Chapter 16: Mastered Level.

On July 7, 177th Year of the Alliance Calendar. Three and a half months had passed since Shi Yu came to this world, and it had been four days since he became a Beastmaster.

On the first day, Shi Yu's contracted Noble Beast, Iron Eater Shiyi, awakened the Harden Skill and ushered in its first victory over the most common Noble Beast, the Green Cotton Worm.

On the second day, Shi Yu used the Skill Book to raise Shiyi's beginner Harden to proficient level.

On the third day, Shiyi started training the Harden Skill on a daily basis.

On the fourth day, Shiyi reached Level 4 Awakening and through the Skill Book, he learned the Middle Order Skill Fast Healing. He also started the Falling Training Method...

The Falling Training Method was a good training method. If the steel plate at the landing point was not broken, it means that Shiyi's hardening strength was not yet sufficient and needed more practice.

If the steel plate is broken, it means that the training is finally bearing its fruits. Not to mention that there was no need to worry about the broken steel plate being wasted, because it can still be fed to Shiyi as food.

By that time, Shiyi should have the ability to gnaw and digest metal.

So, Shi Yu not only bought training equipment, he also bought spare food for Shiyi. Such a cost-effective method was too genius! Even Shi Yu felt awed by his own wisdom.

On the fifth and sixth day, Shi Yu began to nurture his body. He recovered from the weakness brought about by teaching the Fast Heal Skill.

In these two days, Shiyi's food consumption doubled. With the frequent use of two skills, Shiyi consumes a lot of energy. He also utilized the Beast Space more to rapidly digest the nutrients in his food.

On the seventh day, a week after becoming a Beastmaster, Shi Yu amazingly discovered that the consumption brought about by using the Skill Book was not the only purely all bad and weakness, there were also hidden benefits!

As long as the nutrition kept up, whenever he recuperated, his physique would slightly improve as well. It was as if the exertion brought about by using the Skill Book was equal to the exertion brought about by working out.

This discovery made Shi Yu feel that maybe, frequently using the Skill Book wasn't so bad after all. 


On the same day, Shi Yu used the Skill Book again and taught Shiyi the Harden Skill.

After this round of teaching, Shiyi's proficiency of the Harden Skill did not reach the mastered level, but Shiyi was much more proficient in using Harden.

At this time, Shiyi was already skilled in using it in various states. With a thought, he can harden multiple parts of his body without affecting his movement.

This improvement made Shiyi uneasy and he began training even more vigorously. For the first time, the steel plate finally had clear marks.

On the eighth day, Shi Yu recuperated.

On the ninth day, Shi Yu continued teaching Shiyi the Harden Skill. This time, Shiyi's Harden Skill Proficiency reached the mastered level.

In the mastered level, Iron Eaters can fight extremely smoothly without having their movement being affected by the full body hardening!

After his skill proficiency got raised, Shiyi's Growth Level also went up, getting a boost and reaching Level 5 Awakening.

Shiyi: ?·°(???﹏???)°·?  I don't get what's happening!

The uneasiness in Shiyi's heart intensified, and the marks in the alloy steel plate became deeper.

"If we say that the proficient level Harden requires the Iron Eater to train hard for nearly a month under superior training conditions..."

"Then the mastered level of Harden requires the Iron Eater to train hard for nearly a year under superior training conditions."

But right now, it only took them a week to accomplish such an achievement!

In the courtyard, Shi Yu was leaning back in his chair as he analyzed Shiyi's growth. He felt more and more that his path in becoming a professional Beastmaster is steadily advancing.

Both his and Shiyi's future is secured!


The tenth day was spent on rest and recuperation.

Next, Shi Yu did not use the Skill Book to continue increasing Shiyi's Harden Skill Proficiency.

From beginner to proficient, one teaching was enough. From proficient to mastered, it took two... What about from mastered to perfected level?

The sign of a perfected level Harden is "flow".

The mastered level Harden can harden the entire body of the Iron Eater, while the perfected level Harden can make the hardened substance flow like a liquid on the body of the Iron Eater. It can form a stacking effect and achieve a stronger effect.

