Chapter 17: Actual Combat.

For a Noble Beast, there were only these three ways to grow.

Food, training, and combat!

It was easiest to take in nutrients through food and transform them into the substances needed for growth.

Training was a little tougher, but through training, one can hone one's Racial Skills to a higher level, thus promoting growth.

Combat was the most dangerous. It especially needed the mind, will and soul to be highly concentrated in a life and death battle. This was also the greatest training for Noble Beasts as high-intensity battles while using their skills brings not only growth but also experience. Basic training cannot compare to it.

If you want to train a powerful Noble Beast, adequate and nutritious food, reasonable training and appropriate combat training is needed. All three were indispensable!

At present, Shi Yu intends to take Shiyi to an evenly matched battle. Of course, not in a life and death battle, but in a formal establishment where there are rules and the Noble Beasts were under the restrictions.

At this stage, he and Shiyi had not yet been exposed to a life and death level of combat, and the city does not have that kind of place for them to carry out life and death training.

Even if there is, Shi Yu would not be so bored to seek death. He was a normal person, not to mention that he has a Skill Book, so isn't steady development better?

Regarding the places where there was a life and death level of danger... He will never go.

That afternoon, Shi Yu recalled Shiyi back to the Beast Space and went out.

For a well-developed city, there are several key places that are essential.

For example, the administrative unit of Beastmasters, the Beastmasters Association.

And another example was the Noble Beast Corps which was stationed at the edge of the city and protects it.

There were also places like schools, breeding centers, dojo, and martial arts schools, which were available in every city.

In addition, it was essential to have a battle arena for Beastmasters to fight and practice.

This is the only place in the city where Beastmasters can fight with each other, and it is one of the options for Shi Yu to find an opponent to fight with.

He could also go to the wilderness and look for more powerful beasts, but that would be a bit dangerous, and considering that he and Shiyi were not yet full level, Shi Yu gave up this option for now.

However, to become a professional Beastmaster, wilderness survival skills are a must.

As far as Shi Yu knows, in the professional Beastmaster's assessment, in addition to the basic test and practical test, there would also be a wilderness survival test.

If you want to get a certificate, it is difficult to avoid going to the wilderness... Well, in the end, they are still too weak at the moment. If there isn't any danger, then there won't be any need to be afraid.


If Shi Yu is not mistaken, the Beastmaster Association regularly organizes wilderness training for Trainee Beastmasters. Trainee Beastmasters can sign up on their own.

In this kind of activity, high level Noble Beasts in the training area are cleared, there are also high level Beastmasters and rescue teams in the back to deal with unexpected dangers.

If he does decide to go to the wilderness for training, Shi Yu thinks that being with a group is a good choice, at least it is safer in terms of security.

Although it is said to be a self-funded registration so he has to spend money… But if he can harvest some rare materials in the wilderness and copy some rare skills, then he may not eat a big loss.

Soon, Shi Yu came to a battle arena far away from his home.

Pingcheng City has a population of 130,000 people, and the number of Beastmasters accounts for a lot of them, with Trainee Beastmasters accounting for an even higher percentage among Beastmasters.

Although there are not many Professional Beastmasters, Trainee Beastmasters are numerous so the number of battle arenas are very large.


Pingcheng Battle Arena, Yuyang Road Branch.

"Hello, welcome."

When Shi Yu entered the arena, a young female receptionist at the side reception desk welcomed him with a smile.

Following the voice, Shi Yu looked around and saw that there were four reception desks in total, and only the receptionist who just greeted him was currently not handling some business.

The other front desks were working with Beastmasters of varying ages on registration. There were more people here than Shi Yu had expected.


Shi Yu immediately said back and walked up.

The receptionist looked at Shi Yu and asked, "May I help you?"

Shi Yu said, "I want to have a sparring match, but it's my first time here so can you give me a brief introduction?"

The receptionist nodded with a smile and said, "Our sparring arena provides a place for battles below the Awakened Level, where you can choose to engage in an arranged battle or a random battle."

"An arranged battle is where you make an appointment in advance with a sparring partner, we only provide services in terms of venue, referee, and medical care."

"Random battles, on the other hand, will require you to fill in your basic information, and we will randomly select an opponent for you and provide other services."

"Among them, the random battles are divided into two groups, below Level 6 and from Level 7 to 10, according to the level of your Noble Beast, and we will randomly match your opponent within the appropriate level."

"Regardless of the mode, the cost of using the arena for one battle is 100 yuan per person."

100 yuan?

Shi Yu's pocket hurts!

100 yuan for a battle! So expensive! With 100 yuan, he could live for 3 days!

However, thinking about the venue maintenance fees, referee fees and even medical fees, this price seems reasonable. If this kind of venue is not officially supported, then the price charged might've been more expensive.

"Oh yes, there are also betting battles." The receptionist added.

"The two opposing sides can bet before the battle, and the losing side will pay for the use of the arena by both sides, which means that the person who loses the battle needs to pay 200 yuan while the victor is free of charge."


"I choose a random betting battle, the Noble Beast Level range is below Level 6." Shi Yu immediately selected.

The current Growth Level of Shiyi is at Level 5 Awakening and has a mastered level Harden. He even has Fast Heal! Even if the opponent is a Level 6 High Noble Beast, they will not necessarily lose.

In order to save money, he can only be sorry for the opponent, as for the case that they will lose…

He awakened two Talents, if he can not win against the same level of opponents, he can just go and kîll himself!

"Okay, then this way please fill out the form..." The receptionist handed over a form and instructed.

Shi Yu first took a look at it before picking up the pen next to him and filling it out.

Name, ID number, Noble Beast type, Noble Beast Growth Level, these four items were basically the key information that needed to be filled out.

As for other information, there were some options, such as checking if you wanted a random battle and making sure that he was choosing a betting battle...

After filling it all out, Shi Yu handed the form back. At the same time, Shi Yu could not help but ask: "If I may ask, in the betting battles, can you add extra bets?"

Since he's already betting, why not add a little more?

If Pokémon trainers can make money when they win a battle, Beastmasters should be able to do the same, right?

"Sorry, this is beyond the scope of our business."

Shi Yu: "......"

Well, this is one less way to make money.

Next, according to the information filled out by Shi Yu, this young receptionist began to input information on the big-âss computer in front of her.

At the same time, she said, "You can wait in the lobby for a while, and when a suitable opponent is matched, the lobby screen will display your name and the room number of the match."

"Okay, thanks." Shi Yu nodded, then walked towards the chairs in the lobby and sat down to wait for a match.


Meanwhile, a boy wearing a blue and white school uniform and glasses was also registering his information at the front desk.

Name: Chen Kai

Noble Beast Type: Ice Armored Beast

Noble Beast Level: Level 6 Awakening

Matchmaking mode: Random Betting Battle

After filling out the information, the boy felt excited in his heart.

As the top student in his class, he felt that his classmates were too weak to give him any pressure at all.

He needs pressure!

Hence, he chose to come to the battle arena where there is no age limit, only level limit, hoping that some Trainee Beastmaster will appear and exchange some pointers with him.

But despite having said that.... Chen Kai felt that it was hard for him to lose.

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