Chapter 115: Ceres Corridor.

The Ceres Corridor is located at the border between the Ochs Empire and the Io Federation.

This is a three-node Star Path in a straight line coming from the Io Federation to the direction of the Ochs Empire. It is in this order; Sierra, Ceres and Corfe.

A Level 3 Civilization can only follow the nodes through three Star Systems, so this area is also called the Ceres Corridor.

Before, Sierra and Ceres in the Ceres Corridor were controlled by the Io Federation, while the Oxy Empire controlled Corfe.

It was not until 50 years ago that the Ochs Empire took advantage of the war between the Io Federation and the Sierra Empire, which diverted most of their forces, and successfully took Ceres.

After that, the Io Federation could only mobilize all their remaining troops to hold Sierra to prevent the Ochs Empire from taking advantage of the situation again.

It was a good thing that war broke out between the Ochs Empire and the Kabat Empire soon afterwards, otherwise Sierra would have been in danger.

Currently, the remnants of the Ochs Empire's forces in the direction of the Io Federation are concentrated in Ceres, numbering 500,000 warships of a Border Legion. Meanwhile, the Io Federation has 300,000 warships of its Fifth Legion stationed in Sierra.

A month ago, the first batch of 20,000 sets of Energy Shield devices and Warp Engines from the Federation were delivered to the Io Federation, and 20,000 warships in the Io Federation's Third Fleet are currently undergoing an upgrade.

Alfie took this opportunity to contact Lin Zhen, inviting the Federation to join the attack on Ceres. After the battle, the Io Federation would only take Ceres, as for Corfe and a series of Star systems after it belonged to the Federation.

Lin Zhen and his staff agreed to this invitation after some discussion, as it would be beneficial to the Federation.

Inside the Uranus, Lin Fan was communicating with Liang Xingchen in his room.

"Lin Fan, so it's this matter?"

"Yes, I can't help it. My Fourth Fleet is about to be formed but I still don't have a suitable commander. The only one suitable for the commander position is only at Commander Rank, even if I drop the requirement by two ranks, he wouldn't be able to meet it. I have to give him a chance to be promoted!"

"Well, seriously, I also have this problem here. I'm waiting for the first batch of graduates of Horton Military Academy!"

"Speaking of Horton Military Academy, you should be prepared. There are a lot of people that would not take the academy seriously. In the three months, there's already no less than 500 that were just there for the benefits. The Second Legion accounted for more than 300 of them..."

This is indeed a bit much, even Lin Fan was also shocked when he heard this data!

Basically, for every eight people from the Second Legion, there is one who is a leech. And this date only amounts to the ones found, excluding those that have not yet been identified. There should be more!

"I have long expected this situation, you do not need to be merciful, just do as said!"

"Good, it's good that you are not being needlessly softhearted!"

"I'll talk to Marshal Sanders about Li Cangdou. But first, I'll make it clear to you that he won't be given the chance to excel too much, otherwise the people on my side will have a problem with it too!"

"Thanks a lot, Commander Liang!"

"Okay, is there anything else? If that's it, I'll hang up."


Soon, the Uranus returned to the dock cluster located in the orbit of Planet Horton, which is the temporary station of the First Fleet.

"Liang Xue, inform Li Cangdou to report to my office, I have something to instruct him!"

"Yes, Military Commander!"

A few minutes later, "DONG… DONG... DONG!"

"Come in!"

"Reporting to the Military Commander, Commander of the first division of the First Fleet, Li Cangdou, has been ordered to report here!"

"Take a seat!"

Lin Fan pointed to the seat in front of his desk and said to Li Cangdou.


"As you know, the recent formation of the Fourth Fleet is about to begin, do you have confidence?"

After Li Cangdou sat down, Lin Fan said to the former.

Hearing Lin Fan's words, Li Cangdou's eyes first lit up, but then they dimmed afterwards.


"Military Commander, you also know that I'm only a Commander (Rank), even with the new regulations where the required rank is dropped by 2 levels, one still needs to be a Captain (Brigadier) to be a fleet commander!"

How could Li Cangdou not have any idea of wanting to become the commander of the Fourth Fleet?


But the reality is, his rank is insufficient and in just a few months, it is impossible to raise it as he wished to.

This position is not destined for him!

"Don't get discouraged, I've got an opportunity for you, but it's up to you whether you can grasp it or not!"


Li Cangdou has some doubts, is this about the war against the Kabat Empire? Isn't that operation only after the 5 fleet are formed?

In his mind, to quickly rise 2 levels from his rank, it is only possible in war!

"It's not the Kabat Empire. Rather, it's the remnants of the Ochs Empire! The Second Legion will soon join the Io Federation in the Ceres Corridor battle. I asked Military Commander Liang for an opportunity for you to go ahead and participate in the battle under the name of the Second Legion!"


"Many thanks to the Military Commander!"

Hearing what Lin Fan said, Li Cangdou immediately understood. This is to give himself the opportunity to obtain merit and promote his rank!

He swiftly stood up in excitement!

"Don't be too happy yet, the main character is the Second Legion and the Io Federation, you are just a supporting character. It's up to you how you will gain merit as a supporting character."

"I will give you the 1st to 10th Subfleet, and you will be the Commander-in-chief!"

"The Military Commander can be rest assured, as long as I don't fall in the battle, I will definitely gain enough battle merit! Who said the supporting role can not swing to become the main character?!"

Li Cangdou said while exuding a powerful confidence.

In this regard, Lin Fan is very satisfied. A commander shouldn't be arrogant but he/she absolutely must have confidence! This is the most basic qualification!

"Alright, the Ceres Corridor operation starts in 3 months, you go back and prepare, the order will be conveyed to you soon!"

"Yes, Military Commander, then I'll go out first!"


Looking at Li Cangdou who walked out of the office, Lin Fan also smiled slightly, this was the person he thought most highly of besides Emma.

Lin Fan believes that this time, in the Ceres Corridor battle, Li Cangdou would have his breakthrough!

Three days later, Marshal Sanders, who was at the Federation's Lunar Headquarters, issued a new mission to the Federation's First Legion.

Due to the request of Liang Xingchen, the Military Commander of the Second Legion, 10,000 warships were loaned from the First Legion to cooperate in the Ceres Corridor battle! The First Legion was ordered to choose the right commander to lead 10,000 warships to Ceres!

Lin Fan, who received the mission notification immediately gave Li Cangdou an official order.

Li Cangdou the commanded the 1st to 10th Subfleet of the First Legion, and left one day later to join the Second Legion in Ceres!

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