Chapter 131: Floating Cannon Strategy.

In the void, the fleets of both sides were slowly approaching each other.

Many may have some misunderstanding about the Void Versus Combat, thinking that both sides will stop when they reach each other. They would then set up a formation and start bombarding each other!

However, this was the wrong thinking, after all, warships can only maneuver relatively quickly if they maintain a forward motion.

If they stay in place, then they can only rely on their auxiliary propulsion devices around the warship to move. The speed would be hella slow and the warship would become an easy target.

A distance of 3 million kilometers may seem far, but in reality, at a speed of 6,000 kilometers per second on both sides, it is only a matter of minutes.

At this time, Sophia had changed her strategy and she no longer engaged in a competition of skills with Lin Fan. She had understood that she was far from Lin Fan in terms of skill such as formation changes and artillery command.

Since this was the case, she'll just go crazy. She'll disrupt the battlefield completely and then seek victory amidst the chaos!

Inside the simulation room, Lin Fan looked at his tactical panel and smiled.

Sophia acted very decisively after discovering her problem instead of trying to figure out how to bridge the gap between the two. She decisively abandoned her original fighting style and changed to a full-speed assault in an attempt to drag him into a close-range situation.

In some people's eyes, Sophia may have been fooling around, but in Lin Fan's eyes, she definitely made the right choice.

You know that you are too weak to your opponent in long-range combat, if you don't change your strategy and waste time thinking about how to bridge the gap, you'll end up with jack sh¡t.

Because do you really think that the gap in strength could be bridged in just a few minutes of thinking?


Only by being bold could there be a chance of reversal.

Just that, although Sophia was decisive and made the right choice, Lin Fan was an exception. That was because he had never showed his real strength. Even that precise control when he commanded the fleet to attack and evade just now was only a warm-up.

"Since I'm warmed up, let me show you something new!"

Lin Fan muttered to himself while his hands began to operate frantically, and various commands were continuously given to the terminals.

The remaining 19,000 warship were quickly formed into 190 squads with 100 warships each.


Everything was ready for the prelude and the fleets of both sides began to make contact!

Sophia's fleet which had already formed an assault formation, rammed straight into the middle of Lin Fan's fleet.

Under the assault of Sophia, which did not slow down and exchanged their lives for lives, a gap was instantly torn in the middle of Lin Fan's fleet, and the gap was still expanding!

"Very fierce indeed! But this is the end, meet my homemade Floating Cannon Strategy!"

Lin Fan looked at the tactical panel and showed a slight smile. He then quickly gave various orders to the terminal.

The Floating Cannon Strategy was something designed by Lin Fan for himself. Only he can use this strategy.

That's because to be able to use this strategy, the biggest requirement is the commander's calculation ability. Therefore, it is completely dependent on talent.

Soon, a scene that surprised everyone unfolded. Lin Fan's remaining warships divided into one squad after another as if they had been split into pieces. In total, there's 190 squads.

All the 190 squads maneuvered at high speed and what shocked the people in the observation room was that the 190 squads were moving in different directions at the same time. The whole scene looked chaotic, yet there was no collision at all.

The people in the observation area understand that in the simulation room, it's only the commander controlling the whole fleet. There is no adjutant nor staff, not to mention a bridge command group. Everything has to be done by the commander, of which the most difficult to do is the coordination of the fleet.

But what is Lin Fan doing right now? He's simultaneously controlling 190 squads at the same time and with no mistake at that!

This showed that Lin Fan's brain computing power had reached a terrifying peak.

"Squad 179, take an arc to area x411!"

"Squad 117 to 125, turn immediately, followed by three rounds of fire in the direction of y033!"

"Squad 027, slow down immediately! Circumvent lateral fire ahead!"

"Squad 092 to 097, turn 15 degrees to the right, wait 20 seconds before continuously firing for one minute!"

"Squad 062, maintain fire for another 5 seconds and then turn to y71 and continue to deliver fire there!"


Inside the simulation room, Lin Fan's various orders were given continuously without any stop, there's not even a second of gap.

His brain was running at a high speed. The highest level of human Brain Development is bringing the Floating Cannon Strategy into full play.

The core idea of Floating Cannon Strategy was also explained to everyone.

The so-called Floating Cannon Strategy is Lin Fan's use of his far superior brain to split the entire fleet into hundreds of squads and then to precisely control each squad.

It would bring out the most detailed command of the entire fleet and it can exponentially increase the combat power of the fleet to an exaggerated level!

At this time, not only Sophia was confused, the crowd in the observation room was even more confused.

The whole battlefield was a chaotic mess, but every one of Lin Fan's squads could always throw fire in the right direction at the most appropriate time, and could always accurately avoid the opponent's fire.

It's almost as if there were 190 people participating in the simulated battle at the same time, each commanding a squad. On top of that, everyone's thoughts are connected to one another.

Otherwise, it was completely impossible to explain the situation of the battlefield.

As for a certain S Queen, at the moment, she looked incredulously at the battle that was happening in front of her.

The whole battlefield was really like the scenes in some mech anime in Lin Fan's previous life. The protagonist controls numerous mechs, flying around and shooting whenever he finds an opportunity.

The current situation was similar to this, except that it's squads of a hundred warships that's being controlled. 


The S Queen couldn't help but marvel, is this the real strength of the Military Commander?

Sophia felt that she was not fighting a person, but a God.

However, Sophia did not know that Lin Fan had once tested himself. At his current highest computing power, he could command 300 squads at the same time to execute the Floating Cannon Strategy.

Therefore, commanding 190 squads at the same time now was actually nothing compared to his true strength!

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