Chapter 20: Beastmaster Association.

After the battle, Shi Yu looked at the referee Shiraishi and wondered if he was just a temporary referee. Freezing before trying to announce the results was very unprofessional.

Quickly announce it aiii~ The Ice Armored Beast's Beastmaster still needs to heal it. 


"The Ice Armored Beast lost its ability to fight, the winner is Shi Yu!"

Referee Shiraishi finally reacted and announced in a hurry.

"You won!"

After the referee announced the result, Shi Yu immediately called Shiyi to his side and started patting him on the head to show his (Shi Yu) encouragement.

Although there were rumors that being touched on the head makes you unable to grow taller, Shi Yu still patted, mainly because it felt really good.


Shiyi shook his head and squealed before being summoned back by Shi Yu to the Beast Space.

On the other side, Chen Kai also retrieved his Noble Beast. His expression was gloomy. He walked over to Shi Yu and asked, "Are you a Beastmaster from Pingcheng?"

"Are you a student... or?" He wanted to understand how he lost. 


"Yes, I am from Pingcheng. I just graduated this year, but I went to school in Icefield City." Shi Yu faintly smiled, understanding that the other party was trying to find justification.

After he said this, Chen Kai froze. At this time, Referee Shiraishi also came.

Pingcheng District is a suburb belonging to Icefield City, its level of education was naturally not as good as the city.

Some students who have excellent grades will desperately try to go to the city for better educational resources.


So although Chen Kai was considered a relatively good student in Pingcheng, compared with students in the city, he is not necessarily better.

This time, Chen Kai finally knew why he lost so badly. But, the gap was still hard for him to understand.

He guessed that even in the city, Shi Yu was among the most outstanding group of young Beastmasters.

In a sense, Chen Kai's guess was correct.

Shi Yu was actually good at school.

Even among the key schools in Iceplain City, his results were top level and his written test scores were very good.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to study in the city and go to the Icefield City Breeding Center for his internship.

Studying to be a Beastmaster was actually very troublesome because you need to memorize tens of thousands of common Noble Beast races, appearance, skills, etc. It was enough for the average student to struggle till they grovel on the ground.

Not to mention that this was just the basics. From the appearance of the Noble Beast, inferring its Growth Level, the weaknesses of different Noble Beasts, it's habits and food preferences were another chunk of content that you have to learn.

Whenever Shi Yu sees a new Noble Beast, his mind will involuntarily recall the relevant information. This was in line with his academic persona.

It can be said that if Shi Yu was not dirt poor and other certain conditions that he could not meet, with his grades, he could certainly continue to go to a more advanced school to further study rather than going to internship right after graduation.

The vast majority of students can enter society at the age of 18 such as Shi Yu. They could also take the Professional Beastmaster Exam, Professional Breeder Exam, etc. These were somewhat the alternatives of this world to college entrance examinations. It requires graduates of various disciplines to apply independently.

After passing these exams, not only can it land you a more comfortable job, it's also equivalent to having an opportunity to enter a more advanced academic institution, which is why Shi Yu wanted a certificate as a Professional Beastmaster, Professional Breeder and other exams.

Without a professional certificate, one could even barely raise a Noble Beast. 


"There's nothing more, right? Then I'll go first."

Shi Yu said to Chen Kai and Shiraishi, before leaving.

"Oh..." Chen Kai nodded blankly.

Chen Kai always felt that something was wrong...

"It's not right, I'm also a prospective graduate of this year's class, isn't there still a month before graduation?" Chen Kai suddenly thought.

Why did Shi Yu say he had just graduated?

"The graduation he mentioned is the graduation for the sparring majors, student referees, medical and nursing, and breeding majors. They will graduate earlier due to arrangements such as internship jobs." Referee Shiraishi added.

Chen Kai: ????

Chen Kai looked at Shi Yu's back as he left with a thought floating in his mind, Shi Yu isn't a sparring major student, is he?

