Chapter 56: The Earth Dragon Turns Over.

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Corpse Puppet?

Zhao Yue was confused.

Cui Cheng patiently explained: "A Corpse Puppet is something that demons do after killing a person. They refine them into a puppet. The person, who is refined into a Corpse Puppet, can still retain its memory from when it was alive, but it will unconditionally obey the refiner."

"Just looking at it from the outside, it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the difference between a Corpse Puppet and a living person."

"But because Corpse Puppets are no longer living people, they need to draw fresh blood regularly to keep their flesh from decaying."

The Returning Yuan Sword Sect was one of the major sects in Guangyuan Province, so it was naturally not lacking in information.

After his explanation, Cui Cheng looked at Shen Changqing. He had now understood the other party's intention.

"Lord Shen is worried that if the news of the Corpse Puppet gets out, it will cause panic among the people!"


Shen Changqing nodded his head.

"Corpse Puppets are too bizarre. Ordinary people have no way of identifying them. If they knew that the Zhang Family people had long become Corpse Puppets, their hearts will be in chaos. Hence, this Official hopes that you two keep your mouths shut about this matter."

"As for the Demon's Essence Blood, my stance remains the same. I will not interfere with your business."

"The only matter this Official is concerned with, is whether Lin'an City is thrown into chaos or not."

"Just know that whoever tries to disrupt the peace in Lin'an City, don't blame this Official for being impolite."

Shen Changqing did not bother concealing the underlying threat.

Currently, he did not need to be overly cautious in Lin'an City.

With the Level 13 [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi], as long as a Grandmaster does not appear, there would be no problem. After all, in the Innate Realm, Shen Changqing was definitely not on the weaker side.

Cui Cheng looked solemn and responded in a panic: "Lord Shen doesn't need to worry. The matter of the Corpse Puppet will never leak out. The Returning Yuan Sword Sect has established its roots in the Great Qin for hundreds of years, and its duty is to maintain its stability."

"That would be best."

Shen Changqing picked up the cup of tea on the side.

Seeing this, Cui Cheng pulled Zhao Yue to stand up: "The two of us will not bother Lord Shen any longer, farewell!"

"The two of you take your time in leaving."

Shen Changqing nodded his head, and then looked towards the door, "Someone, send off the guests!"

An Official then came in through the door, looked at the two and said, "Two guests, please!"



First the Zhao Family was exterminated, and then the Zhang Family followed in a short amount of time. The famous local forces in Lin'an City seemed to have been purged.

This made the few remaining relatively large families to be cautious, not daring to make any extra moves.

At once, Lin'an City was restored to calm.

In this period of time, Shen Changqing was also deep in seclusion and did not easily show himself.

Apart from the daily affairs of the Government Office, there was nothing else to do.

He originally wanted to find an opportunity to change his weapon, but Lin'an City was only a small place. The blacksmith store here could not produce the same quality of his half-ruined sword.

So Shen Changqing could only put it on hold.

"Counting the time, the Demon's Essence Blood is about to appear!"

Standing at the entrance of the inner hall, Shen Changqing looked out into the distance.

Not knowing when, but the clear sky had dimmed a little. There was also a feeling of tightness in his chest, as if there was a boulder weighing him down.

Shen Changqing then remembered a saying in his previous life.

‘Eminent rain on the horizon, as black clouds cover the heavens!’

Right now, although there were no black clouds yet, it was almost here.

Shen Changqing had a premonition in his heart.

The Demon's Essence Blood might show itself to the world today.

As he was thinking, Shen Changqing suddenly felt the earth shaking, as if the Earth Dragon had turned. The things on the table in the inner hall fell to the ground and were smashed into pieces.

Immediately after that, there was a loud cacophony of voices outside.

"It's not good, there's an earthquake!"

"Quick, take cover–"

The people began to riot. The noise was so loud that it could be heard in the inner hall of the Government Office.

Soon, Shi Qingsheng hurriedly came over, panic evident on his face: "Lord, there is an earthquake. It is unsafe to stay in the inner hall. We should quickly evacuate!"

"Do not panic."

Shen Changqing’s face was slightly grim. His feet seem to be rooted in the ground, as no matter how the ground shook, it did not affect him.

Seeing the Lord's calm expression, Shi Qingsheng's inner panic also had calmed down a lot.

After forcing himself to calm down, he carefully asked, "My Lord, the earthquake had caused a lot of panic, what should we do now?"

"Tell the people to go to an open place, but do not go out of the city without permission. In addition, have all of the Officials scatter and maintain order in the city. Anyone who takes advantage of this opportunity to create chaos will be sent into jail!"

"Anyone who dares to resist will be killed on the spot!"

Shen Changqing calmly ordered.

Shi Qingsheng immediately followed his orders.

Shen Changqing was still standing in the same place, with his eyebrows locked together.

If it was an ordinary earthquake, there wouldn't be any big impact. If the ground was shaking tremendously, it's a disaster for the people.

