Chapter 104: Angel Queen Bella.

At this moment, Catherine's scalp tingled.

She knew very well what the Warp Engine represented. In the entire Orion's Arm Branch, only one Civilization had mastered this technology.

And that was the only Level 4 Civilization, the Babawi Empire.

To say that this human federation in front of her had purchased the Warp Engine from the Babawi Empire was absolutely impossible, because this technology was forbidden to be sold in the Babawi Empire.

After eliminating all the impossibilities, it seems that there is only one possible scenario left and that is… 


More than 10 million kilometers behind the Guard Fleet, the Io Federation's Third Legion was racing through space.

Alfie also received the latest report from the Guard Fleet at this time, and the content really surprised her.

The other side had destroyed the Ochs Empire and saved a large number of captured angels on Planet Ochs?

And that their visit was specifically to escort these angels home? How can they be so friendly? When did the universe become so loving?

It's not wrong for Alfie to be skeptical, after all, in this jungle-like universe, war between civilizations was the main theme. The law of the jungle was the basis of everything, peaceful coexistence that does not exist! 

Of course, if it were not for the Io Federation being an angelic race, and that the humans' could reproduce with them with no problems, the Federation would have approached this matter differently.

Therefore, in essence, Alfie's thoughts were not wrong.

What surprised her the most was that Catherine said that the other side's fleet most likely had Warp Engines.

If this was true, then things would get troublesome. This was most likely an unknown native Level 4 Civilization, or a Level 4 Civilization from outside Orion's Arm.

Whichever it is, it is not something that the Io Federation can afford to offend.

"How long before we arrive?"

"The current distance is 12 million kilometers, we will arrive in about 40 minutes!"

"Good, tell Commander Catherine to hold the other side steady, and wait for everything until we arrive!"

"Yes, Commander Alfie!"

Inside the bridge of the Uranus, Lin Fan looked at the pale Catherine, knowing that she had realized a bit of his meaning and was ready to continue to add oil to the fire!

"Liang Xue, order a Battlecruiser to fire its main cannon at us!"

"Yes, Commander!"

Half a minute later, Catherine received a report from her subordinates that one of the other side's Battlecruiser's weapons was charging up.

In response, Catherine was a little nervous, wondering what the other side was up to until the next moment...

A Battlecruiser not far from the Uranus fired its main cannon ion beam that blasted directly at the Uranus.

This attack confused Catherine, what were these humans doing?

However, the scene that followed made her eyes widen with disbelief.

The main cannon ion beam did not pose a threat to the Uranus at all as a light blue Energy Shield revealed itself in front of everyone's eyes, easily fending off the attack. It didn't even leave a ripple on the shield.

At this point, Catherine finally understood what Lin Fan had said earlier.

If we have malicious intent, can your 1000 warships and the 300,000 warships that are coming behind you, can block us?

They're right, since they have Energy Shields, if the other party really has malicious intent, would they need to talk to them so much when they can easily crush them?

The Energy Shield plus the Warp Engine, what does this mean? They were a Level 4 Civilization!

Even if they were not, they must be half a step in it already. A Level 3 Civilization was nothing to them. It's no wonder the other side could easily destroy the Ochs Empire. Turns out that all this had a reasonable explanation.

Catherine, who finished thinking things through, informed the Third Legion.


"Military Commander Alfie, Commander Catherine have passed on the latest report, it's a video clip!"

"Hmm? Play it and take a look!"


A projection immediately appeared inside the bridge, playing the video that Catherine had transmitted, which was the scene where Lin Fan had just displayed the might of their Energy Shield.

After watching it, Alfie's scalp tingled.

Energy Shield? Coupled with the Warp Engine that Catherine reported earlier, could this really be a Level 4 Civilization?

In this regard, Alfie did not dare to slow down, she knew what the result of angering a Level 4 Civilization would be, it was bound to result in the death of many people, there was no other possibility.

A Level 4 Civilization saved their own people and took the initiative to send a fleet to escort them back, if they treat each other as enemies, was this not looking for death?

This matter could no longer be handled by themselves, they must inform the Queen as soon as possible.

"Inform Commander Catherine that they must not make any rude actions, later I will personally visit the guests!"


"Yes, Commander Alfie!"


Planet Io, inside the Angel Hall, Queen Bella was frowning at the group of chiefs of various tribes in front of her.

Although the Io Federation had a Queen, they do not follow monarchy.

The Queen also has a term of ruling. It's just the angel Queen's term can last up to a thousand years. At the end of their term,  it is not their daughter that would take over, but it was through an election that they would determine the new Queen.

"Queen, we have the latest report from Commander Alfie!"

A guard came into the room and reported to Bella.

"What did Alfie say?"

"The other side is suspected to be a Level 4 Civilization. It has been confirmed that they have Warp Engines and Energy Shields. The other side has no obvious malice and in order to show respect, I (Alfie) will personally visit the other side's flagship."

After the guard delivered the message, the entire room exploded.

The faces of the 18 tribal chiefs turned pale. Is this a joke?

Wasn't there only one Level 4 Civilization on Orion's Arm Branch, the Babawi Empire? When did another one pop up?

What the hell are they doing here?

"Everyone, be quiet!"

Looking at the tribal chiefs whispering below, Bella had to speak out.

"First of all, the other party having Warp Engine and Energy Shields is already confirmed. Secondly, the other party should be as what Commander Alfie said, and they do not have any malicious intent, otherwise they would've crushed their way through and does not need to go through so much trouble."

The tribal chiefs nodded their heads.

What the Queen said was not wrong, if the other party really had malicious intent, there was absolutely no need for this, they could just force their way through and be done with it.

After all, if a Level 4 Civilization wants to exterminate a Level 3 Civilization, it's too simple. They do not need to talk nonsense with them.

Seeing that the others have no objections, Bella continued.

"Since this is the case, according to what Commander Alfie said, we shall send her to personally go to the other party's flagship first and confirm their intentions!"

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