

Ming Zhengyang also did not ask more.

"Lord Shen has a heart for the people, I really admire you. Since we each have our own businesses, I will not stay much longer, farewell!"

After saying that, Ming Zhengyang left with the other person.

The Seven Obsidian Sect was not the only one competing for the Demon's Essence Blood.

If one arrived late and the Demon's Essence Blood had already fallen into the hands of others, it would cause a huge amount of trouble.

Shen Changqing also did not stop him.

Heavenly Martial True Qi surged and as his toes tapped the ground, Shen Changqing's body rose into the air. When he landed again, he had already traveled quite a long distance.

"If there is time, I have to go back to the Demon Suppression Division and find a movement technique!"

Shen Changqing was helpless, as he looked at those Sect people with movement techniques. Him, on the other hand, had just relied on a burst of True Qi.

But the movement technique was only a small matter, so he could just slowly Cultivate it later.

The most important thing right now was to deal with this Demon's Essence Blood.

As Shen Changqing himself said, he had no thoughts about fighting for the Demon's Essence Blood. His only worry was for the Demon's Essence Blood causing other problems.

The earthquake, as well as that startling roar, all pointed to the fact that there was something unusual going on.

In the mass grave, not very far from Lin'an City.

It was only three or four miles away, so Shen Changqing did not take too long to arrive there.

At this moment, the place was a mess. The trees had fallen over, as if a huge beast had mowed through the area. There was also the strong smell of blood in the air.

Shen Changqing secretly heightened his vigilance, as he stepped inside.

After entering the range of the mass graves, the smell of blood became more potent.

There was also a voice that had appeared in his heart.

"There is definitely a problem!"

Shen Changqing instantly realized that something was wrong.

He stopped in his tracks and then stabilized his mind.

The voice in his heart soon disappeared.

Shen Changqing was sure that this voice was definitely related to the Demon's Essence Blood.

"From the information of the Heavenly Inspection Guard, the Demon's Essence Blood should have fallen to Low Rank, but even a Low Rank Demon's Essence Blood can possess this much power?"

Shen Changqing took a few deep breaths and re-examined the power of the Demon's Essence Blood for the first time.

Back when he was in the Demon Suppression Prison, Shen Changqing had seen demon remnants and living demons.

Although the cells of the Demon Suppression Prison looked simple, they had all sorts of sealing powers, which almost completely suppressed the demons and monsters imprisoned there.

Now, the Demon's Essence Blood had appeared because the power of the seal was broken.

In other words, the Demon's Essence Blood was not suppressed in any way.

Collecting his mind, Shen Changqing continued to go deeper.

Since it was the original place of the mass graves, he could see discarded corpses everywhere. Coffins had been unearthed and had fallen on their sides. The skeletons contained inside, had also spilled out.

Regarding this, he did not care too much.

Stepping on the bones, Shen Changqing headed towards the location of the Demon's Essence Blood.

As he ventured deeper, the surrounding view also opened up.

Eventually, Shen Changqing stopped in his tracks.

In front of him, the ground had cracked opened, as if it was a bottomless canyon. It emitted bloody light that mapped out in the depths of the canyon.

A power that made even an Innate Realm Cultivator tremble, was slowly rising.

"The Demon's Essence Blood is just below the canyon!"

Shen Changqing secretly thought. Now he understood why there was an earthquake. 

Just looking at the ground cracked with such a large gap, one could see how big the movement that the Demon's Essence Blood had made.

Since Lin'an City was not far from this place, it was only natural that the effects was clearly felt.

Retracting his eyes from the canyon, Shen Changqing looked around.

He saw Cui Cheng, Ming Zhengyang and several other people standing on one side. Everyone's face was very serious.

Some of the people have already drawn their swords, ready to make a move.

"Lord Shen, do you also want to fight for the Demon's Essence Blood?"

Seeing that Shen Changqing had arrived, some of the people's hearts sunk, and they inquired with a distant tone.

At this question, everyone's eyes pretty much fell on Shen Changqing.

They all understand that among everyone present, the one with the highest strength was this Lord from the Demon Suppression Division.

Shen Changqing lightly smiled: "You do not need to care about me, this Official does not have the idea of fighting for the Demon's Essence Blood. Whoever has the ability can leave with the Demon's Essence Blood. But if you all do not have the ability to do so, then this Official would bring it to the Demon Suppression Division to avoid it bringing chaos."

Hearing these words, everyone was at ease.

