Chapter 25: Career Exam.

In fact, it was proven that not only idiocy and laughter were contagious, but effort also had a certain level of contagiousness.

After eating their boxed lunch and taking a short break, Chen Kai and the others looked at Shiyi who was still in training and was a bit restless.

An Iron Eater who was supposed to be lazy was currently working so hard, so what qualifications did they have to rest?

"I now finally know why the city's Beastmaster Career Exam passing rate is so high..."

"Is the city's Beastmasters all so hardworking? How on Earth do you nurture your Noble Beasts to be so disciplined..." Chen Kai's face twitched.

Is the level of education in the city really that much more advanced than in the suburbs?

He hadn't really seen a situation the same as Shi Yu's here.

"It's not that exaggerated..." Shi Yu replied.

Shi Yu seems to have unknowingly increased these three people's view of Beastmasters in big cities...

Ah~ Misunderstanding, this is pure misunderstanding.

He's carrying supplements purely because of helplessness.

He also did not want to do so but the Skill Book's effect is too big, so he couldn't do anything. 


As for Shiyi, it is also purely an accident!

That was of his own effort, and Shi Yu had nothing to do with it...

Shiyi wasn't picked and was the only one left for Shi Yu.

The only people who saw the extraordinary potential of Shiyi in the first place were probably only Lin Xiuzhu and himself.

Lin Xiuzhu had breeding experience while he had the Skill Book so no matter what kind of Noble Beast he chose, it wouldn't matter much.


By coincidence, there was an unbelievable combination between Shi Yu and Shiyi.

In short, they are special cases!


Trying to be like them is useless.

That said, Shi Yu is not good at explaining so he can not advise others not to try it.


"Well exaggerated is also good, so that you will have a bright future. I will ask my Ice Armored Beast to train at this intensity."

"As for myself, tomorrow, I will go to the pharmacy to buy a box of Bright God Capsules and stay up late to study."

"I don't believe that I wouldn't be able to do it." Chen Kai gritted his teeth and said.

He invited Shi Yu to do the mission together so that he could see why exactly Shi Yu was so strong, as well as find relevant reasons.

Now, he finally knows and of course he also wants to try.

Zhuang Yue and Yu Jingjing looked at each other. Although they did not say anything, they also feel that they indeed slacking a bit.

Shi Yu: "......"

You really want to do it huh?

Then I can only wish you success.

Anyway, hard work and diligence is not a bad thing...

Seeing that his good qualities were able to influence others, Shi Yu was very pleased.

"Shi Yu, are you going to take the Professional Beastmaster Exam? Or since you are a breeding major... Do you intend to become a Professional Breeder?" Chen Kai asked.


The Professional Beastmaster Exam was the traditional Beastmaster promotion route. The exam was testing the combat power of the Beastmaster.

The Professional Breeder Exam tests the level of the breeder's breeding level. Most of their future work is in the breeding base.

If you're a bit more advanced, you can work alone and help other Beastmasters take care of their Noble Beasts. You can also help teach skills, become an evolution planner and other related careers.

It is reasonable to say that if Shi Yu becomes a Professional Breeder, with his Skill Book, he will definitely rake in money in the future...


But his second Talent is really strange and Shi Yu is afraid of being caught.

Although this country is also a society under the rule of law, there is clearly a division between Beastmasters and ordinary people. From the fact that there is no relatively fair promotion route such as the college entrance examination, it can be seen that this world has a serious monopoly.


In some public battles between the Beastmasters, back handed means are numerous. Faction competition, national competition, or the like are very dangerous.

What's more, there are some highly intelligent Noble Beasts eyeing the human region...

Shi Yu thought about it. Before he was strong enough to protect himself, he will definitely not use his Skill Book Talent to teach other people's Noble Beasts Skills.

He wouldn't even teach a slightly intelligent wild Noble Beast.

Unless, of course, it is a Noble Beast with almost no intelligence like the Green Cotton Worm. Even after teaching it, the Green Cotton Worm does not know what has happened, so that there is no safety hazard with it.

