Chapter 24: You Deserve To Die.

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Man Demons were not really human in a sense, and their blood was also a terrifying poison for ordinary people.

Just by touching it, it could lead to death.

That's why after decapitating the demon, the corpse must be completely destroyed, not even half the residue should be left.

It was only after Zhuang Mingyuan's corpse was incinerated clean, did Shen Changqing look away. His gaze landed on the sword in his hand.

The originally neat and snow-white blade had now become chipped, as if it was buried in the soil for many years. It was full of rust in general.

"This sword can't be used for long!"

Shen Changqing was helpless.

When he was killing that monster in the Ancient Moon Village, he had purposely wrapped the sword with his True Qi to ensure that it would not be corroded by the monster's blood, but when he was attacking Zhuang Mingyuan, he had forgotten to do this.

However, from this, it was obvious that in the face of demons and monsters, ordinary mortal soldiers had no possibility of resisting.

Unfortunately, with Shen Changqing's current status, there was no way to get things like divine weapons.

Shaking his head, he turned around and returned to Lin'an City.



Inside the government office, the atmosphere was peaceful and calm. There was not the slightest sign that a fight had occurred not long ago.

The head of Zhang Long on the ground had also disappeared.

When Shen Changqing stepped into the inner hall, he saw Zhao Fang sitting there quietly.

"You're not running away?"

"How would that be of any use?" Zhao Fang asked rhetorically.

"Knowing that it's useless, why did you collude with the demons and brutalize the people of the Ancient Moon Village in the first place? You knew that they were under the jurisdiction of Lin'an City and they are considered your, Zhao Fang's, people. But your heart was not that of a proper ruler."

Shen Changqing's gaze was indifferent. He did not immediately kill Zhao Fang because there was no need for that.

Zhao Fang was different from Zhuang Mingyuan. The former's Cultivation was non-existent, there was no need to worry about any accidents.

Instead, there were some things that Shen Changqing wanted to go through with Zhao Fang and understand.

Faced with such questioning, Zhao Fang looked calm: "The demons are very strong, so strong that ordinary people are not qualified to resist them. As for brutalizing the people, I also wanted to destroy the demons and protect the peace. But the demons are too strong. No matter how hard I tried, there was no way to resist."

"That feeling, you will not understand--"

At the end of the sentence, his expression looked a bit sad.

From Zhao Fang's words, Shen Changqing seemed to see a conscientious official who had to vainly work with the demons for the sake of the lives of the people of Lin'an City.

However, just after the other party finished, Shen Changqing said, "If you really care about the people, why did you sacrifice thousands of lives in the Ancient Moon Village? If you care about the people, why will you deliberately withhold the news from the Demon Suppression Division?"

"To put it bluntly, you are just greedy for your own life!"

"What do you know?!"

Shen Changqing's words seemed to have stung Zhao Fang, causing his expression to become agitated as he stood up from his position.

"There are 100,000 people in Lin'an City, if I didn't join the demons, none of the 100,000 people in Lin'an City would have lived. Sacrificing the Ancient Moon Village was also a forced action!"

"Yes, the Demon Suppression Division is strong and they are not afraid of demons, but how much stronger are they than the demons?"

"Over the years, countless people have been maimed by demons. More than one or two cities had been destroyed. Where was the Demon Suppression Division then–?"

"Well said!"

Shen Changqing applauded and praised.  There was even a faint smile on his face: "So it's not enough for you to sacrifice the Ancient Moon Village, you also planned to sacrifice more people, and even sacrifice the entire Lin'an City."

"But what I am curious about is… Since you, Lord Zhao, had to circumvent the demon for the sake of the people of Lin'an City, what is the significance of your circumvention when you decided to sacrifice Lin'an City for your own future?"

Zhao Fang's face stiffened at once.

At this moment, Shen Changqing's expression had already turned cold: "In actuality, you, Zhao Fang, are a traitor who turned his back on the human race. You are a selfish villain! The people of Lin'an City are just an excuse for your conscience."

"The people of the Ancient Moon Village must have died in bitterness."

"Zhao Fang, are you not ashamed of plotting against the 100,000 people of Lin'an City, despite their support to you in the last twenty years?!"

"You. Deserve. To DIE!"

Shen Changqing said one word at a time.

With each word, Zhao Fang's face became paler before he eventually fell back helplessly.

Becoming an Innate Realm Cultivator, Shen Changqing's perception had been strengthened to a terrifying point.

Before, as soon as he arrived at the government office, Shen Changqin had already heard the conversation between Zhao Fang and Zhuang Mingyuan in the inner hall.

He just did not make a move immediately because he wanted to hear more useful information from the two.

Only when he determined that it was impossible to get more information, did he take action and broke into the government office.

He was always listening, including Zhuang Mingyuan's temptation and Zhao Fang's fall to the temptation.

Hence, no matter what Zhao Fang said right now, Shen Changqing was not moved. In his opinion, the person in front of him, although on the surface, was not a Man Demon like Zhuang Mingyuan, their hearts were one and the same. They were evil and ruthless.


Even if Zhao Fang feared the demons and he escaped alone while abandoning the 100,000 people in Lin'an City, Shen Changqing would not say anything.

After all, the greed for life and fear of death was the right of every person.

But sacrificing the lives of people was a crime.


Not to mention, sacrificing Lin'an City's population of 100,000 people in exchange for one's own future. The sins committed were certainly greater.

There was no polite way of saying it.

For such a sin, the death sentence would be deemed too lenient.

The demons were indeed very strong and Shen Changqing does not deny this.

But different types of people react differently. In the face of an irresistible presence, some fearless people would only take half step back, some fearful people would quietly leave, and some would tend to follow the trend, join the demons then swing the butcher's knife at their own people.

Obviously, Zhao Fang was the last type.

These kind of people were the most disgraceful.


Time passed.

Zhao Fang sat frozen in his position, his face was miserably pale and frightening. Shen Changqing's words crushed the last bit of struggle within him.

"Lord Shen, I know that I have sinned deeply, so I did not escape when you were chasing and killing Zhuang Mingyuan. I am willing to die for my sins and for forgiveness to the villagers of the Ancient Moon Village. But there is one thing, I hope Lord Shen can promise--"

"That is, all the sins will be imposed upon me alone, and have nothing to do with others, I hope Lord Shen can let my family live!"

As he spoke, Zhao Fang looked at Shen Changqing with a hopeful look in his deathly gray eyes.

Shen Changqing's face was indifferent, he was not moved at all.

"Guilty or not, that's not for you and I to determine. I will report this matter to the Demon Suppression Division. When the time comes, they will decide on how to deal with you!”

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