Chapter 19: Innate Realm.

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Yellow Rank Official Slayers were almost all at the Qi Circulation Realm.

An Innate Realm Cultivator was qualified to be promoted to the Red Black Rank Official Slayer.

It can be said that any Innate Realm Cultivator can be called a real expert in the Great Qin. Even in the Demon Suppression Division, he was not an insignificant existence.

A Yellow Rank Official Slayer can deal with the Ghost Level monsters, while a Red Black Official Slayer can fight against a Grudge Level monster.

For example, Liu Chang, Jiang Fu and others were probably at the Innate Realm.

Of course, there's a possibility that they were stronger than the Innate Realm. 

But even if they were really stronger than those in the Innate Realm, they wouldn't be much stronger.


"Level 11 of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] allowed me to reach the Innate Realm. Once I return to the Demon Suppression Division, then there is a high probability that I can be promoted to a Red Black Rank Official Slayer."

Shen Changqing was very satisfied.

He not only killed a powerful Ghost Level monster and obtained Killing Value, he was also able to break through to the Innate Realm, which was an unexpected harvest.

However, his efforts and own hard Cultivation also played a role in this.

If it wasn't for his efforts in manually raising the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] to Level 8, it wouldn't have been possible for him to break through to the Innate Realm with the 15 points of Killing Value.

After his initial excitement, a powerful feeling of weakness came over Shen Changqing, making him stumble slightly on his feet.

He understood that this was caused by the breakthrough of the [Pure Yang Kung Fu], drawing too much of his qi and blood.

Normally, he didn't have Killing Value to take shortcuts in his Cultivation. That's why his consumption was maintained at a certain level and he did not experience this weakened state.

However, the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] just had breakthroughs two levels in a row, so his consumption was by no means ordinary.

Not to mention that he went from the Qi Circulation Realm to the Innate Realm. This amplified his consumption even more.

"It seems that I can't just break through carelessly. Either I have to prepare adequately or have a much more powerful physique to do so."

Shen Changqing sighed.

If he obtained Killing Value later, he'll use it to upgrade the [Thirteen Cross Practice].


Otherwise, he'll just find other External Martial Arts to enhance his physique.

Qi and blood was the foundation of strength.

Shen Changqing stood in place to recover a little and looked at the sky. With the death of the monster, the mist also dissipated.

Due to the time he spent fighting, the originally blazing sun in the sky had now set in the west. Darkness was gradually enveloping the world.

"The moon hanging high and wind whistling in the silent night…  A perfect time to kill and set fire to the sky!"



The inner hall of the government office was brightly lit.

Zhao Fang was sitting in the inner hall, his face looked a bit weird under the light of the lamps.

Next to him sat a wrinkly and thin middle-aged man.

"Something must have happened!" As Zhuang Mingyuan spoke, he pinched his short beard. His eyes were shady and poisonous, with a cold glint occasionally looming behind.

"It can't be."

Zhao Fang shook his head and his eyes fell on the other side.

"Zhang Long is not weak. He's only one step away from being able to generate his own True Qi and open up his meridians to become a Qi Circulation Realm Cultivator. Together with the powerful Ghost Level monster, what problem could there be in dealing with a small Apprentice Slayer?"

An Apprentice Slayer, at most, was only at the Qi Circulation Realm.

Not to mention that there was a high probability that he was a beginner.

Let's take a step back...

Even if the person that came was not an Apprentice Slayer, but a veteran Yellow Rank Official Slayer, they would have a 100% certainty of being able to kill that Slayer.

"If it weren't for the fear that the Demon Suppression Division might send a few Yellow Rank Official Slayers, I wouldn't have lied about the facts. Just that, what I didn't expect was that the Demon Suppression Division would only send an Apprentice Slayer over to face a Ghost Level monster."

"Tsk, I don't know if this Slayer has offended someone, or if the Demon Suppression Division is really short of people."

At the end of the sentence, Zhao Fang's face was odd.

He had been prepared to deal with a few Apprentice Slayers, but the result of his preparations was that the Demon Suppression Division had only sent one person.

It felt like Zhao Fang's fist had hit an empty space. His heart was quite uncomfortable.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of something else.

"An Apprentice Slayer... What if he's not good enough to get Blood Soul promoted?"

The Blood Soul that Zhao Fang was talking about, was the name of that Ghost Level monster.

Hearing this, Zhuang Mingyuan shook his head: "Blood Soul is at the peak of Ghost Level, a Cultivator at the Qi Circulation Realm should be able to promote it. Even if it can't, we'll just offer more sacrifices."

A grim smile then appeared on his face: "Around Ancient Moon Village, aren't there still a few villages? Why not sacrifice them all to Blood Soul? There won't be any problems by then."

Hearing this, Zhao Fang's brow instinctively frowned.

Noticing the change in his countenance, Zhuang Mingyuan's face turned cold.

"Lord Zhao, don't forget that you have long since ceased being the governor of Lin'an City."

"You are just a human traitor, who has defected to the demons."


"Since Ancient Moon Village has already been sacrificed, what's wrong with sacrificing a few more villages?"

"The mere fact that the news of the Ancient Moon Village was exposed, is already a capital crime. Do you think that the Demon Suppression Division will spare you or your family, after finding out the truth?"


Zhao Fang did not reply.

He understood the meaning of Zhuang Mingyuan's words.

The duty of the Demon Suppression Division was to remove the traitors, who had turned their backs on the human race, and colluded with the demons and monsters.

Towards these traitors, the Demon Suppression Division was not kind, even by a bit.

As long as they were exposed, being killed was actually a light punishment.

There's much more heavy punishments, like the nine generations of your family being found and would be razed to the ground.


Every year, the number of traitors' heads that the Demon Suppression Division beheaded was not less than a thousand.


It's also because of this, that the Demon Suppression Division had a fierce reputation that was deeply rooted in people's hearts. Even the most powerful and influential people do not want to easily oppose it.

Seeing this, Zhuang Mingyuan's face eased a little: "Lord Zhao, my words are hard to hear, but every word is true. Besides, you have now joined my Eternal Life Alliance, it's already too late to withdraw."

"What is good about the human race anyway? Those people in the Demon Suppression Division are strong, but you see how long they can live."

“On the contrary, in the Eternal Life Alliance, you may not necessarily get the chance to live forever, but you will never have a problem living longer than others.”

“As far as I know, there are even strong people in the Eternal Life Alliance who have already lived for two or three hundred years and have not yet passed away.”

"If you cultivate Blood Soul to the Grudge Level, the leaders will certainly be very happy. By then, your rewards will not be less."

"In this way, so what about sacrificing some more people?"

"Think about it–"

"If people don't do things for themselves, the world will be destroyed!"

Zhuang Mingyuan's words completely broke the last line of defense in Zhao Fang's heart.


Sacrificing one village was already a capital crime, sacrificing two or three more was also a capital crime.

There's no difference, what was there for him to hesitate over?

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