In short, Shi Yu will only feel comfortable teaching Noble Beasts who had signed a contract with him.

Therefore, Shi Yu felt that it is better to take the Professional Beastmaster Exam and increase his combat power.


Some excellent Beastmasters can teach their Noble Beasts skills outside of their Racial Skills like the Stone Bamboo Martial Arts School's Iron Eater which mastered Lightning and Fire Element Skills.

Even some gifted rare wild Noble Beasts can master skills outside of their racial Skills. 


For example, the wolf king of the Snow Wolf pack has mastered the Intimidation Skill.

Meaning, teaching and learning skills is relatively common in the field of more advanced Beastmasters. It is not impossible.

On the contrary, copying skills with a touch using a Talent and teaching the skills to Noble Beasts has never appeared. Moreover, he was not of this world and had two Talents...


In other words, it is not safe for him to be exposing himself like that.


In this dangerous world, strength is the foundation for everything… 


"Although I am a breeder, I want to prepare for the Professional Beastmaster Exam first." Shi Yu said.

His answer immediately attracted the interest of Chen Kai and others.

Chen Kai said, "If I do some calculations, you should participate next next year right? Maybe we can still be together then."

The Professional Beastmaster Exam was held on January 1, once a year.

Currently, it's already July, there is less than half a year before the next exam begins.


Shi Yu's Iron Eater was at Level 5 Awakening and Chen Kai's Ice Armored Beast was at Level 6 Awakening. Both levels did not meet the criteria for participating in the exam.

The first round of the exam requires the Beastmaster's Noble Beast to be at the Awakened Level.

This is the level after Level 10 Awakening.

Six months later, their Noble Beasts would've barely reached Level 10 Awakening, let alone reaching the Awakened level. So Chen Kai subconsciously judged that Shi Yu was the same as him, planning to participate in the next next year's exam.

However, Shi Yu's plans were different. 

"If I do not pass the next (this January's) examination, then we'll go do it next next year together." Shi Yu said.

With his small savings, if he had no source of income, he wouldn't be able to support both him and Shiyi for more than half a year...

Hence he must get a professional certificate before it's too late. It can also be considered reducing the financial pressure of Shi Yu.

He intends to participate immediately in the next career exam in six months.

Chen Kai: ????

"But isn't your Iron Eater just Level 5."

"Reaching the Awakened Level in half a year is a bit forced..."

Growth Level is something that naturally becomes more difficult to raise the further you go.

The bottleneck between the awakening levels and the Awakened Level is even more. God knows how many got stuck and were unable to progress at this stage.


The metamorphosis between mortal and an awakened depends entirely if one gets past this.


"It doesn't matter, reaching the Awakened Level might be a bit difficult, but Level 10 Awakening shouldn't be much of a problem..."

As long as Shiyi's Racial Skills are constantly strengthened, his Growth Level will also follow.

Shi Yu felt that half a year to reach Level 10 Awakening should not be a big problem, even the Awakened Level also has a high chance.

Even if he can't reach the Awakened Level and is unable to participate in the career exam, people with strength have always been privileged.

"Are you saying you're going to do a special assessment??"

Chen Kai suddenly realized something.

"The one that can fight beyond their level?" The two girls had also heard of it.

For some talented Beastmasters and Noble Beasts with a high racial rank, there was a special case.

That is, a Beastmaster and Noble Beast whose Growth Level did not reach the Awakened Level (still the Awakening Level) but could defeat an Awakened Level Noble Beast could also participate in the career exam.

"Yes, I'm talking about that... If you can not reach the Awakened Level, you can take this route." Shi Yu laughed.

With high Proficiency Levels in skills and High Order Skills, wouldn't challenging those above you be a breeze?

Chen Kai also understood that at this time. A Level 5 Iron Eater with a mastered level Harden… Challenging those above shouldn't be difficult!  

Thinking about it, Chen Kai kind of regrets asking so much. Now, he felt so weak, his worldview subverted...

After returning this time, he will definitely increase his training!

In the eyes of these three, although Shi Yu was very mysterious and powerful, they do not know if he can really pass the career exam...

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