Chapter 130: Lin Fan VS Sophia.

Inside the simulation training room, the group of people gathered once again.

As for the results of the mock battle… it was obvious from Li Cangdou thanking Emma for her guidance!

An hour or so ago, Li Cangdou saw an opportunity and took it.

His intention was to use the time difference to slowly devour Emma'sa sub-fleet baits.

But what he didn't expect was that after attacking one of the sub-fleets, the remaining 9 didn't flee nor did they try to bring themselves into the asteroid belt.

Instead, they attacked him from various locations, which is simply the cosmic version of a wolf pack.

On Emma's side, who told Li Cangdou that the ten sub-fleets outside were just decoys and not the main force?

It was at this time did Li Cangdou realize that Emma's remaining fleet was not hidden deep inside the asteroid belt laying in ambush, but instead at the edge.

When the ten sub-fleets attacked him, Emma's remaining fleet followed suit.

Though, to be put on record, although Li Cangdou lost to Emma in terms of strategy, his fleet command skills were very good. Even when he was under siege from ten different directions, he managed to use formations to offset a large part of his disadvantage.

Of course, offsetting a part of the disadvantage was not enough for him to regain the situation, at most, it only added to the difficulty in Emma's siege.

In the end, Emma completely annihilated Li Cangdou's 20,000 warships at the cost of losing 7,000 warships, thus ending the simulated battle that took 3 hours.

However, this result was quite unexpected for Emma. After her wolf pack strategy was launched, Emma thought that she could take Li Cangdou out while only losing 3,000 warships at most, she didn't expect the final loss to be so big.

And although Li Cangdou was tactically defeated, he showcased his excellent fleet command and core skills. If there was no special terrain involved and it was simply a pure head-on battle, then it would be hard to say who would've won. 

"This is too boring! Military Commander, you're not going to play this hide and seek game with me later, are you?"

Sophia, on the other hand, directly expressed her disdain for this battle.

"Okay, then we'll choose the Void Versus Battle!"

The so-called Void Versus Battle is a fleet battle in the absence of any available environment and terrain.

This kind of battle is purely a test of the commander's ability to use and transform formations, timing and other aspects. No trickery, completely hard combat. It all depends on whose skills are more solid!

Hearing Lin Fan's words, Sophia was satisfied. What she liked most was this type of combat.

In the mock battle between her and Liang Xingchen, initially Liang Xingchen also hid his fleet, but Sophia did something that made him vomit blood.

That is, she found an empty area and set up her fleet there, not moving at all.

Meaning, either Liang Xingchen comes out and fights head-on or stays in a stalemate!

In the end, Liang Xingchen had no choice but to choose to fight Sophia head-on. But even though direct combat was not Liang Xingchen's strong point, his skill was still not something Sophia could match.

In the end, Liang Xingchen defeated Sophia at the cost of losing 12,000 warships.

Ten minutes later, Lin Fan and Sophia entered the simulation room, while the rest came to the observation room.

This time, what was projected was an empty space with nothing no debris whatsoever. The two fleets were 20 million kilometers apart.

"This is interesting, she asked Military Commander for a Void Versus Battle, Sophia is really something!"

Chris looked at the projected image and could not help but sigh with emotion.

One should know that in the textbooks of the compulsory course [Hundred Formation Changes] and the compulsory course [Thousand Formation Changes] in the Interstellar Military Academy are written by Lin Fan himself.

It can be said that Lin Fan is the originator of human Void Versus Battle. He's not far from the military god Liang Xingchen in this aspect.

When Li Cangdou heard Chris's words, he agreed but he still think that Chris did not understand Lin Fan completely yet.

Lin Fan is not only strong in formations. Li Cangdou remembers the scene of Lin Fan's 1 vs 8 in the mech competition, Lin Fan's calculation skills left a deep impression on Li Cangdou.

Li Cangdou thinks that this is the battlefield where Lin Fan was the most powerful. It's just that no one was able to force him out in the open so such a scene hadn't happen yet.

Time flew by and after both sides approached were at 3 million kilometers away from each other, they immediately opened fire!

However after only 2 minutes of gunfight, everyone was shocked.

No matter what Sophia did, be it shifting and transforming her formation, or controlling the attack rhythm, she exudes a veteran feel. Even among fleet commanders, she is skilled.

But what shocked everyone was not this, instead it was the warship destruction ratio between the two sides being a surprising 1:3.

This is a head-to-head battle, so how did this ratio come out?

It was only Li Cangdou who saw the reason, which reminded him once again of the 1 vs 8 mech battle back then!

Just like now, Lin Fan could always calculate where the enemy would gather fire and evade in advance. He also knows that at a distance of 3 million kilometers, it would take a while to hit the enemy after firing and also took that into his calculations.

If your enemy had already calculated the direction of your attack when you fire or even before you fire and you even evade in advance, it was impossible to escape the enemy's attack completely. After all, a warship is not that fast, at most you'll just reduce the amount of hit taken.

In the simulation room, Sophia was frowning. She also sees that something was wrong. Her enemy's loss was obviously much smaller than their own.

After carefully observing the changes in the opponent's formation, Sophia made a startling discovery and then made an attempt.

At her command, a sub-fleet on the left flank launched a burst of covering fire at a formation on Lin Fan's right flank.

But when Sophia had just given the order to the simulation terminal and the fleet was storing up energy to prepare for firing, the warships in the target area had already begun to evade.

Dozens of seconds later, the attacks covering the target area did not reach the expected 30% of damage dealt.

The next moment, when Sophia ordered her sub-fleet to change its position, Lin Fan fired to an unoccupied area.

Yes, it was supposed to be an unoccupied area, but the problem was that just now Sophia ordered her sub-fleet to move there, and the result was her sub-fleet greeted Lin Fan's fire and she lost a lot of warships.

At this point, Sophia saw that her new Military Commander not only had solid skills, but also his prediction and calculation ability were all pervertedly strong.

Obviously, if this situation continues, she would lose badly.

This made Sophia a little upset. She was known as the Tyrant Queen. She crushes people, not the other way around!

If she's crushed like this, is she still the Tyrant Queen?

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