Chapter 117: Let’s Have One Too!

This sudden news came as a surprise to Lin Fan. Will the first child between a human and an angel finally be born?

No, no, this is not the point! The point is that how come he only knew of this when the child was about to be born? What about the pregnancy? 

Not to mention that his dad mentioned about him having a brother. The child is going to be a boy! He will be the first male of the angel family after countless years!

"Congratulations, old man! But why did you only tell me now?"

"I say, your old man is already over 50 years old and still managed to give you a brother, so? When are you going to give me grandchildren?"

Lin Zhen looked at Lin Fan with contempt. Lin Fan, Liang Xue and Emma were together for almost 7 years but he still had no grandchild not to mention grandchildren.

He’s been questioned by Ed all the time on whether his son has a health problem and whether he should go to the doctor.

As the President of the Federation,  can he continuously face such questions?

Lin Fan was also very helpless. Even if they want a child, they don’t have time to raise him/her. Even if Lin Zhen and Ed were the ones to take care of the child, it would still take time before they can hand the child over. 


Hence, whether it is Lin Fan or the two women, they do not want to have a child so early, at least not until the matters in the territories surrounding the Federation are completely settled.

"It's not a good time for us to have children right now. All three of us are very busy, that’ll have to wait at least until after we settle the Kabat Empire!"

"Alright, just look after yourself. Also remember to come back to Earth once in a while and see your brother!"


"I have a brother!"

After ending the call, Lin Fan leaned back in his chair and felt emotional. After all, he was also an only child in his last life, and had never experienced the feeling of having a sibling. Honestly, there was even some anticipation in his heart.

"I wonder if the little one will have wings after he is born?"

Thinking about this, the corner of Lin Fan's mouth slightly raised into a smile.

According to the current research done by human scientists, the offspring birthed from the combination of humans and angels would be more close to humans genetically, which means that the probability of not having wings would be greater at a probability of about 90%.

In other words, for every 10 offspring born after the union of humans and angels, only one will be an offspring with angelic traits.

The Federation was naturally most happy about this because it means that the angel race will gradually be assimilated by humans in the long years to come.

And on the other end of the spectrum, the angel race also has no problem with this. After all, their long-term reliance on biotechnology to breed their next generation had already begun to show its side effects. They cannot continue like that. 

According to the scientists of the angel race, if they continue to use this method of creating offspring, in at most a few dozen generations, their genes will be a major problem that could lead to their extinction.

And now, since the angels can copulate with humans and return back on the path of natural reproduction, does having no wings really matter?

As for whether they will eventually be assimilated by humans, the angels said they do not care. After all, that is the future, even if the human and angels eventually become one, so what?

The genes of the two races are no different from each other, right? For the future, the two groups may merge into one, the angels do not have much resistance in this. Not to mention that they would have a soon-to-be Level 4 Civilization.


In the president's office on Earth.

After Lin Zhen hung up the call, he came to the hall and looked at his wife who was still infinitely blooming despite being pregnant in October, and revealed a smile.

"Bella, how are you feeling today?"

"I'm fine, although it's a little hard to move, this is the first natural birth of the angel race in the past ten thousand years."

Bella stroked her bulging belly with a happy face. It was a novel experience for her as well as for the entire angel race.

However, when Bella had just finished speaking, her pretty face suddenly crumpled from pain.

"Bella, what's wrong?"

"Pain! It suddenly became painful!"

Bella's expression showed her pain while Lin Zhen, who was on the side, realized that Bella was about to give birth, after all, he was a man who had experience.

He immediately called the medical team on standby outside.

This medical team was specially organized for Bella and was on call 24 hours a day. The Federation attached great importance to the first offspring of the union between humans and angels!

The medical team came in and after a brief examination, they knew that Bella was about to go into labor and immediately put her on the bed and pushed her to the next room, which was already prepared as the delivery room!

Nearly 20 hours later, a baby's cry came from the delivery room, and the first offspring of the union of human and angel was born.


In other words, the first male angel that had disappeared from the history of the angel race for tens of thousands of years was born.

At this moment, people don’t know that this baby boy will be the king of the next generation of angels in the future and will also be the last king of the generation. Of course, this is for another story.

The news that the President's First Lady had successfully given birth to a baby boy and an angel baby boy at that, soon spread throughout the Federation with the announcement made by the President.

The entire Federation was immediately abuzz with the fact that humans have a near-natural affinity for angels and do not treat them as foreigners in the slightest.

Of course, another reason was that all angels were all women with the next much more beautiful than the other.

Therefore, there is no negative reaction regarding this event. The entire Federation gave their blessing to the newborn baby!

Even the presidency immediately passed on to the new Angel Queen Alfie through quantum communication.

When the angel race learned of the news, they also immediately spread the news to all their administrative regions. After all, with the quantum communication devices provided by humans, it became extremely convenient to convey the news.

Soon, the entire Io Federation was in a frenzy. Alfie had gradually opened up information to all the angels of the Io Federation over the past year, and the angels were now aware of the crisis facing their own race and the existence of the once male angels.

The significance of a naturally born male angel to the angel race is not measurable for outsiders.

No matter which planet it was on, or the angels stationed on the front line, at this moment, they all sent their most sincere blessings to this newly born male angel from the bottom of their hearts!

Of course, this news was also conveyed to Lin Fan, who was in Horton, at the first instant. 

"Wife, after we settle the matter with the Kabat Empire, let's have a child too!"


Liang Xue, who was on the side, was also wearing a happy smile at this moment.

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