Chapter 125: Liang Xingchen Got Robbed.


The day after the battle of Luncer the news of an easy victory also came from Poole. Viles' Legion was all but history by this point.

But what's interesting was that none were sure who killed Viles and who would the credit go to? Liang Xingchen had a headache!

However, what gave Liang Xingchen an even bigger headache was something else.

"Liang Xingchen, considering the Kabat Empire's crusade on Lin Fan's side is about to start and there will be no war on your side for a long time to come, the Lunar Headquarters has decided to transfer Sophia to the First Legion, including the Third Fleet."

Liang Xingchen was dumbfounded with this.

My Third Fleet? What's this about? A bunch of question marks instantly appeared on top of Liang Xingchen's head.

However, Liang Xingchen also noticed that there was a hint of imperceptible guilt on Sanders' face, making him a bit confused about the situation.

"Marshal, is this temporary or a permanent transfer?"

"Well, it's a permanent one. Lin Fan's side is forming their Fourth Fleet so Sophia's Third Fleet would become their Fifth Fleet after the transfer is over."

"Marshal, I'll give the fleet but can the people stay? I'm sure Sophia wouldn't mind."

"Okay, don't mention it. Alright, that would be it, the official order will be conveyed to you later!"

After saying that, Sanders immediately ended the call as if he was afraid of continuing to talk with Liang Xingchen.

Looking at the ended call, Liang Xingchen wore a bitter face. He just obtained an outstanding commander, but he already had to lose it?

Finally, Liang Xingchen decided to ask Lin Fan what the situation was.

Of course, he wasn't accusing Lin Fan of doing this to him, he just purely wanted to see if he could get the specifics from Lin Fan.

"Lin Fan, there's something I need to ask you about!"

Upon connecting to a call with Lin Fan, Liang Xingchen immediately asked.

"Military Commander Liang, what's going on? Did Li Cangdou cause trouble?"

"No, Li Cangdou is doing very well, even going beyond, so you can rest assured. I am asking for another matter!"

Lin Fan's heart eased. According to Liang Xingchen's words, Li Cangdou should have done good and made credit this time, otherwise Liang Xingchen wouldn't have said that his performance was going beyond.

"What is it?"

"It's like this, have you applied to Marshal Sanders to transfer Sophia under your wing?"

"Hmm? Who is Sophia?"

At this time, both of them froze.

Lin Fan had absolutely no idea who Sophia was while Liang Xingchen did not expect Lin Fan's answer.

"Sophia Duncan, Marshal Sanders' granddaughter, you don't know her?"

"Does Marshal Sanders have a granddaughter? I don't know, what's wrong with her?"

Liang Xingchen got more confused, it looked like Lin Fan didn't know about this at all, so what's the situation?

"It's like this, today, Marshal Sanders said that the Third Fleet along with Commander Sophia will be permanently transferred into the First Legion and become its Fifth Fleet. The reason said was that it is because your side is going to start fighting against the Kabat Empire soon, so I came to ask you what the situation is."

"What? Transferred to me to become the Fifth Fleet? I just submitted the plan for the establishment of the Fourth Fleet!" Lin Fan said.

The two men once again stared at each other in a moment of silence.

"Moreover, my side's plan to start attacking the Kabat Empire is also 3 years away.... It's not that soon..."

Lin Fan is also very confused. How did he end up robbing a commander from Liang Xingchen without his knowledge?

Not to mention that it's also the granddaughter of Marshal Sanders.

"Military Commander Liang, what is this Sophia like?"

"Well, let's see, strong, capricious? Well, it seems that recently she liked to bully Li Cangdou for fun!"

What, bullying Li Cangdou for fun?

What the h€ll?

Wait... Sophia bullying Li Cangdou for fun.

A thought suddenly occurred to Lin Fan but he had to verify it first.

"I think we need to call Li Cangdou to ask about it, the answer is probably with him!"

With that, Lin Fan opened a group call and connected to Li Cangdou.

The moment Li Cangdou opened the call, he was a bit confused as the two Military Commanders appeared in front of him.

"Li Cangdou, let me ask you, is the matter of Sophia being transferred to the First Legion related to you?"

Lin Fan opened his mouth and went towards the crux of the matter.

However, soon both he and Liang Xingchen noticed that Li Cangdou was a bit dumbfounded, no, it should be shocked. There's even a hint of fear(?).

What really is going on?

"Li Cangdou!"

"Yes, Military Commander! Actually, I don't know, it's just that all this time Commander Sophia kept inviting me to transfer to her fleet, and I refused every time. She once said that she had already talked to the Marshal and she was going to transfer to our Legion, I thought she was joking!"

Li Cangdou said somewhat awkwardly. He really did not expect that Sophia, that crazy woman, was actually telling the truth.

At this time, Lin Fan and Liang Xing Chen both understood that the problem was here, to which both of them felt a little speechless.

"How is Sophia Duncan's command ability?"

After cutting off Li Cangdou'su call, Lin Fan asked Liang Xingchen.

Liang Xingchen, on the other hand, thought for a very rare half-minute long before saying.

"Well, how can I put it, Sophia is a good commander. The stronger the enemy is, the more excited she is and the stronger she seems to get!"

"A combat freak? An S (aka s@dist)?"

"That's right, well, good luck, especially to Li Cangdou. He is now the prey that is targeted!"

They silently felt sorry for Li Cangdou.

On the third day after this call session, Lin Fan really received an official order from Sanders. Sophia Duncan and the original Second Legion's Third Fleet will be transferred to the First Legion, becoming the Fifth Fleet under it.

At the same time, because of Li Cangdou's outstanding performance in the Ceres Corridor operations, he was awarded the rank of Captain (Colonel). He agreed to the proposal of Military Commander Lin Fan and was appointed as the acting Commander of the Fourth Fleet of the First Legion, until he became a Captain (Brigadier) general and then officially transferred.

Regarding Sophia, Lin Fan did not make much fuss. Li Cangdou went and completed his mission. Bringing back an excellent commander for himself is a bonus.

There are some personality issues, but so what, Lin Fan said he didn't care!

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