Chapter 106: Noble Etiquette.

Inside the Ten Heavenly Halls of Planet Io, Queen Bella was listening to Alfie's report with an incredulous expression.

Not only Bella, but also the chiefs of the twelve tribes also looked like they had seen a ghost.

What Alfie reported was really beyond everyone's expectation. There was a race that was highly similar to their own and its similarity was the same as between the twelve angel tribes which is at 99.9%?

Is this humans really a lost tribe of angels? Bella decided to go through the ancient texts. Maybe she can find any mentions of these humans being part of their tribes...

As for Lin Fan's proposal to establish diplomatic relations, Bella naturally did not have any objections to it.

Besides, a Level 4 Civilization took the initiative to form diplomatic relations with them. If they really refuse, they probably have holes in their brains!

In response, Bella immediately ordered the Io Federation's Ceremonial Fleet to depart and welcome the Vice President of the Human Federation to Io with the highest priority! At the same time, the angel temple began all kinds of arrangements according to the highest honor.

One hour later, under the escort of twelve pure white angel warships, the Uranus headed towards the direction of Planet Io.

These twelve warships were the Ceremonial Fleet of the Io Federation. They were all white in color and had an exceptionally gorgeous appearance. It exuded the aura of nobility no matter which angle you look at them from.

Each of these warships has an insignia. The insignia of the twelve warships were different, and were respectively the insignia of the twelve angel tribes. Each of these warships represents one of the tribes.

For the Io Federation, deploying twelve ceremonial ships at the same time is a rare event which represents the highest treatment!

Historically, only every time a new queen assumes the throne would there be a similar scene. As for non-angel alien civilizations, none of them have enjoyed such treatment.

After enjoying a high-profile escort journey, the Uranus arrived at the orbit of Planet Io.

Lin Fan was not interested in what was to follow, but at Ed's strong request, he followed him down.

Once the two got on the shuttle ship, they followed the directions sent by the Io Federation and went in the direction of the Ten Heavenly Halls.

A few minutes later, the shuttle ship had arrived near the coordinates given by the Io Federation, from which the beautiful Ten Heavenly Halls could be seen.

"What beautiful architecture!"

Ed couldn't help but sigh as he looked at the Ten Heavenly Halls.

It was so beautiful that words could not describe it. The angel race really loved beauty. Not only their faces and their figures, but even the things they built were so beautiful.

When the shuttle ship landed and the two walked down the gangway, they found a ceremonial team on the ground. The group was lined up on both sides of the path from the Ten Heavenly Halls to the landing point of the two which was about 3 kilometers long.

Dressed in pure white magnificent armor and holding jeweled swords, the scene was simply...

In short, you can imagine the scene of tens of thousands of angels whose faces can topple any artist from Earth, each wearing super gorgeous armor and standing in two rows.


The beauty and majesty of the scene was especially stunning if you are watching it from the gangway. 

Even Ed was a little dumbfounded.

"Uncle Ed, Emma is probably watching us here, your expression..."

"Ahem! What are you talking about, what's wrong with my expression?"

With Lin Fan's reminder, Ed immediately reacted and said with a serious expression.

"Well, you can do whatever you want, haha!"

You should take a look at your face, old man!

Looking at Lin Fan that had a knowing smile on his face, Ed couldn't do anything.

After the two of them walked down the gangway, an angel came over. Her clothing was beyond gorgeous, plus her elegant movements exuded nobility!

"Welcome to the Io Federation, I am Bella, the current Queen of the Io Federation!"

"Greetings, I am the Vice President of the Human Federation, Ed Campbell!"

Looking at the two people's courtesy, Lin Fan suddenly felt that his old man (father) really had great foresight for sending Ed.

After all, Ed is from the ancient Campbell Family and has been educated in noble etiquette since he was a child, so he would be very comfortable with these gestures of courtesy.

After some courtesy from both sides, they were led by Queen Bella to the Ten Heavenly Halls

This was Lin Fan's first time seeing such a grand scene. Three kilometers long noble carpet, tens of thousands of beautiful angels wearing gorgeous armor on both sides, and not to mention that he was walking in the middle of them! It was really an experience of a lifetime.


After arriving at the Ten Heavenly Halls, the two (Ed and Lin Fan) were once again shocked by the magnificent decoration of its interior. It was completely incomparable to even the most extravagant palaces on Earth.

Not long after, under the leadership of Bella, the two arrived at a room similar to a parlor, in which twelve angels had been waiting inside.

"Sir Ed, this is the chiefs of each of the twelve angel tribes, they will participate in this meeting with me! Would you like to move your guard to be moved to another room to rest?"

Bella was very polite and even had a hint of respect in her tone.

Lin Fan originally did not even want to come down and it was Ed who forced him. 

"Queen Bella, this is not my guard, his name is Lin Fan, one of the two military gods of our Federation and the Commander in the battle against the Ochs Empire. At the same time, he is also the only son of the President of the human federation."

After Ed's words sounded, the faces of the angels present changed.

The human's military god, the Commander that overthrew the Ochs Empire was the only son of the human's president?

They thought he was just a retainer, they didn't expect him to be the great military god.

Regarding what is the meaning of being a military god, Bella naturally knows.   

Not to mention that he is also the son of the President, which is equivalent to a being a prince!

"I'm very sorry, Sir Lin Fan!"

Bella hurriedly bowed and apologized. She actually called a prince and military god of a Level 4 Civilization a guard, could there be anything more rude than that?

"No need for that, Queen Bella, in our Federation, the President's son is no different from a regular person, after all, we are not an empire. This meeting is mainly hosted by Vice President Ed, in fact, my mission is really no different from that of a guard!"

Lin Fan said with a smile, indicating that he did not mind, but this was not what entered Bella's ears.

It's, 'In fact, my mission is really no different from that of a guard!'

Listening to this, Bella felt that he really did mind!


Seeing Bella's increasingly overwhelmed expression, Lin Fan was helpless. It seems that what he just said has made her misunderstand more deeply.

Lin Fan looked at Ed with a bitter smile. This kind of thing should be left to the professionals, otherwise the misunderstanding might get deeper!

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