Chapter 116: Viles' Decision.

Orion's Arm Branch, at the border between the former Ochs Empire and the Io Federation, second node of the Ceres Corridor, the star system Ceres.

The Border Legion of the former Ochs Empire is stationed here, numbering 500,000 warships. Its leader is a famous commander of the former Ochs Empire. His name is Viles, the one titled as the God of War!

His God of War title was obtained after he had not taken a single defeat in his nearly 200 years of career. He commanded the battle in Ceres 50 years ago. 

Even in the Io Federation, his name was known. The Io Federation called him the Demon of Ceres. Certainly, the connotation here is in stark contrast to his glory in the Ochs Empire.

Currently, Viles mood is sour. It could even be described as extraordinarily bad.


About a year ago, he received a message from the capital circle, the content of which shocked him. It was informing him that the capital circle had fallen, even Emperor Ramiro was killed, and the perpetrators were the humans.

He knew about the human race. They were the ones Adam encountered when he led the Third Legion to explore unknown territories. According to the report, they were a race that had just entered Level 3 Civilization. They were beaten to the point that they were forced to retreat back to their Solar System by Adam.


But the information that came in after that made Viles more and more confused.

First, Adam encountered a human ambush in the Solar System's asteroid belt, losing nearly half of his warships. Then several years later, Ninth Prince Doren was captured by the humans.

At that time, Viles blamed it on Adam, he was simply a disgrace to the Empire!

What Viles didn't expect was that several years later, the news came that the Ninth Prince Doren was killed by humans and that Adam's Third Legion was completely destroyed. Hearing this, Viles immediately sent a request to Ramiro to personally go himself to crush the humans.

If it were not for the military minister at the time, Ross, desperately trying to stop this,  Ramiro would've agreed. After all, the location where Viles was guarding was too important, it can not be lost. 


But Viles never thought that was the last message sent between himself and Emperor Ramiro.

A year ago, after receiving this bad news, Viles did not immediately believe it, after all, it was too unrealistic. That's why this year, he kept sending letters to the capital circle, but he had never heard back from them which gave him a very bad feeling.

The reason why Viles didn't believe the message from the capital circle was because it mentioned that all human warships are equipped with Energy Shields and Warp Engines.

But after a year of verification, Viles gradually began to believe the information.

Though, this is not good news by any means. It means that the nodes of the Star System behind them have probably all fallen. They are caught in the middle, like the filling between a sandwich cookie. On one end is the Io Federation, on the other is the humans, and they are in the middle.

The most critical thing is that they no longer have supplies, and the fleet will only be able to support ten years more before they run out.

If they did not think of a way to solve this problem, it would really be dangerous. In the face of superior technology, even if he is the God of War, he could do nothing about it.

After thinking for a long time, Viles developed a breakout plan. Yes, Viles thinks he is in a circle and the only way to survive is to break out.

Breaking out in the direction of the Ochs Empire is not realistic, after all, the information said that humans have Energy Shields and Warp Engines. Not to mention that what's on the other side was the millions of warships of the Kabat Empire.

The only way out is the Io Federation, which is now at war with the Sierra Empire. 90% of the Io Federation's fleet concentrated in the front line of the war with the Sierra Empire. The Sierra Empire has no more than 300k warships, the warships of the Ochs Empire were much more numerous and stronger.


Therefore, the only possible way to survive is to break through to the Sierra Empire.

The most important thing is that once they breakthrough Sierra's Star Path defense line, in its rear - the Io Federation's hinterland, there are almost no organized fleet that will hinder them.

By that time, Viles will settle on a piece of the Io Federation's territory to develop or simply pass through the Io Federation's hinterland and instead find some Level 1 or 2 Civilizations elsewhere to occupy.


A month later, at the entrance of the star path connecting Sierra, more than 800,000 warships were lined up and ready to depart.

At the head of the line was the Border Legion led by Viles, with 500,000 warships, and several other formations behind them.

These formations were filled with supply ships, transport ships, industrial ships, immigration ships, and other kinds of civilian ships. The total number of ships is about 300,000 ships.


They carried a large amount of supplies, equipment and personnel, which was the basis for Viles to rebuild the Ochs Empire. They must not be lost!

According to Wills' plan, the battle will be led by the Border Legion, while the rest enter the Star Path a day later. 

This is to avoid the premature arrival of their civilian ships in the Sierra. If the battle is still not over when they (civilian ships) arrive, then they would suffer great losses. For the current Viles, he can afford to lose warships, but not lose these civilian ships.

"Order the Legion to depart according to the scheduled plan!"

"Yes, Commander!"

With a command from within the bridge of the Legion's flagship, the entire Border Legion began to move, sailing one after another into the Star Path.

Luckily, this star path was relatively wide and could accommodate more than 3,000 warships to pass at the same time, so the speed of the Legion entering the Star Path was relatively fast.

While Viles was heading towards Sierra, neither the Io Federation nor the Human Federation noticed it. Instead, they were making the final preparations for the attack on Ceres.


At the same time, in Horton, in the Military Commander's office, Lin Fan was leaning back in his chair, resting. He had been busy all day and finally had a chance to stop and rest for a while.

But at this time, he received a call from Earth.

Lin Fan looked at it and found that it was his father, so he quickly picked it up.

"Yo, old man, you took the initiative to contact me? How rare, what's up?"

"You brat, are you the one to talk?"

Lin Fan's opening line already pissed Lin Zhen off.

"Okay, take a deep breath, don't get mad, otherwise Bella will come after my life till the end of the galaxy! Say, what's the matter?"

"Brat, I'm just informing you, Bella is about to give birth, you're about to have a brother!"


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