Shen Changqing's words were very clear. If they could take the Demon's Essence Blood away, sure. But if they don't, then he'll step in.

No one thought that they were not capable.

The scene suddenly turned silent.

Currently, anyone could feel that the Demon's Essence Blood that existed deep underground, was rising at an extremely fast rate.

They were waiting.

Waiting for the Demon's Essence Blood to present itself to the world.

Just as the Demon's Essence Blood was rising, Shen Changqing found that the voice was reemerging in his heart, causing him to feel the urge to kill.

He was astonished. He then looked at the people around him.

As expected, some of the Cultivators with low strength or did not have a strong mind, now had red eyes. They were struggling to restrain it.

The hand holding their swords trembled.

Suddenly, one man struck out and slashed a man beside him.

"Liu Lao Er, last time you secretly attacked me! I still haven't settled the score with you, and now you also want to compete for the Demon's Essence Blood? You are seeking death!"

"Humph, it's you who seeks death!"

Liu Lao Er seemed to be prepared for the attack, and did not panic in the face of the attack. Instead, he countered.

The moment the two made moves, some Cultivators, who had grudges, also followed suit.

The originally calm scene suddenly became chaotic.

Looking at the chaotic scene in front of him, Shen Changqing looked indifferent. He did not speak, nor did he intend to intervene. He was like a spectator, silently watching everything happen.

The others also just watched, like the people of the five Sects and some other Rogue Cultivators.

"They dare to compete for the Demon's Essence Blood with only this strength? They'll remain ignorant till their deaths!" Ming Zhengyang shook his head and snorted.

These people didn't even have the strength to resist the temptation. Them coming here was simply su¡c¡de.

Even without the voice making them attack each other and the Demon's Essence Blood was in front of them, these people would still not have the qualification to take it away.

The chaotic battles continued and it didn't take long before people started to die.

Shen Changqing stood with his hands folded, silently waiting for the Demon's Essence Blood to come out.

Suddenly, a red-eyed Cultivator slashed towards him.

Shen Changqing unhurriedly stretched out his hand and easily caught the blade with two fingers. Coating his fingers with Heavenly Martial True Qi, he twisted the blade, which immediately cracked into two halves.

Immediately after, that Shen Changqing casually threw half of the blade into the man's chest.


The man screamed and fell to the ground on his back, blood flowing from his chest wound.

The sudden change caused a part of the people to wake up. They were now looking at Shen Changqing with frightened eyes.

Killing someone as if he was just plucking a flower... His strength was terrifying to the extreme.

At this time, Shen Changqing's sight fell on the crack in front of him. There was a piercing and dense noise coming from down there, as if something was slowly climbing up from the ground.

"Could it be that the demon is not dead?"

The sound made Shen Changqing's face change dramatically.

The Demon's Essence Blood should be just blood. Why would there be a sound of something climbing up? It shouldn't have a physical body and more like floating.

"Be careful, something is climbing up from below!"

Shen Changqing coldly shouted, his voice instantly reached everyone's ears.

The others then turned to look at the canyon in front of them.

Not long after, a rotten blood-stained hand poked out from the bottom of the canyon. It was then followed by a corpse crawling out.

Right after the corpse crawled out, it lunged towards the nearest person.

The man was horrified: "What is this thing?!"

The stench of decay, mixed with blood, assaulted the man.

He did not dare to hesitate, despite the horror in his heart and slashed the corpse into two halves in the air.

When two halves of the corpse's body fell to the ground, it wriggled like a worm. It was not completely dead.

Shen Changqing's expression became ugly. 

Corpse Puppet!

But it's a little different from the Zhang Family that were artificially refined Corpse Puppets.

There were many kinds of Corpse Puppets.

The Zhang Family Corpse Puppet was one kind, and the Corpse Puppet in front of him was another.

"This is a Corpse Puppet. I think it is contaminated by the Demon's Essence Blood, so it got reanimated. To kill a Corpse Puppet, the easiest and fastest way is to cut off their heads. Otherwise, it would be difficult to cut off their vitality."

Shen Changqing spoke aloud and directly said the identity of the corpse.

While he was speaking, there were already more Corpse Puppets crawling out of the canyon.

Although the Corpse Puppets were horrifying, the Cultivators were no vegetarians and they fought without fear.

Although the Corpse Puppets looked scary, their actual strength was very weak. At best, they were similar to ordinary people.

After knowing the weakness of the Corpse Puppets, with the strength of the people present, dealing with them was not very difficult.

The only problem was that the number of of Corpse Puppets was a little too much.

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