Chapter 52: Intimidation.

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Wen Rong was extremely infuriated.

If it weren't for a serious injury that hadn't fully healed yet, how could a Cultivator, who was not even at the Outer Astral Realm, make him suffer this much?

This was hateful!

However, Wen Rong also understood one thing. That was, Shen Changqing was very strong.

Even if Shen Changqing had not reached the Outer Astral Realm, in terms of combat power, he was not much weaker than one.

So far in the battle, Wen Rong did not see any chance of winning.

"Did you think you were hiding that well? The Demon Suppression Division has long been aware of this place. Outside the Zhang Family Residence, there are several Red Black Official Slayers besieging all four sides. This Official can guarantee that no one can escape!"

Shen Changqing sneared, as his attack did not reduce over time.

Hearing this, Wen Rong snickered: "Several Red Black Official Slayers? What big words you got there! Why would the Demon Suppression Division send several Red Black Official Slayers to a small place like Lin'an City?"

Wen Rong did not believe even a single word Shen Changqing had uttered. 

He was the Head of the hideout of the Eternal Life Alliance in Lin'an City, and naturally had some understanding of the current situation in the Demon Suppression Division.

It was true that the Demon Suppression Division was powerful, but the current power of the Demon Suppression Division was greatly restrained by the demons.

It was already out of expectation for one Red Black Official Slayer to come to a small city like Lin'an City.

Several of them was simply impossible!

"Lin'an City itself naturally would not make the Demon Suppression Division send several Red Black Official Slayers. But a hideout stronghold of the Eternal Life Alliance and the appearance of the Demon's Essence Blood would certainly attract some attention."

"You will not be able to escape today, you will die for turning your back on the human race!"

Shen Changqing continued to intimidate Wen Rong, as the [Seven Killings Blade Technique] was used to the extreme. Each slash would send out cold killing intent, enough to make people shudder.

The [Seven Killings Blade Technique]...

Stop killing with killing, wage war with war!

This was a martial art that focused on killing and destroying.

After a year of hard training at the Demon Suppression Division, Shen Changqing only barely crossed into Level 2. But after several battles in Lin'an City, the [Seven Killing Blade Technique] had gradually transformed.

Shen Changqing felt that a breakthrough to Level 3 was not far away.

"I don't believe it!"

Wen Rong avoided the sword slash. Although he said he did not believe it, he could not help but tremble inside.

'What if it's true?'

Indeed, the Demon Suppression Division would certainly spend some effort to take out a hideout belonging to the Eternal Life Alliance.

Sending several Red Black Official Slayers to Lin'an City, even if it was not very likely, there was still a slight possibility.

In addition, Shen Changqing was strong, so Wen Rong felt a great deal of pressure.

Fear gradually grew in Wen Rong's heart.

In a fight, what one wants is momentum.

If the other party was fearful, then his chances of winning would be greatly reduced.

Sensing that Wen Rong's attack was slowing down, Shen Changqing smiled in his heart. The attack of the [Seven Killings Blade Technique] became more fierce.

"Die demon!"

With a furious shout, Heavenly Martial Astral Qi was released, and sword light burst out from the sword – cutting towards Wen Rong at an extremely fast speed.

Wen Rong's body tingled, the strength of the sword light was something he could not resist.

He immediately dodged to the right. The sword light chopped the empty space, flying into the table and chairs – breaking them into pieces. It only stopped when it hit the roof beams in the lobby, leaving a scorched sword mark and causing the entire room to shake violently.

The power of the attack caused Wen Rong's face to change dramatically.

Not waiting for him to react, Shen Changqing rushed forward and used the [Iron Sand Palm], his left hand moving towards Wen Rong.

When Wen Rong saw this, it was already too late to dodge and he could only reciprocate with a palm strike of his own. 

The two palms hit each other and sent energy fluctuations everywhere. Shen Changqing's body shook and he took two steps backwards, while Wen Rong's old injury was triggered, causing him to cough out black blood. At the same time, Wen Rong was sent flying backward.


Shen Changqing's face was fierce, as he used the Heavenly Martial True Qi to forcefully suppress the rolling blood in his body. Shen Changqing gripped the sword and cut down towards Wen Rong.


As soon as Wen Rong landed, he instinctively raised his hand to block, and soon a scaly arm fell to the ground.

The pain was so intense that his face distorted.

Wen Rong looked at Shen Changqing with hatred, and without any second thoughts, he escaped towards the outside of the house.

After harvesting the Killing Value from the chopped arm, Shen Changqing immediately chased after Wen Rong.

If he let an Innate Realm demon escape, it would definitely cause a huge amount of trouble.


The people of the five sects were still guarding outside the Zhang Family Residence.

At this moment, they suddenly felt a powerful Evil Qi approaching them at a terrifying speed.

"Stop him!"

Shen Changqing shouted sternly and angrily.

Wen Rong just rushed to the gate and saw the group of people surrounding the Zhang Family Residence. He immediately associated the situation with what Shen Changqing said earlier. Wen Rong was shocked, but he didn't have time to think about it carefully and immediately changed his direction.

