Chapter 21: Eliminating The Earthbound Rats.

Although there were many missions, there didn't seem to be many that were suitable for Shiyi.

The missions here were just people wanting to find Beastmasters at a low price.


For example, the one regarding capturing a live Wind Locust was a mission commissioned by a hotel and issued through the Beastmaster Association.

Wind Locusts were Noble Beasts that's considered as agricultural pests, and hot food for the table.

Compared to buying live Wind Locusts directly from the farm, it was more affordable for them to buy in the form of a mission.

The only drawback through this sneaky business method was that the efficiency would be slower. But then again, it was obviously not like a time-limited emergency mission, so time was not an issue.


It was actually quite troublesome to capture the flying Wind Locusts. These guys were not much stronger than Cotton Worms, but they are very flexible, and their Racial Skill called Wind Wings grants them a fast mobility.

After looking around, if it wasn't for the fact that Shiyi can't fly and it's really difficult to carry out this mission, Shi Yu would've chosen this mission.

In that battle just now, although the victory came relatively easy, Shi Yu nonetheless gained some insight.

The Ice Armored Beast's attack was fast. Shiyi, who had no actual combat experience, could only subconsciously harden his whole body and defend.


But there was actually another option that could've been done at the time, which was to judge the location of the opponent's attack and only partially defend.

In this way, Shiyi could save a lot of strength and energy.

Although the mastered level Harden allows Shiyi to fight with full body harden without any problem, winning at the smallest cost represents the Noble Beast's combat ability.

"Perhaps the next skill I should teach Shiyi is Super Vision."

Although Shiyi's burst speed is fast, his reaction speed and vision were a bit lacking.

Shi Yu felt that he could see better than Shiyi even with sunglasses on.

With this innate racial defect of Iron Eaters, Shiyi wasn't able to accurately determine the location of the enemy's attack in the battle just now and could only harden his whole body.

But if Shiyi is taught with Super Vision, this problem can be greatly improved. In a battle, Shiyi would now be able to effectively see the enemy's attack.

And missions like capturing the flexible Wind Locust was a relatively good training method to train Super Vision and Shiyi's reaction ability.

"Actually, this mission about eliminating Earthbound Rats is also a good option..."

Since Shiyi couldn't fly, Shi Yu looked at another mission.

The Earthbound Rat was also a bottom level Noble Beast. Its Racial Skill was Earth Travel. It is good at underground escape but as for it's combat power, it is at most comparable to wild dogs. An adult with a weapon would be able to handle it.

But the problem with this Noble Beast was that they breed too fast. They have huge numbers and move quickly. They tend to work as a team when in danger, and their threat cannot be judged by their normal Growth Level.

The good thing was that unless they encountered a desperate situation, the first choice of Earthbound Rats if they encountered other creatures was to escape. Otherwise, the impact they would cause would be great if they really banded together.

But even so, this creature was worse than the Wind Locust. It was listed as one of the most annoying pests. They were very active, hungry and rampant, always scavenging for food everywhere.

Not only do they steal food and gnaw on crops, but with their Racial Skill, they can also cause damage to buildings.

Their number may be relatively small in the city, but in some of the countryside, Earthbound Rats were huge in number. They were very difficult to remove and caused a lot of headaches.

The mission to remove the Earthbound Rats was jointly issued by several towns in the Pingcheng District, and was also a long-term mission. Almost every day, there would be a group of Beastmasters that would go to the countryside and eliminate the pests.

Eliminating the Earthbound Rats was not necessarily easier than catching live Wind Locusts, but it can train Shiyi's reflexes.

This reminded Shi Yu of a game...

Smack the gopher!

If you spot an Earthbound Rat, you must finish it off before it can vanish back into the ground. Isn't that the same as the gopher game?

In this mission, one will be paid according to the number of Earthbound Rats eliminated. The pay was not as generous as catching Wind Locusts.

Shi Yu suspects that the main reason behind this pricing was because the Earthbound Rats' body structure was the same as lumps of earth. No one wanted to eat it and it was less valuable hence it was so cheap...

"Taking Shiyi to train his reaction speed for a few days is also good."

"The hardening training should be out on to an end for now, the Proficiency Level of Harden is also enough."

In cultivating Noble Beasts, you have to do it comprehensively!

After deciding to take up the mission of eliminating the Earthbound Rats, Shi Yu, who had his identification, was ready to go and register.

While he was standing in line, he felt that the person in front of him looked familiar.

As if the Beastmaster in front of him also felt something, he subconsciously turned back, and then saw the smiling Shi Yu.

"What a coincidence!"

"Has the Ice Armored Beast recovered?"

This person was actually the top student that Shi Yu and Shiyi just crushed, Chen Kai.

At this moment, Chen Kai's face instantly darkened after seeing Shi Yu.

"It recovered." He replied unhappily.

"Are you here to do the mission too?" Shi Yu asked.

Chen Kai nodded his head.

After the Ice Armored Beast's injury was treated by the Beastmaster who mastered a Healing Type Skill in the Battle Arena, the more he thought about losing the sparring match, the heavier he felt.

With that, Chen Kai decided to rise to the occasion and take advantage of the weekend to take a mission to train himself. So he took a taxi to this place and was one step ahead of Shi Yu who could not afford to take a taxi.

"You too, what mission do you plan to take?" Chen Kai asked after nodding his head.

He wanted to know what a "

He wanted to know what kind of training and mission a "master" like Shi Yu was taking, so that he might have some reference.


"eliminating some Earthbound Rats." Shi Yu said.

"You alone?" Chen Kai was stunned.

Shi Yu nodded his head.

"Is there any problem?"

"No… But generally speaking, this mission is more suitable for several people to team up, because Earthbound Rats are too cunning, and teamwork is often easier to clear them on a large scale."

"Unless you want to team up? I also took this mission as well." Chen Kai asked.


Shi Yu: ?

What's wrong with this guy?

It's not like I'm a pretty girl, and I literally just abused him moments ago, so why is he so eager to team up with me?


"Wouldn't there be no difference between one person or two people?"

"I can call two classmates, that way we have someone in charge of control, pulling aggro and dealing damage. It will be more efficient."

Shi Yu: "......"

Are you trying to fight a BOSS?

Shi Yu thought for a while. There was no threat to a few Earthbound Rats, but if their number gets large, it would indeed be a bit difficult to deal with them by himself.

Well, a group seems to be a good choice. Also, he can't be as reserved as before like when he was in the breeding center.

"Alright." Shi Yu nodded and said, "Then let's take this mission together."

"Good, then I'll call two of my classmates tonight and make a standard four-person squad." Chen Kai smiled.

If it was another person of his age, he wouldn't be so eager to team up with someone who beat him. Moreover, Chen Kai also wanted to see further how Shi Yu actually trained his Noble Beast.

A lazy Iron Eater… How did Shi Yu train such a beast?

After the two other students agreed, they decided to meet here tomorrow morning.

After this, Shi Yu didn't stay out for long. On his way home, he headed to the Hundred Herb Hall Pharmacy again, intending to replenish his supplements.

"It's you again?" Inside the pharmacy, the young doctor wore an odd expression after seeing Shi Yu.

In just this half a month, Shi Yu had already come for the third time.

What the hĂȘll is this person doing every day? 

"Ahem, the amount of training and fighting is taxing, plus I have always had poor health since I was a child, so..." Shi Yu explained.

The young doctor expressed his understanding and sympathy, and then gave the supplements to Shi Yu. At this time, Shi Yu was considering whether it was time to change pharmacy, otherwise, it might get troublesome. 

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