Chapter 35: Decision.

"What the individual gets, he gets to keep it?"

"Heh, no wonder that the surname Lu said that the identity of being part of the 11th Bureau grants a chance to enter. This isn't simply sending people to find treasures, it's more like recruiting cannon fodder."

"Whether there are actually treasures inside is not certain, who knows there could only be beasts."

Shi Yu felt that the situation is not that simple.

If you want to enter, you have to first pass the assessment of the Association? Doesn't this mean that they require the people entering to have a certain ability to fight?

If they have no actual combat ability... needless to say they'll die inside the Secret Space.

"This ploy is too obvious..."

Just when Shi Yu wanted to find more information about the Secret Space a grumble sounded next to him. 

"Mmm ow--"

Shiyi came over and asked when dinner would be served.

At this time, the Green Cotton Worm is also lying limp in the birdcage, totally wasted!


"Today's meal will be sumptuous, don't worry, I'll go get it now."

Shi Yu looked at the time and good lord, it is so late.

When meditating, days are like years and time passes slowly. But now, he was just swiping his phone for a short while, but it was almost dark.

If the phone can evolve into a Machine Type lifeform, it would probably awaken Racial Skill relating to manipulating time... 

It was not only Shiyi that was hungry, Shi Yu also felt a little hungry so he quickly prepared food.

A few moments later, Shiyi's Iron Bamboo, bamboo shoots, bamboo leaves and Iron Heart Wood was served.

Shi Yu got himself cabbage pancakes, and a tomato and egg soup.


The Green Cotton Worm had its leaves and greens.

The three each ate their food with relish.

While eating, Shi Yu asked Shiyi: "Are you interested in a practical combat experience?"

After returning from the Battle Arena last time, Shi Yu had the idea of participating in the field combat training.

At present, the only opportunity he got was this one and it was only this type of experience that can give Shiyi enough pressure.

Although this training is said to be field combat, safety is guaranteed. After all, the Beastmaster Association trains the local Trainee Beastmaster for the Association itself.

At present, Shi Yu isn't that inclined to explore the Secret Space. After all, he does not even know what the situation is inside.

But if it is this field combat experience, participating in it is a no brainer.

First, it would train his and Shiyi's combat ability. Second, it is also a great opportunity to see what this assessment is and its relation with the Secret Space. 



Shiyi raised his arms high, 'Charge! Charge! Charge!'

His eyes shone, indicating that he wanted to participate.

Training hard would be meaningless if there's no results.

That Ice Armored Beast and the Earthbound Rats simply could not make him show the full results of his training.

The only thing that made him a little stressed was the Wind Demon Lion. But Shiyi also knew in his heart that he definitely couldn't beat it.

After all, the Wind Demon Lion is a Commander Level beast. It gives off natural oppression and is definitely stronger than a developing cub like Shiyi. 

The oppressive feeling produced by King Level beasts can even kill low-level beasts in seconds.

After the Growth Level of the beast reaches the King Level, they can all awaken the Intimidation Skill on their own.

This is why the Intimidation Skill that Shi Yu copied was known as having the "King's Qualification" after mastering it.


"Then let's take part in it together."

Shi Yu nodded. He the  looked at the Green Cotton Worm in the birdcage and said, "You too."


The Green Cotton Worm showed a bewildered and innocent expression.

"As far as I know, well, according to the information I looked up, the assessment criteria is based on what beasts were defeated or what rare resources were collected."

"The fighting, of course, will be handed over to Shiyi, but for collecting things, your Worm Silk would make things half the effort." Shi Yu smiled.

For example, the plants growing on the side of a cliff or having a beast guarding the plant would be impossible to get. But with the Green Cotton Worm, it would be easy. Stealing it via Worm Silk is certainly much more efficient than fighting.

"Kiri!" The Green Cotton Worm buried its head and ate to its heart's content as if it was "The Last Supper".


The next day, Lu Qingyi came again.

She brought the document representing Shi Yu's identity as a reserve member of the 11th Bureau.

At the same time, she also gave Shi Yu the bank card with the 1000w deposit that Shi Yu had been longing for. As for the recommendation letter for the Stone Bamboo Martial School, it was nothing compared to the first one.

"Using this document, you would have the permission to explore most of the ruins, such as Pingcheng's Ruin Space. You can enter directly with this document."