However, he had just changed his direction when a sword flash reflected in his eyes.


The sword dug into his flesh and Wen Rong was slashed sideways, black blood splashing all around.

Even before his body could land on the ground, Shen Changqing rushed forward and beheaded him. A head flew up and only after rolling on the ground for a few times, did it stop.

At this point, Wen Rong's body finally landed on the ground, stirring up some dust.

When Wen Rong rushed to the gate, he destroyed it so everyone was able to see the scene in the courtyard.

A man fell to the ground and his head rolled amidst the dust.

Another man stood with a sword, his body boiling with killing intent.

The scene seemed to be frozen.

There was silence.

The people of the five sects outside naturally felt the fierce battle within the Zhang Family Residence. But because they were some distance apart, their perception was not very strong.

When Wen Rong rushed out, the Evil Qi he emitted made everyone feel chills.

Innate Realm?

Or near Innate Realm?

They couldn't tell since that aura came and dissipated quickly. It only took less than a breath before Wen Rong got killed.

Looking at his sword, Shen Changqing secretly sighed.

Killing Wen Rong seriously corroded the sword, to the point that it was like scrap iron.

Nonetheless, Shen Changqing put it into its sheath. He had no intention of throwing it away for the time being.

Although the sword looked ruined, at least it was not completely unusable. If he threw it away now, he wouldn't have any weapon to use.


"Zhang Yue!"

"This humble servant is here!"

Zhang Yue scrambled back to his senses and came to stand in front of Shen Changqing in the Zhang Family Residence.

"What are my Lord's orders?"

"Search the Zhang Family Residence inside and out. Bring anything of value to the Government Office. And one more thing, do not step into the lobby, otherwise don't blame me for death."

Shen Changqing ordered.

Zhang Yue clasped his fist: "Understood!"

Immediately after that, he led the other Officials to enter and start raiding the Zhang Family Residence.

Shen Changqing walked outside, looking at Cui Cheng and the others. He said, while cupping his hands: "The fact that the Zhang Family is the hideout of the Eternal Life Alliance is confirmed. Thanks to all of you for besieging the Zhang Family with me. The demon could not find any escape route and was finally killed by this Official."

"This will certainly do Lin'an City good."

"I would like to thank you all for your help!"

"Lord Shen is speaking too highly of us!"

The people from the five sects hastily returned the gesture.

They did not fight with Wen Rong, but the Evil Qi they felt was unnerving.

This showed that the strength of the decapitated demon was powerful and yet it died under Shen Changqing's sword. 

Even if they had some guesses before, witnessing the actual thing was completely different. They couldn't help but feel frightened.

They all thought that if Shen Changqing had swung his sword at them, the people from the five sects would not have survived.

Shen Changqing said: "The matter here has been completed. The rest of the matter can be handled by this Official, all of you are free to go."

"Farewell, Lord Shen!"


At Shen Changqing’s words, Cui Cheng and others said no more, cupping their hands to say goodbye.

Soon, the people from the five sects left.

As for the people who stood on the sidelines at a far off distance, they were all scared away when Wen Rong showed up.

It was only after everything calmed down, did they dare to slowly gather again.

"That was a demon, right?!"

"I didn't expect that the Zhang Family really colluded with the demons. Fortunately, Lord Shen has great foresight and exterminated the demons of the Zhang Family. Otherwise we will suffer again."

"Yes, yes-"

The crowd discussed among themselves, but they did not dare to approach easily.

In their eyes, demons were synonymous with walking on a knife's edge. Dabbling in it was asking for death.

First the Zhao Family colluded with the demons, and now the Zhang Family also colluded with the demons.

The crowd couldn't help, but feel unsafe with their surroundings. 

Shen Changqing looked at these people and said solemnly: "The Zhang Family's demons have been dealt with by this Official, you all disperse! Tomorrow, the Government Office will post a detailed announcement."

"Thank you, Lord Shen!"

"With Lord Shen here, how dare the demons disrupt Lin'an City?!"

The crowd wore relieved smiles. Some bowed down and some cupped their hands, before scattering away.

Since the Governor said that the Government Office would post a notice tomorrow, there was no need for them to continue staying here.

The Zhang Family was likely to be exterminated.

After all of the people had dispersed, Shen Changqing turned around and walked inside the Zhang Family Residence.

Wen Rong, an Innate Realm demon, was dead. Although powerful, he still got cut down by Shen Changqing's sword.

Fighting with him, Shen Changqing was able to tell that if Wen Rong was at his peak, he should be in the Outer Astral Realm. However, since his injuries had not healed, his strength was, at best, a little stronger than an ordinary Innate Realm.

However, even if the opponent was really in his prime, Shen Changqing would still not be afraid.

Besides, the battle was over and results were already laid in front of him. It was unnecessary to envision too many ‘what ifs’.

After looking at the panel, Shen Changqing revealed a satisfied smile.

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