Chapter 91: Quatre Gone.

The flagship of the Third Fleet, the USS Vereslana.

At this point, 2 hours had passed since the previous virtual combat meeting, yet inside the bridge, Quatre was still sitting in the Commander's seat with a displeased face.

This was  simply too unbelievable, this brat was actually shameless to such an extent!

To really fight according to what Lin Fan said is simply a disgrace to the soldiers, I will never agree!

"Commander, there's an urgent call from the Federation Fleet Lunar Headquarters!"

Adjutant Bartram came to Quatre and reported!

"Hmm? Pick it up!"


In the next moment, Marshal Sanders appeared inside the bridge through a virtual projection.


Quatre immediately stood up and saluted.

"Vice Admiral Quatre Klein, from this moment on, you are relieved of all your duties and be put into confinement until after the battle against the Ochs Empire. Only then you can return to the Federation Fleet Headquarters to be investigated! The Third Fleet will be temporarily commanded by Vice Admiral Lin Fan until a new Commander assumes command!"

"Adjutant Bartram! The official order has been sent, after confirming the order, implement it immediately!"

At this moment, Bartram was a bit confused, what did he just hear? The Commander was relieved of his duties? After the battle, he had to go back to the Federation Fleet Headquarters to be investigated?

The confused Bartram couldn't respond to Sanders.

"Bartram, did you hear what I just said?"

"Yes, Marshal!"

Bartram, who finally reacted, immediately saluted and responded.

"I refuse!!!"

At this very moment, Quatre, who had been silent for more than ten seconds, roared, startling the entire bridge.

"What do you have to disagree with?"

Sanders looked at Quatre with a playful face, his disobedience had long been expected by Sanders.

Originally, if Quatre just meekly accepts it, Sanders will still give Richard some face.


But now, Quatre is acting unconvinced? Then don't blame him (Sanders) for kicking you straight out of the Federation Fleet!

"What did I do? Is it because I disliked Vice Admiral Lin Fan, and now you're going to remove my Commander position and make me go back for a trial?"

"I know that Lin Fan is the only son of President Lin, but this is too blatant of an action for you to harbor such a shameless person like him!"

Bartram on the side, as well as the others inside the bridge, were all shocked when they heard Quatre's words.

What had they heard? Vice Admiral Lin Fan was the only son of President Lin Zhen? Their Commander was relieved of his position because he disliked Lin Fan and opposed his ideas?

If this is true, then it's too underhanded!

The faces of the people in the bridge turned gloomy.


Seeing this scene, Quatre was slightly smug. As long as he strikes Lin Fan's identity, everyone will definitely get behind him!

At this time, Sanders' eyes were becoming more and more unkind. How could he not know what Quatre is doing?

He was blowing things into a big scandal so that he (Sanders) would withdraw his order!


But alas, you are thinking too much!

"Adjutant Bartram, along with the order is a copy of the meeting, you play it!"


Soon, the copy of the meeting were played on the bridge, and everyone watched with some uncertainty.

Like the Board Members at the meeting at the presidential palace, after listening to Lin Fan's plans, each of them thought that Commander Lin was too shameless!

But after all, they are all soldiers, and they are also all members of the bridge command group, so no one is stupid.

Although such a tactic is indeed shameless and despicable for the Ochs Empire, but for the Federation fleet, Lin Fan is a good general. This could get them the victory with the minimum cost!

Soon, the video played to the part where Quatre opposed Lin Fan, and soon, everyone on the bridge looked at Quatre with changed eyes!

"Adjutant Bartram, do you have any more questions?"

"Reporting to the Marshal, no!"

"Very well, then carry out the order immediately!"


Without the need for an order from Bartram, the four guards at the bridge entrance had already approached and were staring at Quatre with extremely unkind eyes!

"Send Vice Admiral Quatre Klein to the detention cell and do not permit his release without my orders!"


The four guards immediately dragged Quatre out.

"I'm not convinced, I'm not wrong, that kid Lin Fan is a shameless bastard, he's a disgrace to our soldiers! They're covering up, don't you understand?"

Quatre, who had been dragged out, was still shouting non-stop, but unfortunately, the entire bridge was watching him coldly and no one paid any attention.

"Adjutant Bartram, the Third Fleet will be temporarily commanded by Commander Lin Fan during this operation. The Federation Fleet Headquarters will reassign a new Commander after the operation is over!"



A week later, the capital circle of the Ochs Empire, Planet Ochs.

Inside the Imperial Capital Palace, Ross once again came to the audience room.

"Your Majesty, after confirmation, it is now certain that the Star Systems around us have all fallen. The Capital Circle has completely become isolated!"


"Is that so?"

Ramiro replied back in a salty manner, which made Ross jolt.

What's wrong with the Emperor? The Empire is in danger of being overthrown at any time, yet the Emperor actually responded just like that?

Looking at a shocked Ross, Ramiro did not say anything, he continued to sit on the throne and simply read a book!

"Your Majesty!"

"I know, so you can seek yourself out!"

"Your Majesty, what is wrong with you? The human fleet can arrive at the capital circle at any moment!"

"So what do you want? Persuade me to surrender just like last time, or even beg to become a human-affiliated civilization?"

Ramiro stared at Ross with gloomy eyes.

It was the first time that Ross saw Ramiro looking at himself with such eyes, and he couldn't help but feel a little panic in his heart.

However, for the sake of the survival of the Empire, he decided that he had to find a way to convince the Emperor today.

"Your Majesty, for the sake of the survival of the Empire, personal glory and disgrace is not worth mentioning. Currently, the survival of the entire Empire depends on you!"

"Oh, have you said enough? Someone come and escort him out!"

Ramiro sneered, then bellowed!

"Your Majesty! What do you want?!"

The guards outside the door immediately pushed open the door and came to the audience room.

"Send Imperial Uncle back to his residence to rest, and don't allow him to leave without my order!"


With that, the 4 guards got up and made a gesture of invitation to Ross.

"Your Majesty, you can't make a big mistake like this!"

"I said send the Imperial Uncle back to his residence, what are you guys still dawdling for?"

Ramiro increased the volume of his voice, scaring the 4 guards. They immediately propped up Ross from both sides and dragged him outside!

Shortly after Ross was dragged away, a guard rushed in with quick steps, his face full of panic!

"Your Majesty, urgent military report!"


"Yes, this is an urgent report from the orbital monitoring station, a human fleet has appeared within the capital circle, numbering 65,000 warships!"

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