Chapter 22: Super Vision.

When Shi Yu returned home, he began to whip up some dinner for Shiyi.

In the evening, after Shiyi ate his iron bamboo, Shi Yu also took two Bright God Capsules.

Immediately after that, Shi Yu called Shiyi over, intending to teach him a new skill.

"Shiyi, come here."

Shiyi, who had his fill, was preparing to celebrate today's victory, and his way of celebrating was to 'super double' train tonight.

There was food and drink already provided and he could just train as much as he wanted to. With strength, he was able to achieve an easy victory! This kind of life was very fulfilling.

The only not so pleasant thing was when Shi Yu uses the Skill Book, it makes Shiyi feel uneasy.

[Skill]: Super Vision

[Skill level]: Medium Order

[Introduction]: A Spirit Skill, consumes Spirit Power to strengthen vision.

[Status]: Teachable

Shi Yu taught Shiyi the Super Vision Skill.


Right after, Shiyi's heart "thumped".

He really wanted to say out loud that he wanted his strength to come from his own efforts ah~!

Shiyi: (°ー°〃)

Unfortunately, he can't say anything right now.

"I just taught you the Super Vision Skill. It will consume Spirit Power in order to activate it. Now, your vision should be strengthened, and you should also be able to have clear night vision."


Originally Eleven was torn of this 'undeserved' strength, however, after hearing that his vision had been strengthened and could even see at night, his expression gradually became solemn.


Shiyi rubbed his eyes and immediately ran out the door to look at the dark night. 

Then, he grew excited and began jumping up and down.


It's easier to train at night now!

The effort it owed before from obtaining this strength will be made up as he can now train overnight!

At the same time, the cooldown time of the Skill Book changed to "48 hours." Shi Yu was lying on his butt in bed, exhausted.

Tomorrow morning, he should be able to recover some strength.

Currently, what Shi Yu only wanted was for Shiyi to not smash the steel plate tonight and let him have a good sleep!

It's better to save tonight's energy for tomorrow's mission.


Not far from the Pingcheng Beastmaster Association, in a luxury neighborhood in a certain home.

Chen Kai, who had returned home, was just about to call some people in his class to go do the mission together tomorrow when a private chat suddenly popped up in his chat app.

[Zhuang Yue]: I saw you in the afternoon in the Battle Arena.

[Chen Kai]: ????

[Chen Kai]: What did you see?

[Zhuang Yue]: I have seen everything.

The corners of Chen Kai's mouth twitched as he held his phone.

At this moment, Zhuang Yue's face with glasses suddenly appeared in Chen Kai's mind. He felt his blood rush.

She saw it? Isn't that not the same as all the girls in class knowing what happened? And in turn, the entire class will know that he was defeated by a passerby.

[Zhuang Yue]: Do you know the Iron Eater's Beastmaster?

[Chen Kai]: Why? Do you want to ask him about his experience in raising Iron Eaters?

[Zhuang Yue]: Well, he walked too fast yesterday and I couldn't keep up.

[Chen Kai]: ...... Then you're asking the right person, we're doing a mission of Earthbound Rats tomorrow. We need four people and are missing two, you down? You should also find a Beastmaster that has a Noble Beast with control skills, we already have enough damage output.


The next day.

At the Beastmaster Association's mission hall.

Shi Yu arrived early, but Chen Kai was even earlier than him.

"Uh, you didn't sleep well yesterday?"

Chen Kai asked suspiciously after noticing that Shi Yu had yawned all the way over.

"Yes, I didn't have a good rest, but it's okay."

Although last night, Shiyi was considerate and didn't make a ruckus, the after-effects of teaching a Middle Order Skill was still big...

However, the current state of Shi Yu was acceptable. After all, in his senior year, he was like this in the entire school year. He's long gotten used to it.


This much was not enough to break his morale.

"What about the people you brought?" Shi Yu asked immediately after.

Chen Kai: "They have not arrived yet... But they should be here soon."

After the two waited for a while, the people Chen Kai invited also arrived.

It was two girls about the same age as him, both wearing sportswear.

One had a small round face, glasses, and rocked a single ponytail.

The other had a standard melon face and short student hair.

"Shi Yu, this is my classmate, Zhuang Yue."

"The other one is her friend, a Beastmaster from the Experimental Middle School, Yu Jingjing."

"Hello." Shi Yu nodded his head.

"Hello, Shen (God) Yu!" The two people said in unison.

Shi Yu: "......"

What kind of name is this? How awkward...

Chen Kai coughed dryly and said, "Both of them passed by the Battle Arena yesterday and saw us sparring..."

"Well, let's get familiar with each other first." Chen Kai did not want to mention much about yesterday's battle and quickly changed the subject.


"My Noble Beast is a Level 6 Ice Armored Beast with proficient level Ice Shattering Claws and Ice Armor."

"My Noble Beast is a Level 6 Iron Eater beast with beginner Harden." Zhuang Yue said.

After saying that, she glanced at Shi Yu... After all, her beginner Harden was unimpressive compared to Shi Yu's mastered level Harden.

"My Noble Beast is a Level 6 Thorn Beast with proficient level Tangle." Yu Jingjing said.

The Thorn Beast was a Wood Type Noble Beast. It looked similar to a snake and was covered with long thorns. It can freely control the thorns and the prey captured were either maimed or killed.


"My Noble Beast is a Level 5 Iron Eater with mastered level Harden."

Shi Yu also followed and introduced himself. But as his words sounded, the other three choked.

That's because this Growth Level and Skill Proficiency Level was not proportional!

"This is too exaggerated." Zhuang Yue couldn't help but say.

Shi Yu didn't mind. As long as they saw Shiyi's level of diligence, they would be able to understand...

Shi Yu looked forward to the expressions of these three having their outlooks shattered when they see Shiyi's all day training.

"You guys grab the time to register for the mission first."

"We'll leave at eight o'clock sharp." Chen Kai said.

Eight o'clock in the morning.

The group got on the bus on time and prepared to go to the countryside around Kiping City.

The place they were going to was named Baixi Village, which belonged to the jurisdiction of Yuan'an Town, Pingcheng District, Icefield City, and was a relatively economically backward village and town.

With the agriculture there, the presence of beasts such as the Wind Locusts and Earthbound Rats was a big headache.

In the car, being idle, the group of four was chatting amongst each other. Chen Kai was the first to ask Shi Yu.

"I forgot to ask yesterday, but you said you have graduated. Are you a sparring major Beastmaster?"

Sparring major?

Zhuang Yue and Yu Jingjing beside them were shocked by the news.  

Could this be the reason why he's so strong?

"No, I'm a breeding major." Shi Yu calmly replied.

Compared with combat, breeding Noble Beasts was his strong point. Fighting and killing was crude while nurturing was the kingly way! 

The other three were silent.

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