Chapter 23: Stone Bamboo Martial School.

It took about an hour or so for the four of them to arrive at Baixi Village.

After getting off at the bus stop near the village committee, they were quickly received by the village committee staff.

Although the four were not professional Beastmasters, as long as they could come to clear the Earthbound Rats, they were warmly welcomed by the Baixi Village.

Due to the time constraint, the four people did not have much courtesy, and went straight to the area of farmland and woods, which were the most affected by the infestation of Earthbound Rats.


In the endless farmland and woods, Shi Yu and the others were speechless.

Where would they start?

In fact, some of the less intelligent and weaker Earthbound Rats had already died out under the farmers' pesticides and the dogs and cats they kept to catch them.

So what they were going to eliminate were some of the higher Growth Level and relatively cunning Earthbound Rats.

These types of Earthbound Rats had strange movements, good at stealth, and also strong in combat which makes them hard to eliminate.

"Let's summon our Noble Beasts first." Shi Yu suggested.

If he wants to find the Earthbound Rats amidst this intricate environment, he can use Shiyi's Super Vision.


The four of them communicated with their Beast Space and summoned their Noble Beasts.

An Iron Eater appeared in front of Shi Yu and Zhuang Yue, Chen Kai had his Ice Armored Beast and Yu Jingjing had the snake-like Thorn Beast.

After summoning their Noble Beasts, Zhuang Yue's gaze was attracted to Shiyi.

Yesterday, she only saw Shiyi from a distance and she did not find much, but today under close viewing, she realized that Shi Yu's Iron Eater was simply perfect. Both in hair color and physique, all aspects appear to be very healthy.

"Shen Yu, is your Iron Eater also from the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center?"

"En." Shi Yu nodded.

The Iron Eaters in the entire Icefield City were more or less bred by the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center... including Zhuang Yue's as well.

However, Zhuang Yue's Iron Eater was obviously larger and a bit older than Shi Yu's. The two Iron Eaters should not be from the same batch of cubs.

Because they were not from the same batch of cubs, the two Iron Eaters do not seem to know each other. Shiyi simply glanced at the other before quickly withdrawing his eyes.

On the contrary, Chen Kai's Ice Armored Beast looked at Shiyi with fear the whole time, its body was about to melt.

"Wait, wait a minute."

"Shen Yu, you wouldn't be an apprentice of the Stone Bamboo Martial School, would you?" Zhuang Yue suddenly thought of something.

Shi Yu was so powerful that this seemed to be the only explanation.


Shi Yu shook his head.

The Stone Bamboo Martial School and the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center were one family.

The owner of the Martial School and the owner of the breeding center are the same person.

The Iron Bamboo Breeding Center was an Iron Eater breeding center, while the Stone Bamboo Martial School was a place that specialized in training Beastmasters who contracted with Iron Eaters.

The current owner of the Stone Bamboo Martial School is a Master Rank Beastmaster who breeds Iron Eaters.

His Iron Eater, in addition to mastering Harden, also mastered the power of lightning and fire, and has a very special breeding technique.

In Icefield City, if Beastmaster's were asked who was the best in cultivating Iron Eaters, they would definitely say that it was the Beastmaster of the Stone Bamboo Martial School.

Zhuang Yue suspected that Shi Yu was an apprentice of the Stone Bamboo Martial School because of his strength. Even if Shi Yu said that he was a personal disciple of the Stone Bamboo Martial School, she would probably believe it.

However, although Shi Yu and Stone Bamboo Martial School were not actually associated with each other, she will still ask for advice... 


"You aren't? I really thought you were a personal disciple of the Stone Bamboo Martial School..." Zhuang Yue laughed.

"Isn't the Beastmaster Stone Bamboo Martial School, Beastmaster Lin, the strongest in Pingcheng right now?" Chen Kai asked.

The Beastmaster ranks such as the Trainee Beastmaster, Professional Beastmaster and Master Rank Beastmaster are each divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced. The Beastmaster Lin that Chen Kai spoke of is a Master Rank Beastmaster.


Such strength ranked high even in the entire Icefield City.

"I don't know if Beastmaster Lin is the most powerful, but his daughter seems to be the youngest Professional Beastmaster in Pingcheng." Yu Jingjing said.

"She passed the career test at the age of 18, and then I later heard that she entered one of the nine colleges to study. Now, she should have also graduated… though I do not know what rank she has reached."

"You're behind the news Jing. Lin Xiuzhu later chose to become a breeder and she has returned to Pingcheng. She even helped me select my Iron Eater." Zhuang Yue continued, "Sister Xiuzhu said she studied this major to study whether Iron Eaters have the possibility of evolving again, but I do not know if she succeeded..."