"Student Chen Kai, don't you need to take your Ice Armored Beast to the infirmary? In addition, you engaged in a betting match so after that please pay the venue usage fee for two people."

Chen Kai had a headache: "I'll go to the infirmary first."

The Beast Space not only has the effect of promoting growth, it also helps slow down the worsening of the injury of the Noble Beast and help the Beast recover. If the Beast Space' level was high enough, it could even accelerate the healing of injuries.

And other than those with Talent related to medicine, under normal circumstances, the recovery speed of the Beast Space was just too slow. It can only relieve the pain, hence it's better to go have it treated by the infirmary or doctor. 



After leaving the Battle Arena, Shi Yu felt a little bored.

He might have underestimated the increase in battle power brought about by the mastered level Harden… It seems that unless he participates in the group battles between Level 7 and Level 10 in the Battle Arena, it will be difficult to find an opponent.

Before leaving, Shi Yu asked about this but the Beastmaster can only choose the group according to his Noble Beast's Growth Level. One cannot freely choose across levels because the opponent also does not necessarily want to fight someone weaker than himself.

Unless, Shi Yu brought his own opponent to the arena to rent the venue. But the problem was that Shi Yu simply has nowhere to go to find an opponent... he does not know anyone.

"Forget it, let's go to the Beastmaster Association to see first."

Because the battle ended faster than expected, Shi Yu felt no need to waste time in the Battle Arena, so he decided to go elsewhere to find the next suitable place for their (actual) battle training.


After some time, Shi Yu arrived in the Beastmaster Association in Pingcheng District.


This was a huge complex, located in the center of the district. At the center of the complex was a thirteen-story building of considerable size.

Shi Yu had already come here for various procedures and it was not his first time, so he immediately found his target – the mission hall – with ease.

The Beastmaster Association allows one to receive and issue mission bounties where Beastmasters can receive some missions and get paid after completion.

These tasks were carefully selected by the Beastmaster Association to prepare the Trainee Beastmasters. In a way, these tasks can exercise the various skills of the Beastmaster.

The nature of the field training (the one out in the wild) held every three months for Trainee Beastmasters by the Beastmaster Association was the same. In fact, it was a way to train local Trainee Beastmasters.

No matter which city, they all hope to increase the number of professional Beastmasters in their respective cities. To cultivate strong Beastmasters, they issue missions, expositions, etc. to lay foundations to the Trainees.


Shi Yu didn't want to come here at the beginning because the missions of the Beastmaster Association below the Awakened Level were mainly to train the Beastmaster and the Noble Beast. The core point was to provide a place for training, which was common, tiring and cheap. If that same amount of time was put into making Shi Yu work in construction, they will probably make more money than here...


But currently, Shi Yu was not seeking a way to make money. He purely came here to see from the missions and if he can find something related to combat.

Even if there were no combat missions, there were some other tasks suitable for training Shiyi's physique and mentality. Shi Yu just can't always let Shiyi train at home.   

Constantly jumping every day, sooner or later, Shiyi will develop some mental illness. 

More exposure to the outside world was beneficial. When he brought Shiyi out this time, Shi Yu could clearly feel that Shiyi was very happy.

[One Star Mission]: Catch Stray Cats

[Mission Introduction]: Recently, an organized and large group of thieving stray cats was discovered in the district...

Inside the mission hall, Shi Yu, who was standing in front of the mission bar, wore a confused expression.


Stray cats also have an organization?

Well, considering that the intelligence of some Noble Beast was not low, there was really a possibility that there was an organization.

What are they stealing? Seafood, cat food…? That's fine I guess.

[One Star Mission]: Sparring Companion.

[Mission Introduction]: Looking for a Wind Element Noble Beast that is Level 6 or higher as a sparring partner....

This mission pay was fine... But unfortunately Shiyi was not of the Wind Element.


[One Star Mission]: Wilderness Escort

[One Star Mission]: Capture Wind Locust Alive

[One Star Mission]: Eliminating Earthbound Rats…

Shi Yi carefully studied the numerous missions.

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