When an attack is needed, all of the hardened substance would flow to the sharp claws, forming a more powerful weapon for attacking.

When the Iron Eater needs to defend, all of the hardened substance will flow to the defensive body parts, stacking the thickest armor to take the lightest hits.

In essence, the efficiency of the use of power is increased. The Iron Eater is able to focus all its power on one point in order to pursue the ultimate output, defense.

Perfected level proficiency, for ordinary Noble Beasts, was already the peak in Skill Proficiency so upgrading it will definitely need more rounds of teaching... Hence, Shi Yu intends to first take the Green Cotton Worm to experiment, after all, the cooldown time of teaching the Cotton Worm was relatively short.

Moreover, in the last ten days, the Green Cotton Worm did not create Worm Silk… This matter can not be delayed.

On the eleventh day, Shi Yu took the birdcage down from the tree. The Green Cotton Worm inside felt the need to do something, so it calmly turned over and changed into a lying position.

When it was caught by Shi Yu at the beginning, it still had a little resistance, but now, after listening to the sound of Shiyi and steel plates colliding every day, it was no longer resisting.

Moreover, now, it does not have to do anything because eery day, Shi Yu would put food into the birdcage. It had such a perfect living environment!


In addition, Shi Yu wondered if it was because of it having low IQ but the Green Cotton Worm never showed any hostility to Shi Yu and was extraordinarily obedient.

On this day, Shi Yu taught the Green Cotton Worm Worm Silk. After the teaching process was completed, the Green Cotton Worm reached Level 3 Awakening.

However, its Worm Silk proficiency should still be at the proficient level.

On the twelfth day, Shi Yu taught the Green Cotton Worm for the third time, and unsurprisingly, the Green Cotton Worm reached Level 4 Awakening.

The growth rate of the Insect Type Noble Beasts were really fast.

The strength of its Worm Silk was now comparable to that of a fishing line, and it can be used as flexibly like how a human would control his hands and feet.

For example, using the Worm Silk to make a knot was no longer a difficult thing to do for the Cotton Worm. It was clear that the Cotton Worm's Worm Silk Proficiency upgraded to the mastered level.

As he had seen in the hundreds of episodes of Conan, Shi Yu understands that power of the Worm Slik.

Although limited power, if compared to an adult using a fishing line, the Cotton Worm can use its World Skill leagues ahead!


Among others, it was undeniable that the quality of the Cotton Worm's Worm Silk is very good. Generally speaking, even a Cotton Worm at Level 10 Awakening and will soon enter its cocoon rarely reaches this Proficiency Level with their Worm Silk. 

When the time comes, not only can Shi Yu sell the Worm Silk, he can also sell the Wind Crystal Butterfly's crystal powder...

If the Worm Silk reaches the perfected level before the cocoon stage, or even higher, the phenomenon when evolving will only be more amazing.

Depending on the cultivation method, there may even be special evolution!

The total of twelve days of teaching his two Noble Beasts temporarily allowed Shi Yu to determine the effectiveness of the Skill Book.

If the Noble Beast did not master a skill before, after the first teaching is completed, the Noble Beast would learn the skill at the beginner level.

On the second teaching, the beginner level would upgrade to the proficient level.

On the fourth teaching, the proficient level would upgrade to mastered level.

Shi Yu intends to experiment and see how many rounds of teaching would it take for the mastered level Worm Silk to the perfected level.

But before that, they really have been at home for too long, Shi Yu intends to conduct the next practical battle.

Mastered level Harden, Level 5 Awakening, and a week of the falling training method, Shiyi's round of training this time should be considered to have reached perfect completion. His combat power absolutely can not be underestimated!

The time to test the results is here.

Shi Yu opened the birdcage and the Green Cotton Worm autonomously burrowed in. It felt much safer inside the cage than outside. At least, it does not have to worry about becoming the food of birds.

After a morning of rest, Shi Yu called Shiyi.

"Shiyi, pause training in the afternoon. You should rest well during that time and eat more. After that, we will do actual combat!"


Shiyi: ?ω? Actual Combat?!

Shiyi held the steel plate and began hitting it as if he was King Kong, his blood was boiling up!

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