Chapter 114: Harsh Demands.

After inspecting Horton Interstellar Academy, Lin Fan brought Liang Xue aboard the Uranus to the vicinity of the 37th Resource Planet.

The Third Fleet of the First Legion had been active for half a month now, and the Commander was none other than Emma!

At this moment, she was leading the fleet in conducting quick formation change, in order to refine the cooperation of the whole fleet.

The quick formation change training may be the most basic, but it is also the most important part of the fleet's combat power.

This is especially true for Emma, who inherited Lin Fan's style. She will not use a fixed formation. She took this time to test the ability of the adjutant and the command group personnel, and that if they can realize their commander's commands properly. 


One of the most critical aspects in a formation change is the moving process. The fleet will not act on its own just because the commander said a word to adjust the formation to this or that.

The captain of each warship does not know what to do in order to make the whole fleet get into the formation desired by the commander.

On this point, it is up to the adjutant and the members of the command team to correctly comprehend the commander's intent and then direct in detail what position each sub-fleet will move to. Perhaps, even what position a squad will move to. Ultimately, it is to make the entire fleet form the formation the commander desires.

This is the most difficult part of fleet command. With just a little bit of carelessness, not to mention that the type of formation required by the commander can not be realized, it could even make the warships bump into each other.


Therefore, if they can't pass this hurdle, the fleet will not be able to exert any fighting force and will only be slaughtered on the battlefield.

Meaning although the commander's orders on the battlefield are very simple, in fact, the people under his/her command are busy executing it; sending countless specific orders to  the sub-fleets and even squads.

Lin Fan was inside the Uranus, looking at the virtual map projected on the bridge, which was showing the changes in the formation of the Third Fleet.

After watching for a while, Lin Fan frowned slightly. The efficiency is a bit slow!

Of course, the slowness in Lin Fan's words is by his standards, after all, he is used to the speed of the First Fleet.

As for why the First Fleet's efficiency was high, the main reason was Liang Xue, the adjutant whose brain development rate was even higher than Lin Fan's when he first arrived on Mars.

For Liang Xue, it was a simple matter to control the linkage of the fleet. She didn't even need to rely on the assistance of her light brain (wristband), she can simply rely on her own brain. She can immediately calculate when and where the sub-fleets should move.


She was like a precise machine and was able to precisely command every sub-fleet in the fleet, even every squad. Hence, she was able to execute Lin Fan's intention 100% perfectly.

It can be said that Lin Fan is the brain of the fleet while Liang Xue is the nerves; controlling the movement of every single part of the fleet.

However, this wouldn't work on other fleets. Whether it was Chris or even Liang Xingchen commanding the fleet, none of them had such a cheat-like adjutant. Hence, in terms of fleet coordination, Lin Fan's First Fleet was completely the pinnacle of human combat power.

"Military Commander, Emma is already doing very well. They've only started for half a month."

Liang Xue on the side looked at Lin Fan's expression and couldn't help but speak up.

Liang Xue was not trying to brighten up the mood, it was the truth. For a fleet only being active in half a month, it was good progress.

Although slow and slightly chaotic, that is only if they are compared to the First Fleet.

If compared to other fleets, such as Chris's Second Fleet instead, Liang Xingchen's former Fourth Fleet, they are not much worse than them at all.

Speaking of Emma's adjutant, she was an acquaintance, that is, the former mech pilot Shatina.

Although she does not have a command talent like Li Cangdou, she has all the talent needed for an excellent adjutant.

To be an excellent fleet commander, one would need rich knowledge, quick adaptability, sky-high ideas, etc.

But for a good adjutant, what is needed is precise understanding, detailed control and fast calculation, etc., to break down the commander's intentions into countless orders to reach every part of the fleet.

Another way to put it is that the commander thinks consciously, while the adjutant thinks subconsciously.

A year ago, after Emma noticed that Shatina had a talent for this, she asked the latter to become her adjutant. The latter started with the First Fleet and now, in the Third Fleet.

"It's not enough, there's still some distance from what I expect from them. They need to continue training!"


Lin Fan still shook his head, indicating that he did not agree to what Liang Xue said.

In his opinion, Emma and Shatina's talent should be much more than that!

According to Lin Fan's assessment of the two, the efficiency of the Third Fleet's maneuvers could still be increased by at least 50%. 


"Military Commander, you're asking too much!"

"It can't be helped, otherwise how would we deal with the increasingly powerful enemies that we will inevitably encounter in the future if we don't raise our standards? Tell Emma that I'm giving her another half a month to increase the fleet's efficiency by at least another 30%."

"Okay, I will tell her that!"

Liang Xue said with a bitter smile.

Speaking of which, Liang Xue was a bit confused as to why Lin Fan was in such a hurry. In fact, the speed of the Third Fleet's combat power improvement was already quite fast, even quite a bit faster than she herself had expected.

In Liang Xue's previous estimation, it would take at least a month for the Third Fleet to become what it was today, but it had only taken them half a month.

Also, the reason why Lin Fan was so strict with Emma was because he was worried.

She was his wife, his beloved. Now that she is fleet commander, she'll be in the frontline during battles. Lin Fan will naturally worry for her safety.

His requirements are extraordinarily high because only if she is strong enough, Lin Fan can relax.

"Let's go, go back to the First Fleet station. By the way, help me get in touch with the Second Legion Military Commander Liang. Connect it to my room, I have some things to talk to him about!"


After saying that, Lin Fan left the bridge and headed for his room.

After he returned to his room, Liang Xue had already called Liang Xingchen.


"Lin Fan, it's been a long time, Liang Xue said that you have something to discuss with me?"

"Yes, Military Commander Liang, I want to ask you for a favor!"

"Sure, tell me about it, as long as it's something I can help with I have no problem!"

"Thank you, alright, here's the thing..."

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