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Chapter 124: Crushing Defeat.

Inside the bridge of his flagship, Viles was frowning.

Just a moment ago, the captain of the Destroyer that was communicating with him suddenly disconnected. Needless to say, the Destroyer had been destroyed.

"Damn it, what the hell is the situation at the exit of the Star Path? Immediately inform the warships in front that upon exiting the Star Path, immediately turn on the omni-directional scan. Make sure to send back the most accurate information!"


Viles was now a bit anxious, without accurate first-hand information, he couldn't make any command.

It wasn't until the fourth wave of warships left the Star Path that a Cruiser finally sent back information before it was destroyed.

"Commander Viles, according to our scan, the enemy only has 50,000 warships, 20,000 of which are Io Federation warships. The remaining 30,000 are human warships which according to the database comparison, are Battlecruisers!

"So the humans have indeed intervened! 50,000 warships and at least 30,000 human warships with Energy Shields. This is troublesome!"

At this moment, even the battle-hardened Viles had to admit that in this situation, he couldn't come up with anything good. 

They can't turn, go back, speed up or slow down nor exit early in the Star Path!

Faced with 50,000 warships that's mostly Battlecruisers, Viles does not have the confidence to fight like before.

His 200,000 or so warships were basically queuing up for their turn to get beamed and destroyed.

"Go, send the information that we just returned as well as the opponent's formation. Tell them that once they're out of the Star Path, target the 20,000 warships of the Io Federation and make a gap!"

"Yes, Commander!"

The adjutant immediately conveyed Viles' orders and the enemy's position data to all their warships.

In this way, after the warships sailed out of the Star Path, they could save time from scanning first and just fire immediately at the predetermined position. This way, even if they were annihilated in the next second, they could at least send out a wave of attacks. This was the only way.

However, a few minutes later, bad news came to Viles' ears.

"Commander, the warships in front sent an urgent report. The Io Federation's warships also have Energy Shields. Our fire didn't deal any damage to them!"

"These motherf_ckers! The humans gave Energy Shields to the Io Federation? Even our Ochs Empire only managed to purchase 5,000 warships with shields, but now the Io Federation has 20,000?"

"Commander, what should we do now? If we go on like this, we'll keep sending ourselves to death!"

"The enemy have 50,000 warships and all of them have Energy Shields while we can only send out 2,000 warships at a time which would get wiped out after one round of attack. Now, what do you think we should do?"


Viles' adjutant froze. The enemy has the upper hand in terms of technology, firepower, terrain and number of warships that could be mobilized at once, what else could they do?

"Do you understand now? In our current situation, do you think there is a way to win?"

Viles said lightly as he looked at his adjutant's frozen look.

Viles was also frustrated. He was a God of War but he's been reduced to a point where he's just sending himself into the chopping board!

"Commander, if all the warplanes push out in advance, won't they bring in some firepower?" 

The adjutant suddenly thought of something and said to Viles.

In fact, this method was the same as the one used when the Ochs Empire's Fourth Imperial Legion was blocked by Lin Fan.

"It's useless, the firepower of the warplanes is too weak to be effective against the Energy Shields of a Level 4 Civilization. The enemy would simply ignore these warplanes and continue to fire on the warships."

Viles knew this because Ramiro conducted a test using a large number of warplanes to besiege an Aegis warship.

The result was that the thousands of warplanes had no effect on the Aegis warship.

In fact, this issue was similar to the one the Human Federation is facing. Would mechs still have a role in future operations?

After all, the mechs are small and they cannot be equipped with warship cannons or large heavy weapons.

However, although Bai Zixuan has been designing new mechs and new mech-exclusive weapons, the progress is slow.

"Commander, is there nothing we can do?"

The adjutant asked reluctantly, but Viles didn't answer him.

If there was anything else he could do, he would have done it already. In reality, even he was helpless.

This was just a crushing defeat. Even if Lin Fan was in his place, I'm afraid he could only wait to die.

Two hours later, when the last industrial ship sailed out of the Star Path and was destroyed, the area was completely quiet.

Sophia, Li Cangdou and Elena, didn't even know that Viles had died in their hands long ago.

What they knew was that, after counting, a total of 180,000 warships, 15,000 supply ships, 8,000 industrial ships, and about 10,000 other kinds of ships had been annihilated.

"Honestly speaking, this kind of battle is devoid of any passion!"

In the virtual conference room, Sophia complained with great dissatisfaction.

Sophia did like to crush opponents, but defeating opponents who resist and those who are helpless are completely different.

Take today's battle for example, the opponent could not resist at all. For Sophia, there is nothing more boring than this. 

Li Cangdou is the complete opposite, the plan he implemented was aimed to make the opponent lose all resistance!

As for Elena, well, for her as long as the Viles' Legion is extinguished, whatever is good!

"Speaking of which, how about you think about it again, Little Brother? Come to my fleet. There are 2 pretty girls in my bridge command group!"

"No need, Commander Sophia, I will not leave the First Legion!"

Li Cangdou immediately refused, but Sofia's next words made him completely mad!

"There's no need to leave, I've already told grandpa to transfer me to the First Legion after this battle is over!"


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