"But I think it's still too difficult... Beastmaster Lin has bred Iron Eaters all his life without finding the possibility of Iron Eaters evolving again. I guess Iron Eaters are only so."

"Moreover, even if there is a possibility, it has nothing to do with us..."

The Iron Eater in front of Zhuang Yue dozed off without a care in the world.

"Stop chatting... I found an Earthbound Rat." Shi Yu said.

As the others chatted, Shi Yu used Shiyi's Super Vision and found an Earthbound Rat.

As for their discussion on whether Iron Eaters can evolve or not or whatever, he doesn't care in the slightest, it's fine the way it is now.

After being notified by Shiyi, Shi Yu followed his gaze and looked over.

Somewhere in the corner of the farmland was a giant rat with a length of about 30cm. It had no hair and its body had an earth-like texture with stones all around and was currently picking red fruits.

"Over there."

Shi Yu pointed and the other three looked over as well.

"Judging from the size, it's about Level 4. It's alone and shouldn't be a big threat. The hard part is how to eliminate it before it reacts and escapes!" Chen Kai said.

"The manual says that Earthbound Rats are very alert and more sensitive to temperature than sound and light. The Iron Eater and Ice Armored Beast's will certainly affect the temperature and will alert it..." Yu Jingjing continued: "I'll first let my Thorn Beast disguise as a plant and approach it to see if I can directly Entangle it."

"However, I don't know if the thorns of my Thorn Beast can have an effect on its earth-shell body so when the time comes, you guys follow."

The other three all agreed to this strategy, and under Yu Jingjing's orders, her Thorn Beast began to disguise itself as a plant and slowly crawled across the ground.

The Thorn Beast resembled a plant, after all, it was plant life itself, and the Earthbound Rat didn't notice it at all. In the eyes of the Earthbound Rat, such plants were nothing but food.

But advanced hunters often appear in the form of prey...

At the same time, Shiyi and the Ice Armored Beast also began to prepare for the hunt.

Only Zhuang Yue's Iron Eater was still confused… It stared at where the Earthbound Rat was but it could not see!

Normal Iron Eaters were like this, after all, the Earthbound Rat had a camo color.

Soon, the Thorn Beast arrived near the Earthbound Rat and it extended its thorns full of spikes, targeting it!


The Thorn Beast sent out a deadly strike but since it was able to grow to Level 4 in this environment, in the nick of time, the Earthbound Rat sensed the danger and fled–


It turned its head and ran. It was very fast and successfully evaded the attack.

Generally speaking, when Earthbound Rats come out and feed, they will dig a hole in advance and use it to escape. 

If they escape on the spot without the tunnel, their speed was actually not very fast and were easy to be caught. That's why they use this emergency route.

The Thorn Beast who failed its ambush, no longer sneaked around and more thorns grew all over its body which flew towards the Earthbound Rat, restricting it.


At the same time, Shiyi and the Ice Armored Beast also exploded with full force.

"Don't let it run away."

Chen Kai shouted. The Ice Armored Beast was also good at digging holes. If given enough time, it can even chisel through an iceberg.

So even if the Earthbound Rat did succeed in vanishing into the ground, it was not impossible to catch it.

Of course, the best case scenario was still to kill the Earthbound Rat before it approaches the hole.

However... The Ice Armored Beast was still a step too slow.

The Earthbound Rat managed to reach the entrance of the hole.

But just when the Earthbound Rat was ecstatic and was about to go in, Shiyi, who was much faster than the Ice Armored Beast, intercepted it.

In the previous sparring match, Shiyi had defeated the Ice Armored Beast in seconds without even moving, but that didn't mean that his burst speed was inferior to the Ice Armored Beast...


As soon as Shiyi started running, he quickly surpassed the Ice Armored Beast and caught up with the Earthbound Rat. He leapt up and hardened his paw, slamming the hole where the Earthbound Rat was about to burrow into.

As if a huge steel fell from the sky, a huge impact along with dust and dust clouds rose. The ground now had a large pit.

With Super Vision and his explosive power combined, he feels more flexible than yesterday. Being ahead of the Thorn Beast and the Ice Armored Beast and discovering the hole's location first, Shiyi showed a proud expression.

Currently, the Earthbound Rat is stuck in place. Subsequently, it was quickly entangled by the Thorn Beast.

But currently, everyone's attention was at Shiyi next to the big pit.

What kind of power is this… How come it looked like pure metal was the one that dropped to the ground? The other three felt their scalps tingle. Wouldn't Shiyi be able to take care of a horde of Earthbound Rats?

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