Chapter 15: Career Branches.

Shiyi felt that his Beastmaster was a genius!

Could a normal person come up with such a miserable and crude way of training?

Shiyi was very much looking forward to training the hardening strength with this method.

However, anticipation is anticipation, he still has some worries.

This training method's degree of impact on the body is certainly not low. Not only does it sound very painful, he will definitely be injured...

If he gets injured, Shiyi doesn't really mind.

After all, if you don't get hurt in training, you will certainly get more serious injuries in battle.

It's all about paying in advance for a better future.

What he was worried about was that after being injured, if he does not get treatment in time, it may affect his training progress...


If that happens, his training efficiency will be reduced.

"You're really thoughtful."

Shi Yu eyelids twitched as he looked at the little Iron Eater.

He (Shiyi) will definitely win this year's selection of the world's top ten hardworking Noble Beasts on television.

"Do not worry, I also prepared healing skills, so you can rest assured in your training!"

If Shiyi was thoughtful, so was Shi Yu.

[Skill]: Fast Heal

[Skill level]: Medium Order

[Introduction]: Plant Type Healing Skill. Can accelerate the healing speed of ordinary injuries.

[Status]: Teachable

The first thing that Shi Yu did was to take two Bright God Capsules, and then with a magnificent expression, he pressed his right hand, which was suffused with white light, on the head of Shiyi.

The Skill Book cooldown time was cleared yesterday. After Shiyi reached Level 4, his physique and psyche had also improved a bit.

This made Shi Yu want to try teaching the Middle Order Healing Skill.

He'll have to teach it sooner or later, anyways.


Since the Skill Book shows that it was teachable, then theoretically, even if Shi Yu teaches the High Order Skill Intimidation, he should be fine.

At most, he'll just lie in bed for a few days...

The cooldown time of the Skill Book appeared again, this time it became "48 hours".

Though he doesn't care how long the cooldown was as long as he doesn't die from over consumption.

But the Iron Eater was actually able to learn Fast Heal!

It seems that the bamboo it eats, more or less increases its affinity to plants.

Perhaps this also means that the Iron Eater has the possibility of evolving in the Plant Type route?

A druid panda?

As far as Shi Yu knows, in addition to the Plant Attribute, Iron Eaters have the possibility of being able to master Lightning and Fire Attribute. There were Beastmasters in Pingcheng who specialize in breeding Iron Eaters to cultivate the relevant skills.

[T/N: Should we stick to Plant Type or is Wood Type better? Comment down below]

Guess he'll have to wait later. Maybe he can get to know more about it and as he teaches Shiyi skills.


At this moment, after the teaching process was completed, Shi Yu felt weak again. It was the kind of weakness that can not be relieved by taking Bright God Capsules.

This energy consumption was too big.

For the High Order Skill Absolute Sleep will have to wait after he'd exercised his body for a month. Otherwise something bad might really happen...

"Sooner or later, my physique will reach the point where I can PK an Iron Eater unarmed." In Shi Yu's heart, a big ambition bloomed.

At this time, as the energy transmitted to the little Iron Eater through the Skill Book continued to change his physique, the usage of Fast Heal gradually became clear in Shiyi's mind.


Shiyi immediately understood the effectiveness of the magical effects of the beginner level Fast Heal.

However, just like before, Shiyi was very confused in how his Beastmaster was able to teach him a skill that he had no prior idea of. 


This is... the ability to heal injuries?

Shiyi: Σ(っ°Д°;)っ

Shiyi looked at the weakened Shi Yu, and was overwhelmed.

This healing skill will solve the problem in the new training method.






Inside the room, Shi Yu was lying peacefully.

Outside, the sound of Shiyi colliding with the alloy steel plate was constantly heard as well as the heartbreaking screams of a certain Green Cotton Worm.

The Green Cotton Worm in the birdcage was greatly shocked after witnessing Shiyi's training method.

This family, what kind of freaks are they?

This family will not torture it like this afterwards, right?

In fact, not only was the Green Cotton Worm shocked, Shi Yu himself was also speechless.

Because Shiyi's will was really high...

Although this training method was his idea, Shi Yu feels afraid of it.

With this type of unyielding character, what kind of Noble Beast will Shiyi turn into 10 years later?


Shiyi: Even his Beastmaster was afraid of his training.jpg

In any case, the Harden Skill plus the Fast Heal will certainly increase energy consumption, and it will certainly increase the demand for nutrition.


Shi Yu intended to go shopping after testing. Just relying on the iron bamboo from the breeding center was not enough to last Shiyi a month.

Because he was too tired, Shi Yu rested in a daze, he did not fall asleep due to the great commotion outside.

This made Shi Yu ramble in the midst of his thoughts.

"I always feel that there's something missing...."

Although it has been three months since he came to this world, Shi Yu still feels empty, as if he was lacking something.

The career of a Beastmaster... It was quite intriguing and can enrich one's life.

His Iron Eater is also cute, but there's still this feeling… He really wants a cell phone!

It's so awkward to not have a cell phone in hand... He hasn't had access to the internet for three months!

Shi Yu became a bit restless.


If he has a phone, whether it is training equipment, food, or medicine, he would be able to buy it online and save him trouble.


Unlike now, he still has to make a trip outside.

It's not that this world is technologically backward, in fact, television, computers and phones all exist.

However, when Shi Yu was in school and his Trainee Period, he didn't use these things, so he did not waste his money to buy them.

Although he is currently still very poor, Shi Yu has made up his mind... He must buy a phone and other things!

He'll get the kind of super smartphone that also comes with detecting the energy level of the Noble Beast.

In a way, this world's technology was actually ahead of Earth.

Because not only animals and plants have evolved into Noble Beasts, machinery has evolved into Noble Beings in recent times, and artificial intelligence was highly developed in some countries.

In some places, there are even Beastmaster that have them as their contracted Noble Beast!

They prefer to call themselves mechanics rather than Beastmasters.

In fact, Beastmaster was just a generic name handed down from ancient times. In the course of history, according to the different types of Noble Beasts, many Beastmaster who specialize in contracting a certain type of Noble Beast, have long since found other names for themselves.

Those who specialize in taming and contracting dragons are Dragon Tamers, those who specialize in communicating and contracting the dead are Psychics, those who specialize in improving and contracting mechanical life are Mechanics... They all have different career names, but essentially, they are still Beastmasters.

But although the essence of the same, contempt would naturally be birthed because of the different names...

Among them... those who specialize in contracting the dead, the Psychics, were the least popular. After all, not many people were willing to deal with the undead.

Those who specialize in cultivating mechanical life have high IQs and we're highly intelligent. Its career threshold was also the highest, and there is a big gap in ordinary Beastmasters.


As for the Dragon Tamer, because dragons are powerful, they can basically say to all the other Beastmaster career branches that they are garbage.

Those who contracted common Noble Beasts were just ordinary Beastmasters… And they were the easiest to produce.

Regarding this career discrimination, Shi Yu was speechless. In his opinion, it was very childish and boring. Because as an ordinary Beastmaster, he was at the very core position of this contempt chain.

"The problem is not big, a Beastmaster is a Beastmaster... Based on Shiyi's training intensity, it wouldn't be too far-fetched that he'll be able to tear a dragon apart."

"After this round of training, I'll need to find a real combat target!"

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