Chapter 23: Man Demon.

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Hearing Shen Changqing's words, Zhuang Mingyuan was instantly relieved.

The people from the Demon Suppression Division treated the organization as being sacred in their hearts.

Once they swore in the name of the Demon Suppression Division, they would absolutely not easily go back on their word.

Also, a mere Qi Circulation Realm Cultivator like him shouldn't be worth it for Shen Changqing to take back his words.

After thinking about it for a while, Zhuang Mingyuan finally confessed: "In the past, when the demons descended into the world, a powerful demon appeared near Lin'an City before it was finally killed by an unknown expert."

"That fallen demon did not completely disappear."

"Instead, according to the rumors, that powerful demon had left its Essence Blood near Lin'an City."

"In due time, in order to obtain it, there will definitely be many experts coming."

Demon's Essence Blood!

Shen Changqing's face changed slightly.

Demons were more powerful than ordinary monsters. Although there were demons in the Demon Suppression Prison, in fact, any one of the demons was incomparably powerful.

Even if one has already broken through the Innate Realm, there was no way to compete with the demons.

Likewise, a demon's Essence Blood was a rare treasure for some people.


According to Zhuang Mingyuan, that demon's Essence Blood was not from a low-ranking demon, but from a more powerful demon. Although that was not certain.  

Shen Changqing frowned: "What level is that demon?"

"I'm not sure, but according to the rumors, the lowest it could go would be a Middle Rank Demon."

Zhuang Mingyuan was going to shake his head, but feeling the coldness in his neck made him stop this action.

Faced with Shen Changqing's inquiry, he spat out what he knew. 

"Rumors, where did you get your rumors from?"

"Your Excellency, the news about the demon's Essence Blood in Lin'an City is not a secret, many forces have already gotten the news."

"Humph~, if all of the forces really got the news, how could the Demon Suppression Division not be aware of it?!"

Shen Changqing laughed disdainfully.

Although the intelligence he received this time had deviated, the intelligence gathering skill of the Demon Suppression Division was not child's play.

If there really was a demon's Essence Blood in the world and many forces have gotten the news, the Demon Suppression Division should have also known of it.

Zhuang Mingyuan smiled bitterly: "Rumor has it that the unknown expert, who killed the demon, has some relationship with the Demon Suppression Division. With the status of the Demon Suppression Division, they wouldn't see a demon's Essence Blood in an eye to eye manner. It is normal."

"Alright, I have already told you everything."

"Now I hope that you can keep your promise and let me live!"


Shen Changqing nodded, but his hand holding the sword did not withdraw. Instead it swept over Zhuang Mingyuan's neck.

The sharp blade, combined with the transformed Pure Yang True Qi, chopped off Zhuang Mingyuan's head.

The fiery power scorched the wound, which caused not too much blood to gush out.

As the head fell to the ground, Zhuang Mingyuan's eyes were wide and he still had a look of disbelief.

Shen Changqing had broken his oath!

The other party really disregarded the honor of the Demon Suppression Division, and broke his word!

Until his death, Zhuang Mingyuan could not accept it.

"Still too naive!"

Shen Changqing looked at the dead Zhuang Mingyuan, shook his head, and a sneer appeared on his face.

He did not expect that for a person who had lived for so long, would still be so naive.

What was the honor of the Demon Suppression Division? It's not like you can eat it, can you?

Nonetheless, the news obtained from Zhuang Mingyuan's mouth was of considerable use to Shen Changqing.

"A demon's Essence Blood and at the lowest estimate, it is from at least a Middle Rank Demon!"

"Does the Demon Suppression Division really not care, or did they simply not get the news–"

Shen Changqing was not sure.

But since he had obtained the news, it must be passed back to the Demon Suppression Division. As for what they would do with the information, that would be determined by them.

At this moment, a faint aura rose from Zhuang Mingyuan, which floated towards Shen Changqing.

"This is--"

Feeling that familiar aura, Shen Changqing's eyes flickered and he sank into his thoughts. 


Name: Shen Changqing

Power: Great Qin Demon Suppression Division

Identity: Apprentice Slayer

Martial Arts: Thirteen Cross Practice (Level 15, can be upgraded), Pure Yang Kung Fu (Level 11, cannot be upgraded), Seven Killings Blade Technique (Level 2), Iron Sand Palm (Level 2)

Killing Value: 4


The Killing Value that was previously emptied, became 4 points!

Thinking of this, Shen Changqing took out the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant and saw a thick black line on it. Next to the black line was a thinner black line.

Clear Spirit Jade Pendant.

It was an item that would determine whether an Apprentice Slayer completed his assessment task or not.

Only by slaying demons and/or monsters, would the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant be able to capture the aura of the demon/monster within a certain range.


The thick black line appeared after the death of the monster in the Ancient Moon Village. Now, there was one more black line.

There was no doubt that it was because of Zhuang Mingyuan.

"The Clear Spirit Jade Pendant can only capture the aura of a demon/monster. Since it was able to capture the aura of Zhuang Mingyuan, it means that he was actually no longer considered a pure human, but was part demon!"

Shen Changqing's gaze was indifferent.


In his line of sight was Zhuang Mingyuan's disembodied corpse.


The blood that had been sealed from the scorching of the Pure Yang True Qi had finally broken through the scab and flowed on the ground, corroding it.

No matter which way you look at it, the current Zhuang Mingyuan no longer had any semblance of what a human being should be.

Such people, who have turned their backs on the human race, were recorded in the Demon Suppression Division under a unified name: Man Demon!

The so-called Man Demons were people who have turned their backs on the human race, having joined the demons and monsters.

They sold their bodies, as well as souls to obtain great power and a long lifespan from the demons.

But as a price, these people would gradually become cruel and murderous, even becoming corrupted.

It sounds very frightening, but in the face of the temptation of power and longevity, some people would inevitably fall in.

For them, it did not matter if they were human or not. As long as they could live longer, that was enough.

To be honest, Shen Changqing's understanding of demons was one-sided because he got it from only one source and that was the Demon Suppression Division's Library. Zhuang Mingyuan was his first contact with the demons.

Before this, he did not even know that killing demons could also get him Killing Value.

Shen Changqing looked for some dead branches, then placed Zhuang Mingyuan's corpse on it.

With the transformed Pure Yang True Qi, he ignited the dead branches. The blazing flames soon engulfed the corpse.

Shen Changqing stood not far away, silently watching the scene.

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