Chapter 26: Handling The Situation.

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Under the swaying lights in the inner hall.

Zhao Fang sat quietly with his head bowed. A dagger pierced his chest. His slightly old palm clutched the handle of the dagger and bright red blood flowed out of the wound.

This person, who had been the governor of Lin'an City for 20 years, died in his own hands.

Shen Changqing was indifferent.

In his eyes, the moment Zhao Fang turned his back on the human race and colluded with the demons, he was a criminal.

Zhao Fang killing himself simply meant that what laid before him was a dead end, and any resistance was futile.

At this time, Shen Changqing took out the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant.

There were still only two black lines on it.

"It seems that Zhao Fang indeed did not become a Man Demon." The last trace of doubt in Shen Changqing's heart was finally removed.

Since the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant did not react, it means that Zhao Fang, unlike Zhuang Mingyuan, had not abandoned his humanity and really turned into a demon.

Looking at the corpse one last time, Shen Changqing got up and walked towards the study behind the inner hall. He did not bother to move it.

The study was not small and the layout inside was also quite exquisite. There was a faint fragrance of ink in the air.

Sitting down at the place where Zhao Fang usually sat, Shen Changqing fetched a piece of white paper and spread it flat in front of himself.

He grinded some ink, took a pen and wrote down everything that happened today.

Although he was only in Lin'an City for two days, a lot of things had happened.

First, the betrayal of Zhang Long and Zhao Fang, then the killing of the Ghost Level monster, as well as Zhuang Mingyuan and the Eternal Life Alliance, etc., All sorts of news were mixed together. Shen Changqing also felt some pressure.

After all, all of these things had to be reported to the Demon Suppression Division, one by one.

It's not just a report for the sake of the report. When killing a monster, there were details that can be omitted, but when the city governor died, that’s a big deal.

If he didn't tell the whole story, even if he was a member of the Demon Suppression Division, he would face a lot of trouble.

Of course, in the process of writing, Shen Changqing also excluded some things.

An example would be the strength of the Ghost Level monster nearly breaking through the Ghost Level and was more powerful than the average Ghost Level monster.

He also did not reveal his strength.


He had broken through the Innate Realm in just a year's time. Even those supreme geniuses couldn't achieve such a feat.

Hence, Shen Changqing needed to hide himself slightly, so as not to attract too much trouble.

Innate Realm.

It was seemingly more powerful than the Qi Circulation Realm, but in the Demon Suppression Division, it was only the level of a Red Black Official Slayer. Above the Red Black Official Slayer, there's still Earth Rank and Heaven Rank Official Slayer

In addition to that, above the Slayer, there was also the Guardian.

That was the most powerful existence in the Demon Suppression Division. Guardians were the reason why the Great Qin could fight against demons for more than 300 years and not fall.

One year to break through the Innate Realm...

Even if Shen Changqing used his talent being very good as an excuse, people would still notice something not right and he'll attract trouble.

It was worth mentioning that this world's writing tools, and what Shen Changqing learned in his previous life, there was not too much difference.

After a little more than half an hour, he was able to write all of the things he needed to write.

He released a bit of True Qi, drying all of the ink, and then simply folded the paper. He put it in his sleeves, got up and left.

At this moment, the sound of the bell signifying the change in shifts sounded.

"It's the third night!"

Shen Changqing looked around the darkness, and immediately found the few officials who stayed at the government office.

The government office was an important place and officers patrolled it day and night.

Since a person's energy was limited, a day and night shift had to be implemented. The government office also had a separate side room for those people to rest.

Upon Shen Changqing's arrival, several people greeted him.

"Lord, Lord Shen!"

A somewhat older-looking official warily got up. He could not help, but stutter in his speech.

Zhao Fang colluded with the demons and they were part of the government. They might also be implicated.

He had heard that the people of the Demon Suppression Division were ruthless, treating human life like grass. In the case of when they were angered, they (the officials) might get killed.

Shen Changqing did not know what the other party was thinking and simply looked at him.

"What is your name?"

"Lord, Lord Shen, my name is Hong Cheng!"

"How many years have you served in Lin'an City? Is there anyone in the current government office with more seniority than you?"

"I have served in Lin'an City for almost 10 years, except for Lord Zhao and Constable Zhang, no one has been in the job longer than me."

Hong Cheng answered honestly.

Shen Changqing nodded: "Very good, from today you will temporarily take over the post of constable until the court's appointment comes. Right now, I need you to do a few things."


"Ah? Oh, Lord Shen please say!"


Hong Cheng froze in place, but he was quick to react. His face contained uncontrollable joy.

He was assigned the temporary constable, meaning that he would not be involved in the incident.

Not to mention that the time the new governor arrives, he might really stay as the constable.

This was an inexplicable promotion, as if a pie had fallen from the sky. 


"Zhao Fang took his own life to pay for his crimes, you send someone to dispose of his body. Don't bury it for the time being, wait until the Demon Suppression Division or the court comes. Only then make the burial."

Shen Changqing thought for a moment, then went on to say.

"In addition, you take some people and block off the Zhao family's residence. Do not let anyone leave, otherwise all of you will also head to the ground!"

In the last sentence, Shen Changqing's expression was ruthless.

Hong Cheng's heart trembled and he nodded in a panic: "Lord Shen, don't worry, I will definitely not let any of the Zhao family escape."

"That would be best, now go!"

Shen Changqing waved his hand, turned around and left.

He didn't go anywhere else.

After leaving the government office, Shen Changqing went straight back to the inn where he was staying.

He was tired after several battles today. 

Although an Innate Realm Cultivator would be fine of not eating and the like, battling does not just tire one out physically but also mentally.


The next day, Shen Changqing got up on time and took the first ray of Purple Qi from the Heavens and Earth.

His biological clock had already been set. No matter how tired he was the day before, it would not have much effect.

After absorbing the Purple Qi, there was little change in the Pure Yang True Qi.

The [Pure Yang Kung Fu] only had 9 levels and after reaching Level 9 layer, it was already considered complete. Shen Changqing forced a breakthrough to Level 11, thus breaking the limit of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu].

The current [Pure Yang Kung Fu] was no longer the same as the previous [Pure Yang Kung Fu] nor could it be compared.

The Pure Yang True Qi also underwent a powerful transformation, completely different from the original Pure Yang True Qi.

After all–

Even the Level 9 of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] could not create fire out of thin air with Pure Yang True Qi. He wouldn't have been able to conjure fire to burn Zhuang Mingyuan's corpse.

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