Chapter 105: Highly Compatible Genes.

Nearly 30 million kilometers from Planet Io, a white shuttle ship approached the Uranus.

On the shuttle ship, Alfie was currently surveying the warship in front of her through the porthole.

Even in the eyes of the angels, the Uranus was considered an extremely beautiful warship. Its paint job was also in line with the taste of the angels, silver and white.

With the guidance sent by the Uranus, the shuttle ship slowly sailed into the empty port in its belly.

Inside the port, Lin Fan Liang Xue and Angela have been waiting. Ed did not come out, after all, the visitor this time is not of the same level as him and it would not be appropriate.

For Ed, only the Queen of angels was the only same level of existence as him.

Lin Fan looked at the shuttle ship docked in the port. He must admit, the angel's shipbuilding skills are really good.

Until its hatch opened, Lin Fan did not see where the door would be. It was so we'll crafted that it had completely integrated with the rest of the ship's body seamlessly.

Alfie was the first to appear, followed by Catherine and four other escorts.

Looking at the 6 angels in front of him, Lin Fan let out a sigh. Any one of them could defeat many of the humans' stars in the entertainment industry. They were a gorgeous race fit for acting and the like.


"Sister, wuuu~!"

The moment she saw Catherine, Angela immediately ran over and jumped into Catherine's arms while crying.

"Excuse us, Commander Alfie, my sister was taken away by the Ochs Empire for more than 50 years so her emotions got a little out of control..."

Catherine hugged Angela in her arms and said a bit embarrassed to Alfie.

Alfie waved her hand, indicating that she didn't mind, and then walked towards Lin Fan.

"Hello, I am the Military Commander of the Io Federation's Third Legion, Alfie. Thank you very much for saving our people!"

"Hello, I am Lin Fan, Commander of the First Fleet of the Human Federation. Also there's no need to be so polite."

Looking at the humble Lin Fan, Alfie was relieved.

In her perspective, they were a Level 4 Civilization. Usually high level Civilizations were not very nice to low level Civilizations, that's why  she didn't expect Lin Fan to be so nice. It was not like what she had imagined before.

Lin Fan and Liang Xue then led the group to a meeting room, and after taking their seats, Lin Fan spoke frankly.

"Commander Alfie, I believe you've also noticed that our two races are very similar, which is also why we saved your people when we found them. Otherwise, if it was another race, they might not have received the same treatment..."

Alfie thought that Lin Fan's words were reasonable. 


After all, if  there was not some special reason, why would outsiders save their people and even escort them back home?

Not to mention the fact that they were so polite to themselves. 


After all, in the universe, meeting a race unusually similar to their own is very difficult. The probability of this happening was simply small to almost negligible.

"There's also one more thing that Commander Alfie may not know. After we saved your people from Planet Ochs, while treating them, we discovered something that shocked us, hence the reason for this meeting."

"What discovery could shock even your civilization?"

Alfie listened to Lin Fan's words and felt that there was something else going on here.

According to Lin Fan's words, the mere fact that angels and humans looked alike was not the main reason for their action, and that there were other significant discoveries that led to this meeting...

If that was the case, what was the earth-shattering discovery?

"After our tests, the genes of angels and humans are highly compatible, up to 99.9%. It's almost to the point where we can be seen as the same race!"

"What? This can't be!"

Alfie couldn't believe it, how could such a big coincidence occur?

They found a race in this vast universe that not only looks very similar to themselves but also has a high degree of genetic similarity?

Not to mention that the percentage was at 99.9%! This was a big deal as even the genetic similarity between the twelve tribes of angels was only in the same range!!

Could it be that humans were actually their thirteenth tribe? Is this a joke?

Looking at the shocked Alfie, Lin Fan smiled slightly and continued.

"Because of this result, the Federation's top management attaches great importance to it. This time, in addition to escorting the angels home, we were also tasked to establish diplomatic relations with your civilization! Speaking of which, you will be the first Civilization that we would be establishing diplomatic relations with!"


Alfie looked at Lin Fan with an incredulous expression.

What did she just hear? The other party said that they want to establish a diplomatic relationship with their Io Federation?

Usually, the establishment of diplomatic relations will only occur among civilizations of the same level, after all, this universe pursues the law of the jungle. Only when both sides have the same power would there be a possibility of establishing diplomatic relations.


There was only one type of relationship that could actually happen between a high level civilization and a low level civilization and the latter becoming a subordinate civilization of the former!

It was because of this that Alfie could believe what Lin Fan said. A Level 3 Civilization and Level 4 Civilization establishing diplomatic relations… She has never heard of a precedent!


But on the other hand, if the genetic similarity between humans and angels was indeed as high as 99.9% as Lin Fan said, then it was very likely that they are the same race, in that case, establishing diplomatic relations across civilizational levels seems much more reasonable.

"Commander Lin Fan, we are very honored to establish diplomatic relations with your civilization, but since I am only the head of a legion, this kind of thing still needs to be decided by the Queen!"

"En, I understand. In fact, just like you, I'm also only a commander of a fleet, so it's not within my power to decide upon such matters!"


"Commander Alfie, there's no need to rush. In fact, this time, our human federation's Vice President also came with us. So our Vice President and your Queen will discuss this matter in detail, I was just telling you first."

"Vice President?"

Indeed, a President was of equivalent status to their Queen, and the Vice President was only slightly below that.

With that said, Alfie was a little surprised. To think that the other party even sent their Vice President here, it can be seen that they are really sincere.

As a Level 3 Civilization, this was definitely a flattering feeling. Usually, a high level civilization sending a minor official to a low level civilization was already considered sincere.

And now, it's the Vice President himself! This was the same treatment as being on the same level and giving them more than enough face.

"Okay, I will contact the Queen immediately and inform her of the situation! Please wait a moment."

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