Chapter 51: The Man Demon Of The Eternal Life Alliance.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

A fierce battle was unfolding in the Zhang Family residence.

Even though he was facing many Corpse Puppets, Shen Changqing was not afraid. With every step he took, it would be accompanied by a sword flash, which would drop a person's head to the ground.

Although the Corpse Puppets were difficult to deal with, in front of a Cultivator who was almost at the Outer Astral Realm, the former wouldn't stand a chance.

Especially since Shen Changqing knew the weakness of the Corpse Puppet, it was even easier to deal with.

Although his sword became corroded when he killed Zhuang Mingyuan and it was no longer as sharp, covered by True Qi, it was still able to cut iron like mud.

The Corpse Puppet was only made of flesh and blood, there was no possibility of resisting.

The battle began and ended just as quickly.

Just after a few moments of work, the lobby was already filled with a pile of corpses. Each corpse was decapitated and the vomiting stench of decay spread out.

Shen Changqing looked at the wretched scene of the Zhang Family, his expression unchanged.

"The Zhang Family people are just Corpse Puppets… Let's see what kind of demon is behind this!"

Exterminating an entire family and refining them into Corpse Puppets.

By the laws of the Great Qin, it was a serious crime that would implicate one's nine generations.

In fact, as long as the crime was related to demons, there would be few laws that wouldn't punish one's nine generations.

Spreading his senses, Shen Changqing stood in place without any movement. He wanted to find the presence of the demons.

The Zhang Family residence was covered by some enchantment that hid the Evil Qi, but as long as one was inside the residence, the barrier wouldn't matter anymore.

Even if the demon was hiding deep, there would definitely be subtle traces that were leaked. It's just up to the person to find it.

Suddenly, a gust of wind came from behind Shen Changqing.

Shen Changqing turned back and slashed, just in time to see a cloaked figure retreating and disappearing.

"It's that monster again!"

Shen Changqing instantly recognized the identity of the attacker. It was the same Ghost Level monster that had sneaked up on him at the Government Office that night.

By now, Shen Changqing was sure that the monster that attacked him that night was indeed from the Zhang Family.

To be precise, from the hands of the demon hidden in the Zhang Family.

Now that the Ghost Level monster had made a sneak attack, it proved that the demon had seen him killing the Corpse Puppets.

Even so, the other side still didn't show itself easily.

In that case, the strength of that hidden demon could be imagined.

Standing still, Shen Changqing's perception spread out, trying to find the source of that Evil Qi.

Suddenly, his body moved. His sword slashed towards an empty space, just in time for a female corpse to appear.

Heavenly Martial True Qi covered the sword and emitted a scorching temperature, instantly tearing the female corpse into two halves.

The female corpse was decapitated, a familiar feeling ran across the sword and into Shen Changqing's body.

At the same time, a cold and sharp aura cut through the air, coming towards his back.

The attacker seemed to have been waiting for this exact opportunity!

Shen Changqing could not turn back in time, so instead urged the Heavenly Martial True Qi in his dantian to explode outward.


A thin layer of Astral Qi rose from the surface of Shen Changqing's skin and covered his entire body in it.


The sneak attack collided with Su Qin's Astral Qi, but after a short pause, the Astral Qi was torn apart.

Shen Changqing, however, took this opportunity to turn around and with lightning speed, slashed his sword.

"Man Demon of the Eternal Life Alliance!"

He pointed the sword diagonally at the ground, as he gazed at the person in front of him.

It was a withered old man dressed in black. Except for his face, the rest of his body was covered with green-black scale armor. He also had a long tail covered with barbs.

This appearance was definitely not in the realms of a human being.

While Shen Changqing stared at the Man Demon, the old man was also coldly staring at him.

In his narrow eyes, there was a cold gaze like that of a poisonous snake.

"Outer Astral Realm!?"

The Astral Qi that Shen Changqing just displayed, caused a great stir in Wen Rong's heart.

The Grudge Level monster sent by the Eternal Life Alliance had been lost in the attack on the Government Office, which gave him a great understanding of Shen Changqing's strength.

The latter was an Apprentice Slayer sent by the Demon Suppression Division, but was actually a Red Black Official Slayer, who's at the Innate Realm.

But now–

Thinking about the Astral Qi that blocked his attack, Wen Rong instantly overturned his original guess.

Innate Realm?

That was just a cover-up!

The true realm of his opponent was, at the strongest, the Outer Astral Realm which was only slightly below the Grandmaster Realm. 

But there's no way for the Demon Suppression Division to send a Red Black Official Slayer just because of a Ghost Level monster in Ancient Moon Village, even if they had the capacity to do so.

Suddenly, Wen Rong seemed to think of something.

"He's here for me all along!"