"There's also the Ice Dragon Ruins in the snowy mountains... but I suggest that you should be a Professional Beastmaster before exploring the snowy mountains. Otherwise, even if you wear a cold-proof suit, your body will not be able to stand the low temperature."

"Isn't there a bodyguard?" Shi Yu asked.

"You can apply for a bodyguard for the Ice Dragon Ruins on the snowy mountain, but no one would probably agree. As I said before, this ruin is rather special, so unfortunately, no." Lu Qingyi smiled.

Shi Yu's eyelids twitched and asked, "So what is going on inside this space? Why don't you just tell me directly?"

The cracked big brother stone statue is still waiting for him to bring light to the truth, but if it is too dangerous, he'll just do it next time.

"Well, it doesn't hurt to tell you in advance."

"The Secret Space is a Beastmaster's Beast Space, you know this, right?"

Shi Yu nodded.

"First of all, this Secret Space is very unstable. According to the experiment, only Trainee Beastmasters can enter it normally. If the Beastmaster's level is too high, the Beastmaster's Beast Space that entered will have a spatial rejection reaction with the Secret Space."

"Of course, we can force it but it is easy to cause the collapse of the space. It will not be worth the loss. After all, the most precious thing is the Secret Space itself."


"Then if Secret Spaces are so important, why has the Pingcheng Beastmaster Association opened access to a large number of Trainee Beastmaster in the Pingcheng Secret Space?" Shi Yu said.

"Then, this Secret Space is a challenge type space. It's been modified by the Beastmaster in order to train the new generation of Beastmasters of his/her clan."

"After entering, the Beastmaster will randomly arrive at a separate environment with a large number of elemental creatures. Only if they are all defeated can one proceed to the next environment."

"It's somewhat similar to a level challenge. There are actually already Beastmasters from the Pingcheng Beast Corps who have entered the space. Though the battle record is..." Lu Qingyi shook her head.

The strength of a Trainee Beastmaster in Pingcheng is still too poor. Even if the space was not pumping out Noble Beasts, still no one would pass.

If it were Trainee Beastmasters of a big city, they would've definitely explored the space faster.

But since the Secret Space appeared in Pingcheng District, the priority was the inhabitants of Pingcheng District. It was then followed by the other districts and counties of Icefield City before finally, if the space is still not decoded, the joint development of multiple cities.

"What about the danger?" Shi Yu asked the quest he was most concerned about.

"According to the people who came out, those elemental creatures only have the primary goal of defeating their opponents, not obliterating them, but if the challenger is too weak, there will still be danger."

"Wait a minute, I'll give a URL and an invitation code. With your 1000w starting capital, you should be able to buy cultivation resources through here in a discounted price."

"Use the Secret Space and the 1000w wisely. You should also go to Stone Bamboo Martial School and study for a while. I believe you could become a Professional Beastmaster soon."

"Anyway, don't focus on that Ice Dragon Ruins for now. Instead, let's make the Pingcheng Secret Space the primary object of investigation first."

Shi Yu said, "It still sounds a bit dangerous.... My Iron Eater is only Level 5. If even those Beast Corps Beastmasters who are proficient in actual combat can't beat it, it's useless for me to go there."

"Investigating the truth about the history of the Icefield City does not necessarily require you to pass. Each independent environment should contain some traces. Your listening talent should be very useful at that time." Lu Qingyi continued: "This Secret Space appeared because of you after all. Of course... you should still have the most basic self-preservation skills and strength."

"As for your Iron Eater, you should bring it to the Stone Bamboo Martial School to learn two new skills. Harden alone wouldn't be enough."

"Okay." Shi Yu nodded.

Guess, he'll continue to develop for the next period of time.

He did not intend to use the 11th Bureau membership to enter the Secret Space directly, after all, there is nothing to gain. He'll only receive meaningless attention.

He should first go to participate in the field combat assessment by the Beastmaster Association. He can then enter at ease through this channel.

That's because the standard of passing this assessment should mean being able to survive safely within the Secret Space.

If he can't even meet the satisfactory standard of this assessment, the Secret Space is definitely a no go. His life is more important.

Shi Yu slowly gave himself a good plan. However, he soon realized that something was wrong. Didn't he vow to not touch archaeology, ruins and relics in this life out of his own will? What is this sense of anticipation and excitement he's feeling?

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