Chapter 126: It Was Over In Half An Hour Last Time.

After the battle on the side of the Io Federation ended, there was no longer any resistance from the Ochs Empire in this direction.

Currently, the Io Federation and the Human Federation are busy circling the area. Both were using the nodes in the Ceres Corridor as their borders.

Among them, Sierra and Ceres are owned by the Io Federation. Their homeland that was lost for more than 50 years has finally returned to their embrace. For this reason, the Io Federation even held a large-scale celebration throughout the whole federation!

As for Corfe, it is owned by the Human Federation, including the 8 Star Systems between it and Lilles. The human territory has been expanded again, reaching 28 Star Systems.

These territories were enough for humans for a long time. After all, with the size of it, the human population wouldn't allow a large-scale immigration and development over a short period of time.

A month later, inside the Uranus.

"Military Commander, 30,000 warships were detected leaping to Horton, it was Li Cangdou's ten Sub-fleets and Sophia's Fifth Fleet."

"Hmm, this kid had 10,000 warships when he went out and returned with 30,000 warships. Should I say, he has good luck?"

"Alright, since they are all back, inform all fleet commanders for a  conference. By the way, let's meet Commander Sophia!"

"Yes, Military Commander!"

10 minutes later, Lin Fan was sitting at the head of a conference room with Liang Xue at his side. Four people were sitting below him, namely Chris, Emma, Li Cangdou and Sophia, who were, of course, all projections.

"Everyone, let me introduce to you first, this is Sophia Duncan."

After the people were gathered, Lin Fan first introduced Sophia.

Sophia remained seated and only nodded slightly, but Lin Fan didn't mind. He had already heard a lot about her character from Liang Xingchen.

"Commander Sophia was originally the commander of the Third Fleet of the Second Legion. This time, she was transferred to our First Legion by the order of Lunar Headquarters. Her fleet will also become the Fifth Fleet of the First Legion."

"Okay, now that the introductions are finished, it's time to get down to business!"

"First I'll announce the appointment, Li Cangdou!"

"Here, Commander!"

Li Cangdou stood up, his body straight.

"According to the Lunar Headquarter's appointment notice, in view of Li Cangdou's outstanding performance in the battle in Ceres Corridor and Miracle Starfield, he is specially approved for early promotion to Captain (Colonel) and appointed as the acting commander of the Fourth Fleet of the First Legion of the Federation's Interstellar Fleet until he is transferred to full command after becoming a Captain (Brigadier)."

"Congratulations, Captain (Colonel) Li Cangdou!"

After reading the order, Lin Fan smiled and said congratulations to Li Cangdou.

Lin Fan had read the reports about what happened in the Ceres Corridor and Miracle Starfield's operation. It mentioned many times that Li Cangdou had performed very well not only in tactics, but even in commanding, and had great potential!

Regarding these evaluations, Lin Fan was very satisfied. After all, he was the one who was optimistic about Li Cangdou in the first place and gave him the opportunity to shine. If Li Cangdou did not do great, it would've been like a slap to Lin Fan's face. 

"Many thanks to the Military Commander!"

"No need to thank me, it's your own efforts! But Li Cangdou, you know the rules of our legion!"


Lin Fan personally set the rule in the First Legion that everyone who was promoted to a fleet commander would have to choose an active commander and conduct a mock battle to showcase their abilities.

Of course, the mock battle will be broadcasted live to everyone, after all, the officers in the fleet also want to know what kind of a commander is going to command them, don't they?

And, if one does not get the approval of the officers, then the appointment would be cancelled/nulled!

Li Cangdou looked at Chris and Emma. These were the only two people he could choose from at the moment.

Chris belonged to the stable and cautious type of commander, while Emma inherited from Lin Fan's style, who could be tricky and changeable. She was unorthodox and had no fixed style.

Li Cangdou is good at analyzing the enemy's weaknesses, grabbing it and then hammering it to the ground. Compared to Emma, Chris would absolutely be his natural nemesis. Chris was a little too cautious for him.

Moreover, although Emma inherited from Lin Fan, her time in command was not long enough. Her experience is not as rich enough, so Li Cangdou have some hope. 

"Military Commander, I would like to invite the second fleet commander Emma for a mock battle!"

"Alright, it will be held tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. in the simulation training room of the First Legion's headquarters!"

"Yes, Military Commander!"

Lin Fan looked at Li Cangdou with satisfaction and then pressed his hand down, signaling for the latter to sit down.

After Li Cangdou sat down, Lin Fan looked at Sophia.

"Commander Sophia, although you have long been a fleet commander, you still need to have a mock battle in the same way so you choose an opponent as well!"

"Military Commander, any commander is fine right?"


"Then I want to choose you as an opponent, is that okay?!"

Lin Fan was a little surprised by Sophia's choice, but then he remembered that Liang Xingchen had said that Sophia was the type of commander who got more excited the stronger her enemies were.

According to this logic, it seemed like he was destined to be chosen as her opponent!

"Commander Sophia, he is the Military Commander not a fleet Commander,  how could you choose him?"

Chris, on the side, spoke.

"But isn't the Military Commander also the commander of the First Fleet?"


When Chris wanted to continue saying something but Lin Fan reached out to stop him. Lin Fan looked at Sophia and said.

"Alright, it will also be held tomorrow at 8 a.m.. go to the simulation training room at the First Legion's headquarters. We'll arrange it after Li Canggu's battle, is there any problem?"

"No problem, but the Military Commander should not be merciful tomorrow, otherwise it will be quite boring!"

"Do not worry, I will let you enjoy yourself tomorrow!"

Lin Fan smiled faintly, this woman is really a battle addict. Really interesting!

Li Cangdou, on the other hand, looked at Sophia with a stunned expression. He cursed in his heart, 'this crazy woman!'

"Little Li Zi, come to my ship later!"

"Little Li Zi?"

The people in the conference room froze for a moment, then they looked at Li Cangdou who seemed to want to dig himself a hole on the ground and hide. 

On the way back to Horton, this woman finally stopped calling Li Cangdou 'Little Brother', but she started calling him Little Li Zi instead!

Li Cangdou really wanted to cry. He asked Sophia several times to change it but no matter what, he couldn't.

No matter what method he used, it didn't work!

In the end, Li Cangdou can only give up and forget it. Call me whatever you want!

"Commander Sophia, what do you want?"

Looking at the four pairs of curious eyes looking at him, Li Cangdou's expression was solemn, and he asked in a serious manner.

"Tomorrow I'm going to duel with the Military Commander, you come to my room to help me warm up first. You must hold on a little longer this time, last time it was over in half an hour!"


But just as he replied, Li Cangdou suddenly found four pairs of eyes looking at him with burning gossip!

"What's wrong with you guys?"

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