Chapter 27: Heavenly Inspection Guard.

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"The current Pure Yang True Qi should be more appropriately called the Fiery Yang True Qi!"

"The name [Pure Yang Kung Fu] no longer fits the criteria either."

But then again, the name or whatnot was not important.

From the moment [Pure Yang Kung Fu] had broken the limit, it had become different.

Unfortunately, using the panel to enhance the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] would only enhance his strength, but there would be no corresponding experience.

In other words, although his [Pure Yang Kung Fu] was raised to Level 11, he only had the Cultivation method for the first nine levels, while he had no clue for the last two levels.

What made Shen Changqing relieved was that as he spent time tracing it backwards, it would be possible to deduce the Cultivation method of the next two levels.

Currently, there was no need for that, nor did he have the time.

Shen Changqing pushed open the door and found the innkeeper to check out of the room. He then headed in the other direction of the street.

Following his memory, he navigated left and right, before stopping in front of a pawn store.

Yongfu Pawnshop!

A very common name.

After looking at it twice, Shen Changqing stepped inside.

As soon as he entered, a handyman-like person came up to him enthusiastically: "Does this guest have something to pawn?"

"I'm looking for your boss."

Shen Changqing looked at the layout of the interior and finally landed his gaze on the person in front of him.

The man smiled, his face awkward: "Dare I ask this guest, for what purpose is he seeking my boss? I could go and relay it to him."

"If you want to go, then go. There's no need to speak so much nonsense!"

Shen Changqing's face turned cold and his body released some pressure.

Since he also just killed not too long ago, there was still a faint smell of blood on his body that did not dissipate.

The man's face immediately changed.

"Please wait a moment, guest!"

After saying that, he hurriedly retreated.

Shen Changqing did not find a seat and simply stood there calmly.

Not long after, an old man dressed in brocade and fancy clothes came out. The handyman followed behind.

"I am the boss of the Yongfu Pawnshop, that Your Excellency is seeking. I wonder what the matter is?" The old man looked at Shen Changqing, his heart was a little unsure.

At this moment, Shen Changqing had changed into a long green shirt. His Demon Suppression Division uniform had been damaged during the battle and could no longer be worn.


Shen Changqing casually threw an object towards the other party.

The old man reached out and caught it.

The moment he grabbed it, that cold touch made the old man's face change slightly. When he lowered his head and saw the style of the token, his face changed completely.

"Your Excellency, this is not the place to talk, please follow me into the inner hall!"

As he spoke, the old man respectfully handed the token back to Shen Changqing.


In the inner hall.

As soon as Shen Changqing took his seat, the old man bowed and saluted: "Heavenly Inspection Guard Situ Bei under the Demon Suppression Division greets Lord Shen!"

"You know me?"

"The Demon Suppression Division sent Lord Shen to this place to kill the monster. How could I, the Heavenly Inspection Guard, not get the news? Originally, I was planning to go to visit Lord Shen, but I never thought that Lord Shen would come to my door."

Situ Bei said with a smile.

"You jest."

Shen Changqing smiled, but his face soon cooled down. He questioned: "Situ Bei, do you know your crime?!"

The sudden questioning made Situ Bei's smile stiff.

"Lord… Lord Shen, what did I do?"

"You don't know? Then I will tell you!" Shen Changqing smiled coldly: "The information you gave to the Demon Suppression Division stated that there was a Ghost Level monster in Lin'an City and only a few people lost their lives."

"But in actuality, the entire Ancient Moon Village was killed in the hands of the monster."

"In addition, the governor Zhao Fang colluded with the demons, and you concealed it from the public!"

"Was it because the Heavenly Inspection Guards are not working well, or was it because you, yourself, have secretly colluded with the demons, betraying the Demon Suppression Division and the human race?"

Situ Bei's face changed dramatically. His trembling body was dripping with cold sweat.

With these charges against him, death was what awaited him. Especially with the one colluding with the demons.


"No, Lord Shen! From the information I got, there's only indeed a few people in Ancient Moon Village that got killed. I was also unaware of Zhao Fang's collusion with the demons. I do not know on what basis Lord Shen's accusations stand on!"

After coming back to his senses, Situ Bei immediately defended himself.

The questioning really messed him up.

From the information he got, Situ Bei still had some confidence. It was impossible for it to deviate so badly.

Shen Changqing sneered: "The exact evidence? Zhao Fang has admitted to his crimes."

"In addition, the monster in Ancient Moon Village was also killed by my own hands. No one survived in Ancient Moon Village when I got there. I believe that it is not difficult to find the answer."


"It is hard for me to imagine that the Heavenly Inspection Guards, who are the eyes and ears of the Demon Suppression Division, were deceived to such an extent, reporting false information."

"If it wasn't me, Shen Changqing, who came, I'm afraid they would have died at the hands of that monster."

"It seems that you have been at ease in Lin'an City for too long, and have forgotten the duties of the Heavenly Inspection Guards!"

Reaching this point, Situ Bei could understand that what Shen Changqing said was true.

His back was completely soaked with sweat.

"Lord Shen--"

"Needless to say, bringing judgement to crimes is naturally done by the Demon Suppression Division and not me. You think about it yourself and how you would explain it to them!"

Shen Changqing waved his hand and interrupted the other party's words.

"I came here this time to ask you something, I hope you can answer truthfully."

"Please speak, Lord Shen!" Situ Bei wiped the sweat from his forehead, and his demeanor was a few levels more respectful.

Situ Bei dared not offend Shen Changqing any further, and only hoped to make Shen Changqing satisfied. Situ Bei doing good might help his case. 


Shen Changqing said: "I killed a demon that's on Zhao Fang's side yesterday. From his mouth, I obtained the news that it will not be long before a Demon's Essence Blood would appear around the area of Lin'an City."

"What do the Heavenly Inspection Guards know about this matter?"

"Demon's Essence Blood!"

Situ Bei's expression relaxed a little, arching his hand back: "Lord Shen, my side also received some news not long ago."

"Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, a powerful demon fought with an unknown expert and was finally defeated then killed. But it's Essence Blood was left behind."

"At that time, the expert had been seriously injured, so he could only seal the Essence Blood and not make it disappear."


"Once the power of the seal had been consumed, the Demon's Essence Blood would naturally reveal itself to the world!"

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