Regardless, an earthquake was not a threat for an Outer Astral Innate Realm Cultivator.

From the current tremors, the earthquake was not very strong, so Shen Changqing had Shi Qingsheng and the Officials maintain order.

The key point was that Shen Changqing's mind was not on the earthquake.

"Normally, an earthquake is normal. But this time, the Demon's Essence Blood was about to appear. So for an earthquake to suddenly occur, although it could be just a coincidence, it could also be related to the Demon's Essence Blood–"

Shen Changqing guessed that the earthquake had something to do with the Demon's Essence Blood. He would have to re-evaluate the power of the Demon's Essence Blood.

To be honest, he did not have much understanding of demons.

The Evil Calamity was the collective name of demons and monsters, but Slayers were only qualified to have contact with monsters, but not demons.

In the Demon Suppression Prison, the demon remnants and actual demons that were sealed away, were not captured by Slayers.

As for the records on the first floor of the Library, there was not much about demons, only monsters.

Just when Shen Changqing's mind was flooded with thoughts, the ground suddenly shook violently.

However, the shaking did not last long, before it calmed down.

The next moment, a shocking sound sounded in the distance.

A heart-stopping roar sounded, as if an sleeping ancient beast had awoken.

In that instant, Shen Changqing's body's hair stood on their ends.

Just a simple roar made his heart feel a great amount of threat.

"The Demon's Essence Blood had appeared!"

Without any reason, this thought popped up in Shen Changqing's mind.

Immediately, he rushed out of the inner hall.

At the same time, the people of Lin'an City panicked. The roar made them tremble in fear. As for the Officials maintaining the order, their state was not much better.

"Run, if you don't run, it will be too late!"

"Everyone, stay where you are. Anyone who dares to run around without permission will be sent into jail!"

Zhang Yue suppressed his inner panic and sternly shouted. At the same time, he drew the sword on his waist.

The shiny blade managed to deter the people.

The scene gradually stabilized.

At this moment, an old man said, while trembling: "A demon! A demon has awoken from its slumber!! This old man has heard a rumor that there is a sleeping demon in Lin'an City. Now that there's an earthquake, followed by a roar, it must be the demon!!!"

"Run, If the demon really came out, we will all die!"


This word immediately made the people, who had barely calmed down, panic again.

Just as the crowd was in an uproar, Shen Changqing came with big steps. Heavenly Martial True Qi surged and burst out of him, as he angrily shouted: "Silence!"

A single word suppressed the mass' voices.

Some of the people even felt as if their heads had been hit by a hammer, and nearly lost their footing.

Shen Changqing said in a deep voice: "The claim that a demon has appeared is not credible. It's just a simple earthquake, you don't have to worry too much. Even if it's a demon, so what? This Official is from the Demon Suppression Division, whose duty is to kill demons and monsters!"

His words made the people calm down a lot.

Although Shen Changqing had not been an Official for that long, everything that he had done was deeply rooted in people's hearts, creating a powerful image.

Especially the name of the Demon Suppression Division, which added a lot of persuasion too.

Seeing the scene calm down, Shen Changqing tone eased a bit: "Everyone can rest assured with this Official in Lin'an City. Wait until the end of the earthquake and then you all go back to your homes. If you hear any noise, do not come out easily!"

"Leave the rest of the matter to this Official."

After he finished speaking, he looked at Zhang Yue.

"You lead everyone and maintain order in the city. From this moment on, any person who spreads rumors, causing riots among the people will be killed for a serious offense and jailed for a less serious offense. This is not the time to be all fluffy-hearted!"

"Your Excellency, don't worry, I will make sure that the order in the city is stable." Zhang Yue clasped his fist and respectfully replied.


Shen Changqing nodded his head, and then left the place.

He could clearly perceive that the alarming roar just now, came from the direction outside the East part of the city.

From the information given by the Heavenly Inspection Guard, the area around the mass grave in the East of the city was likely to be the place where the Demon's Essence Blood was sealed, which perfectly matches with the current situation.

Whether it was his identity as the current Governor of Lin'an City or a Slayer of the Demon Suppression Division, Shen Changqing had no reason to simply stand by and watch on the sidelines.

Although he would not compete for the Demon's Essence Blood, he would have to go to the scene to assess the situation.

When Shen Changqing left the city, he saw many Cultivators rushing in the direction of the mass grave.

Along the way, he met some familiar faces.

"Lord Shen!"

Two déjà vu inducing faces caught Shen Changqing's eyes.

In an instant, he recognized the identities of the two.

They were people from the Seven Obsidian Sect.

One was called Ming Zhengyang and the other was called Huang Xuan.

"What a coincidence meeting you two here."

"There is currently a strange movement outside the city, I think it is the Demon's Essence Blood coming out. Is Lord Shen also interested in it?"

Ming Zhengyang smiled faintly, but his heart was slightly gloomy.

This person said that he would not compete for the Demon's Essence Blood, but now he's here to join in the fun! 

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