Chapter 20: You– Are Lord Shen!

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The lights were swaying in the inner hall.

"Sacrificing a few villages is not a problem, but in that case, this matter can no longer be suppressed. The Demon Suppression Division might send a Red Black Official Slayer over."

"If we really encounter a powerful Red Black Official Slayer, it will be very difficult for Blood Soul to deal with it, even if it is promoted to the Grudge Level.

"When it comes to that, my position as the governor of Lin'an City will end."

Zhao Fang sighed, somewhat reluctantly.

Though Zhuang Mingyuan smiled, obviously he did not think so.

"Do you think that even without sacrificing the village, the Demon Suppression Division won't detect any abnormalities? How about the death of an Apprentice Slayer?"


"In fact, from the death of that Apprentice Slayer, your position will be gone either way. Anyways, it's just a small governor position. In exchange for the promotion of a Grudge Level monster, the former is nothing worth mentioning."

"You have also collected a lot of money over the years. That should be enough for you, as well as your family."

"Although your role as the governor of Lin'an City will be gone, your role in the alliance will not be smaller. The Eternal Life Alliance never treats a meritorious member stingily."

Zhuang Mingyuan comforted Zhao Fang.


Afterwards, Zhuang Mingyuan’s face once again showed a meaningful smile.

"Furthermore, you don't have to worry that the Demon Suppression Division will send strong people over. Originally, I wasn't sure, but now it seems that the Demon Suppression Division is indeed unable to send any expert over."

Zhuang Mingyuan stood up from his position, paced to the entrance of the inner hall and looked at the night sky that was devoid of any moonlight.

"Some days ago, the demons dispatched many powerful existences to attack all over the Great Qin, and went to war with the Demon Suppression Division. The demons lost a lot in that battle, but the Demon Suppression Division has also suffered a lot of casualties."

"In the past, if there was a Ghost Level monster and if an Apprentice Slayer was sent, there were usually several people accompanying him."

"Now that only one person has arrived, it is clear that the Demon Suppression Division does not have many people on hand who can be used."

"In addition, both sides were not able to decide a winner. The demons are still entangled with the experts of the Demon Suppression Division. For a small city like Lin'an City, the Demon Suppression Division will not necessarily invest too much power here."

"After all, there are more important places than Lin'an City."

"For now, we'll just wait for Zhang Long to come back and see if Blood Soul has advanced or not."

Finally, Zhuang Mingyuan turned around and looked at Zhao Fang. The expression on his face suddenly became bizarre.

"Or… Lord Zhao can do a ruthless job and sacrifice all of the people of Lin'an City. With the blood sacrifice of 100,000 living beings in Lin'an City, Blood Soul might be able to advance to Fury Level."

"You have been in the Eternal Life League for many years, but have not contributed much."

"If you contribute a Fury Level monster, you can definitely catch the attention of the top brass, and then, you will not be lacking anything."

"Even I can get a lot of benefits from it!"

Zhao Fang was startled by Zhuang Mingyuan's words.

Sacrifice Lin'an City!

This was something that he didn't dare to think about at all, and the thought of it had never occurred to him.

If one were to say that sacrificing the Ancient Moon Village was still acceptable, then sacrificing the entire Lin'an City was completely beyond Zhao Fang's expectations.

Although Lin'an City was only a small border city of Great Qin, it still had 100,000 people.

If Zhao Fang sacrificed Lin'an City, the lives of 100,000 people would be treated as if they were nothing!

Zhao Fang asked himself if he could do this...

He could not accept it.

"Lord Zhao, think about it. Of course, if you don’t want to sacrifice the entire Lin'an City, then you have to speed up. After all, with the sacrifice of several villages, the news is sure to reach the Demon Suppression Division."

"Any place where a powerful monster appears, the Demon Suppression Division will not let it go."

"Even if that is for a short time, even if the Demon Suppression Division cannot just send any personnel right now, if it's the growth of a powerful monster, then the Demon Suppression Division will not just ignore it like before."

"For this point, I am not sure..."

"Anyways, Lord Zhao is ready to retreat, why not give more credit to the Alliance? I believe that a Fury Level monster, even if you no longer make any contribution later, will be enough to shelter your family for a long time."

Zhuang Mingyuan continued to tempt Zhao Fang.

If a Fury Level monster really came out, the bulk of the credit would still be Zhao Fang's. But as Zhao Fang's collaborator, he himself would also get a lot of benefits from it.

Therefore, he especially hoped that Zhao Fang could sacrifice the entire Lin'an City.

As someone who had long ago defected to the demons, Zhuang Mingyuan had already distinguished himself from ordinary people, and the lives of people were no different from ants in his eyes.

Zhao Fang bowed his head and pondered. His face continued changing expressions, one after another, his heart constantly struggling.

He was considering Zhuang Mingyuan's words.

Being a human, his only remaining conscience in his heart told Zhao Fang that he could not sacrifice Lin'an City.



After sacrificing the Ancient Moon Village and sacrificing several other villages already, there's nothing wrong with adding Lin'an City.


Too many people died, and it was a little difficult for him to accept it inside.  


To each their own!

Zhao Fang understood very well what kind of benefits he would get in the Eternal Life Alliance, if he cultivated a Fury Level monster.

Soon, his struggling and changing face finally calmed down.

Raising his head, the usual peacefulness on Zhao Fang's face had long disappeared without a trace, and there was only a chilling coldness.

"Brother Zhuang is right. If people don't do it for themselves, Heaven and Earth will be destroyed. Since this official has already joined the Eternal Life Alliance, then I should make some contribution to the Eternal Life Alliance. It is an honor for the people of Lin'an City to allow the birth of a Fury Level monster."


Seeing that Zhao Fang had figured it out, Zhuang Mingyuan let out a loud laugh.

Just at that moment–


The gate of the government office suffered a powerful blow and was shattered into countless pieces.

The huge commotion immediately startled everyone, gaining the attention of the other officers inside the government office.

The faces of Zhao Fang and Zhuang Mingyuan in the inner hall also changed.

"Who dares come to the government office to make trouble!"

"Quickly, go and inform the Lord!"

"You... you are Lord Shen!"

The sudden change of events left those officials in a state of shock. Someone immediately went forward to report to Zhao Fang, but some of them, after calming down, immediately recognized who exactly was the one who broke into the government office at night.

At the time, the officials recognized Shen Changqing.

Shen Changqing also recognized some of these people. They were the guards outside the Ancient Moon Village during the day.


Several people had pulled out their weapons and looked at Shen Changqing warily.

Shen Changqing threw forward the object he was holding, and the object rolled a few times before finally landing at the feet of an official.

"Zhang– Constable Zhang!"

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