There was no possibility for a Ghost Level monster to attract a Red Black Official Slayer, meaning, the stronghold of the Eternal Life Alliance was the only possibility. 

Wen Rong thought he was well hidden in the Zhang Family, but now it seemed that he had clearly been exposed by the Demon Suppression Division.

Everything the other side did was a facade, his real purpose was to get Wen Rong out! 

Even if We Rong did not come out, the Zhang Family stronghold would still be destroyed sooner or later.

"You have made the Zhang Family into Corpse Puppets, what is the purpose of your stronghold in Lin'an City? Is it for the Demon's Essence Blood, or for something else? If you are honest, this Official can consider giving you a way out."

Shen Changqing's perception locked onto Wen Rong and asked.

"When you die, you will naturally know!"

Wen Rong smiled fiercely, and in the next instant, he pounced towards Shen Changqing.

The moment Wen Rong made his move, an Evil Qi that was not very obvious before, suddenly burst out.

In front of this Evil Qi, whatever enchantment that had covered the Zhang Family residence was broken through.

Cui Cheng and the others who were guarding the outside of the Zhang Family, immediately felt the Evil Qi and their faces changed.

"This Evil Qi is powerful!"

"So strong, more powerful than even the monster in Ancient Moon Village, possibly at the Grudge Level monster!"

"There's really a monster inside the Zhang Family!"

Everyone's expressions were unsightly.

They were not sure about how the Zhang Family hid the Evil Qi, but now that it was broken, it alarmed Cui Cheng and others.

Through the half-open gate in front of them, they could only see some of the courtyard, but there was no way to see what was happening inside the lobby.

Now that there's a burst of Evil Qi, no one dared to easily approach.

But since they didn't enter the Zhang Family Residence, they naturally could not see what was happening inside.

Zhao Yue's pretty face changed slightly. That Evil Qi had made her tremble: "Senior Brother, will Lord Shen be okay?"

"Even if Lord Shen has not broken through to Innate Realm, he is definitely at the peak of Qi Circulation Realm. Although the Evil Qi is strong, it is probably at the boundary between the Qi Circulation Realm and Innate Realm."

"Even if Lord Shen is defeated, he should have no problem escaping."

"Since he asked us to guard here, he must have absolute certainty in winning."

Cui Cheng explained.

In fact, he didn't even believe some of his own words.

Monsters and demons were very difficult to deal with.

When a Cultivator of the same realm wanted to deal with a demon or monster of the same realm, the latter had a much better chance of winning than the former.

Moreover, the monster in the Zhang Family had a certain possibility of being in the Innate Realm.

If it's still in the Qi Circulation Realm, there's still a chance to kill it, but if it's in the Innate Realm, even ten late stage Qi Circulation Realm Cultivators would only serve as its food. 

In the absence of certainty of the situation, Cui Cheng did not have the intention of risking his life.

It was not only him either, the others also had the same idea.

Anyway, according to Shen Changqing's intention, they just need to stand guard here. As for what was happening inside, he and the others did not know.

In case Shen Changqing really died at the hands of the monster, they also wouldn't stand a chance and have enough reason to give to the Demon Suppression Division.

With a valid reason, the Demon Suppression Division wouldn't be able to kill them.

After all, everyone had their own forces backing them. Once the Demon Suppression Division kills indiscriminately without proper grounds, it would cause some negative impact in the Martial Arts community.

Hearing the discussion around, Zhang Yue – who was the head Constable – wore a nervous face.

Not only was Shen Changqing the current temporary Governor, he's also considered the backbone of the Government. He was the one who had protected the Government Office and even killed one of the attacking monsters. 

If he was killed in the Zhang Family residence, that would put the Government in a bad position. 

Since Shen Changqing was the one who promoted Zhang Yue, his position as the Constable would also become unstable.

No matter which scenario, Zhang Yue did not want anything to happen to Shen Changqing.

But Zhang Yue was only at the Body Forging Realm, so he's not qualified to intervene. He could only stand by and watch.

As for Cui Cheng and others, Zhang Yue has some understanding towards them. They were from the big forces in the Guangyuan Province and not something a Constable like him could control. 



In the lobby, two fast figures were duking it out. Sometimes there would be sword flashes, while sometimes there would be heat waves.

Shen Changqing attacked normally with the [Seven Killings Blade Technique], attacked close with the [Iron Sand Palm], and pushed the [Heavenly Martial Astral Qi] to the extreme.

The strength of the Man Demon in front of him was not weak, so he got some injuries decorating his body. 

Likewise, Wen Rong's body was also covered with injuries.

At this moment, the latter was sure that Shen Changqing was definitely not at the Outer Astral Realm, but had Cultivated a Martial Art extreme enough to make himself be mistaken for an Outer Astral Realm expert.

"If only my injuries healed, I wouldn't have ended up like this!"

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