Chapter 132: Recognition.

Over an hour had passed since Sophia had rushed into Lin Fan's formation.

When the last of Sophia's warship was destroyed, the simulation system immediately ruled Lin Fan's victory.

At the cost of only 2,700 warships, he had completely annihilated 20,000 of Sophia's warships.

Although the casualty ratio between the two sides was so far apart, no one in the observation room thinks that Sophia's ability is not good enough. On the contrary, they all give Sophia a rather high evaluation.

If it were them, would they be able to take down 2,000 warships of the Military Commander?

Everyone can't help but have such a question in their heart and they all knew the answer.

That is… Difficult! Very difficult!

The two contestants soon walked out from their respective simulation rooms.

"Welcome to the First Legion, Commander Sophia!"

Lin Fan came in front of Sophia and extended his right hand to her.

This was proof that Lin Fan now recognized Sophia's strength and truly treated her as one of his commanders!

After all, Sophia's performance satisfied Lin Fan. Even after Lin Fan used the Floating Cannon Strategy, Sophia was still able to resist to some extent. Just that, she was unable to keep up with Lin Fan overtime.

According to Lin Fan's judgment, if he only had 30 squads or less, Sophia could still continue to resist and cost him more.

But if he has above 30 squads, it's impossible for Sophia to keep up. Not to mention that Lin Fan had an entire 190 squads in this battle.

"You indeed have enough strength to be my Boss and have the qualifications to make me obey orders!"

Sophia also extended her right hand and shook hands with Lin Fan.

Just like Lin Fan recognized Sophia's strength, Sophia also recognized Lin Fan's.

With Sophia's character, if one can't convince her with strength, then one can't even think about taking control of this raging horse.  This was also why Lin Fan went a little serious in the simulated battle.

Originally, even without the Floating Cannon Strategy, Lin Fan could win against her. But using other ways might not convince Sophia to obey Lin Fan as her superior as she does now.

After all, there is a difference when it comes to winning as well.

At this time, the crowd in the observation room came to the lobby.

"Little Li Zi, I was abused rather badly, go to my room layer and help me soothe my emotions!"

Looking at Li Cangdou who walked in, Sophia immediately said to him with a smile.


Li Cangdou really wanted to find a hole and hide in it right now.

You need me to help you vent? You even have the gal to say it with a smile!

This crazy woman is definitely doing this on purpose! But for some reason, Li Cangdou felt that there was some kind of vague expectation in his heart. What is going on?

Chris, on the side, ignored this pair and looked at Lin Fan instead.

"Military Commander, what did you use in the second half of the battle?"

Chris still had great doubts about the Floating Cannon Strategy that Lin Fan used. He would remain stifled if he did not ask about it.

That kind of strategy was way too frightening. Chris was a little confused about how Lin Fan actually did it.

In his opinion, even if Lin Fan's brain is more developed, he shouldn't be able to put out such fine commands to this extent.

"Oh that? That's the Floating Cannon Strategy that I've been experimenting with. In fact, the strategy is very simple, you just split the fleet and..."

Five minutes later, after Lin Fan gave a complete account of the core idea of the Floating Cannon Strategy and how it was used, everyone looked at Lin Fan as if he was a monster.

"Ahem~, what's wrong with you guys? Why are you all looking at me with those eyes?"

You really have the nerve to ask that? Are you sure you're still human? Is that really something that humans can do?

And what did you just say? You can command up to 300 squads at the same time when using that Floating Cannon Strategy of yours?!

The crowd really wanted to strangle Lin Fan on the spot.

This is too much!

He is definitely a monster in disguise. 

While everyone was doubting Lin Fan's identity, they did not see Sophia dragging Li Cangdou away.


While the First Legion was going through the simulated battles for the new commanders, Ed and his team planned out the Killer Whale-class Battleship construction plan after a night of hard work.

First of all, of the 432,000 Killer Whale-Class Battleships needed by the fleet, humans will build 132,000 of them, and the remaining 300,000 will be handed over to the Io Federation. Of course, they would only build the hulls.

The Federation only needs to pay the Io Federation 100,000 sets of Energy Shield devices and 100,000 sets of Warp Engines, which is only about one percent of the cost of building 300,000 Killer Whale-Class Battleships.

When Ed contacted Alfie, the other party was smiling as she agreed immediately. After all, on their side of things, the humans are providing them with Energy Shield devices at a price that is only one percent of the Babawi Empire. Not to mention that the Babawi Empire also does not provide Warp Engines unlike the humans.

The most critical thing is that Ed promised that the 100,000 sets of equipment will be provided in three years, and is separate from the Io Federation's own share of 20,000 sets per year.

For the Io Federation, in those 3 years, they would be able to get a full 160,000 sets of Energy Shields and Warp Engines. In addition to the 20,000 warships that have already been upgraded in the beginning, they will have 180,000 Quasi-Level 4 Civilization warships.

This number of Quasi-Level 4 Civilization warships is an absolute disaster for an ordinary Level 3 Civilization.

Of course, in addition to this batch of Killer Whale-Class Battleship, Ed did not forget Lin Fan's customized flagship plan.

In the plan, the fleet currently needs two 10 million ton heavy battleships, and twenty two 8 million ton heavy battleships to be used for the two Military Commanders as well as the 22 Fleet Commanders.

The battleships will be designed by Bai Zixuan's team and a battleship design team from the Io Federation. The Io Federation will also be responsible for the initial hull construction, while humans will be responsible for the later equipment installation.

Of course, in the design stage, the Military Commanders and Fleet Commanders can also put forward their own opinions in order to customize the work.

So, a bunch of strange and bizarre opinions were summarized to Bai Zixuan, who cursed for several days before he stopped.

But although Bai Zixuan was cursing and grumbling, he still tried to meet these people's strange requirements and created custom ship design drawings.

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