Chapter 95: Phase 3.

Royal Fleet of the Ochs Empire, inside the bridge of the flagship Emperor.

"Your Majesty, the optimal time has been reached, Ochs II is currently about 10 minutes away from our flank!"

"Very well, order the fleet to abandon the pursuit and turn right into the orbit of Ochs II!"


At the same moment, inside the bridge of the Uranus.

"Commander, the enemy is starting to turn, the target is determined to be Ochs II."

"Send the phase 2 of the 3rd scheduled plan to the fleet, the operation will start in ten minutes!"


Ten minutes later, the Royal Fleet arrived above the orbit of Ochs II.

"Piero, scan the surface and find the humans' ground troops!"



"Your Majesty, at least 30,000 human mechs have been detected on the surface, all are currently on the defensive lines of the bases and are ready for battle!"

"Only 30,000? That's a bit low..."

"Your Majesty, the rest should be hidden in hangars on standby, that's why no heat source was detected."

"That's possible, order the fleet to lock on all human bases and destroy one every ten minutes!"


The next moment, a hundred warships within the Royal Fleet opened fire at Ochs II. Of course, they are only using secondary cannons and firing with only 20% of their energy.

The warships were so powerful that if the main guns were used, they would destroy the entire planet's ecology.

Hundreds of red beams pierced through the sky and into a base, 500 mechs on the periphery as well as the huge hangar in the base – everything – was instantly razed into nothingness.

Inside the bridge of the Emperor, Ramiro looked at the scene of the human base being razed to the ground with exceptional comfort.

"Piero, have the humans made a move yet?"

"Not yet... Your Majesty, all the human fleet have disappeared, they should have warped."

"Good, get the fleet ready for battle!"

"No, Your Majesty, the human fleet didn't come to our side, but they all warped to Ochs! It's attacking our orbital fortress!"

"Quick! Immediately have the Aegis Fleet take a step ahead. Cooperate with the fortress for defense and hold off the human fleet until the following fleet arrives."

Ramiro was anxious, if the orbital fortress on Ochs was destroyed, then the fleet would lose its last supply, and this battle could be declared over.

But the orbital fortress on Ochs was not that easy to break, it could defend for at least 20 or 30 minutes, so Ramiro sent the Aegis Fleet to defend together with the fortress first.

After all, the Aegis Fleet's speed can reach up to 30,000 kilometers per second. They could reach the orbital fortress in just 10 minutes or so. The rest of the fleet will just follow right after them.

Ramiro believed that the Aegis fleet and the fortress defending together could definitely hold off the human fleet and support it until the reinforcements arrived.

"Leave 1000 warships behind, destroy all the human bases above Ochs II!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

After the order was given, the 5,000 Aegis Warships immediately began to accelerate, rushing towards Ochs.

Finally, the normal fleet could no longer keep up with the Aegis Fleet and got left behind. The Aegis Fleet's speed soon increased to 30,000 kilometers per second, which was one tenth of the speed of light and was six times the speed of the Royal Fleet. It was very fast!

Ten minutes later, inside the bridge of the Uranus.

"Commander, the target has entered the ambush circle!"

"Good, order the entire fleet to start the phase 3 of the 3rd scheduled plan. Act immediately!"


The battlefield, which was constantly being bombarded, suddenly became strangely calm. It was not because the orbital fortress could not fire anymore, but rather their target was gone.

Just a moment ago, the orbital fortress was still firing continuously, but the next second, they found that their targets had disappeared. This made the entire command center confused!

At the same time, 8 million kilometers away from the orbital fortress, the Aegis Fleet was speeding at 30,000 kilometers per second, when suddenly the whole fleet began to slow down.

Not that they were not ready to support the orbital fortress, but because 2 million kilometers in front of them, there appeared a human fleet of more than 30,000 warships in a tight formation blocking their way.

That's why they have to slow down, otherwise they would collide and be disabled before the fight even begins.

However, Lin Fan obviously did not just want to block them because 10,000 human warships each appeared on both sides and behind the Aegis Fleet.

The 5,000 Aegis Warships were completely surrounded and attacked by over 60,000 human warships at once!

To be fair, the Aegis Warships, other than the lack of Warp Engine, were actually strong. One shot from their main gun can consume more than 30% of the shield of the human warships. And if the human warships are hit by 4 shots at the same time, they will be destroyed without a doubt.


And based on the brief 2 rounds of exchanging fire, Lin Fan has also judged that the Aegis Warships can withstand 7-8 rounds of their warship’s main guns. The Aegis Warships are stronger than them whether it be in defense or offense.

The good thing is that the human fleet is 13 times the size of the Aegis Fleet and they also occupy a good position. They used the Warp Engine to bully the Aegis Fleet and made a four-sided encirclement. Otherwise, if they just fought head-on, Lin Fan calculated that they would lose at least 7,000 to 8,000 warships.


The battle between the two sides boiled. Since there was a distance of 1 million kilometers between, plus both sides have Energy Shields, it didn't end fast like other battles.


It took the humans ten minutes to take out 2,000 Aegis Warships, while they lost 400 warships. This was the first time that the humans' new warships have suffered damage.

At this time 15 million kilometers away, the main fleet of the Royal Fleet is also speeding this way. Unfortunately, their speed was not as fast as the Aegis Fleet. It would take them nearly an hour to arrive.

In the flagship the Emperor, Ramiro was full of anxiety. The Aegis Fleet was the biggest card in his hands. After nearly 2 months of waiting, he did not expect that in the end, they still fell into the humans' schemes.

Just a few minutes ago, he had received a report from the fleet left in Ochs II that all the mechs on the planet had no pilots inside, the hangars were also completely empty, and no human was found on the entire planet.

Although Ramiro has not figured out how exactly the humans concealed the withdrawal of so many people and equipment, and even left decoys, this did not prevent him from realizing that they fell into a trap!

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