Chapter 14: Training And Growth.


At noon, Shi Yu ate and drank enough to recover, and then opened the Skill Book.

[Cooldown time]: 24 Hours

In other words, he still had to rest for a day before the next round of skill teaching session.

Shi Yu felt that he still had to go out in the afternoon.

The main thing is that Shiyi was too disciplined, and he couldn't not train.


Since he likes to train so much then Shi Yu let him. There is no harm in doing so anyway. Shiyi's self-discipline is exactly what Shi Yu likes about him.

If it were a lazy and unmotivated Noble Beast, Shi Yu would not be willing to consume so much of his energy to teach it skills.

The Skill Book was convenient, but Shi Yi can not always rely on it, the Noble Beast should still have to do basic training.


This process is important for sharpening the mind, spirit and will.


However, if you're going to train, you have to do it in the most bang for your buck. Shi Yu must improve the efficiency of the training, otherwise it is useless. Hence, he intends to find some training equipment for Shiyi.

"Training equipment for Noble Beasts doesn't seem to be cheap..."

"I have to find something that is cost-effective."

After thinking carefully, Shi Yu went out in the afternoon to look.

During the whole day, Shiyi was seriously practicing the Harden Skill; maintenance time, activation and deactivation, and area coverage.

After the Harden Skill reached the proficient level, the duration of the Harden Skill can already be maintained for half a minute. There is no longer a situation where the hardened part will be cancelled when it encounters a slightly strong impact. As for the deactivation speed, it has also been improved.

Currently, Shiyi's main focus is to be able to quickly use Harden and cover more than one part. This was very critical in a battle. If done well, he basically can do both offense and defense.

There is still no training on the hardening strength yet, after all, this home is too fragile and it can not withstand hard impacts.

However, regardless of whether the training focus is actually comprehensive or not, the amount of training that Shiyi was doing is not small.

This also led to its food consumption increasing again.

The consumption of the Beast Space also increased.

As of now, Shi Yu determined his next cultivation route.

The duty of the Beastmaster was not only to cultivate the Noble Beast and set up a training plan for the Noble Beast, but they also needed to develop their beast controlling skill.

In addition to Talent and the upgrade of the Beast Space, every Beastmaster can not avoid training.

Strength, environment, and size, these are the three elements of the Beast Space.

The Beastmaster can freely choose one or all of them.

Of course, doing all of them requires a lot more effort than doing just one.

Frequently changing Noble Beasts, replacing the weak Noble Beast with a stronger one, favor the development of the strength of the Beast Space. Hence, increasing the Beast Space's binding.

In this way, the contracted Noble Beast would find it hard to betray the Beastmaster.

In contrast, some Beastmasters focus on establishing emotional bonds with their Noble Beasts, so that even without the binding or restraint of the Beast Space, the Noble Beasts will not rebel.

The environment of the Beast Space determines the Noble Beast's efficiency in digesting food and nutrition, and combat experience. The better the environment, the faster the growth of the Noble Beast, which is the most important element of the Beast Space for the Beastmasters.

The size of the Beast Space determines how many Noble Beast a Beastmaster can contract.

Some Beastmasters that specialize in cultivating a particular Noble Beast will simply ignore this element, while some Beastmasters prefer group combat and win by number. The latter type of Beastmasters were the ones who mainly developed in this route.

At present for Shi Yu, he will definitely take the environment of the Beast Space as the main route of his development.

New Beastmasters get their Noble Beasts in breeding centers, not wild ones, so almost no Noble Beast will not defy its Beastmaster. Hence, the binding that comes from the strength is not useful at the moment. Moreover, Shi Yu did not force the contract, he gave his Noble Beast the right to choose. He just needs to ensure that the strength of the Beast Space is sufficient to support the Noble Beast growing in it.

At the same time, Shi Yu also has no plans of contracting a second Noble Beast for the time being, so the size of the Beast Space can also be ignored.

Ultimately, the most important thing for him right now was to build a more comfortable environment for the little Iron Eater to grow up.

In the near future, with the Absolute Sleep Skill and the Beast Space, no matter how much Shiyi loves to train, it will not burden his body.

As long as his nutrition keeps up, he will be able to grow up quickly since Shiyi's self-discipline is being aided by the Beast Space and the Skill Book.


Alas, at that stage, the food expenses will probably double if not more... But as long as the Shiyi can grow quickly and get ahead of others, everything would be worth it.


The next day, Shi Yu, holding a thermos, was sitting in the courtyard. He was meditating to transform the environment of the Beast Space.

Not far away, Shiyi was seriously training his Harden Skill.

Occasionally, Shi Yu will open his eyes to check Shiyi's training progress, and then record it to keep track of the growth.

The Green Cotton Worm in the birdcage in the tree was watching with Shi Yu, and it had many new kinds of food today besides persimmon leaves.

For example, there's bamboo leaves, and cabbage leaves that were left over from Shi Yu's lunch today.

Such a state of affairs continued for another day. Both Shi Yu and Shiyi were beginning to gradually adapt to the new mode of life.

In the blink of an eye, it was a new day.

Shiyi: (???????) Ow...

Early this morning, Shiyi was extra excited.

Because after Shiyi’s Harden Skill reached the proficiency level, after a day's digestion, his Growth Level immediately improved.  

In the Beast Space, it underwent its fourth transformation, and its physique and energy were all improved, reaching Level 4 Awakening.


Not only was Shiyi happy, but as his Beastmaster, Shi Yu was of course also excited.

This was one step closer to becoming a professional Beastmaster!

"Good, today I'll go buy some delicious food."

"On top of the original food, I'll give you an extra meal to celebrate today!"

Shi Yu spoke in a rare and generous manner.

Shiyi: (っ????) Nodding frantically.

"One more thing, regarding the hardening strength training, I think it's time to put it on the agenda."

"But as you know, the environment here is not very suitable for you to use your Harden Skill as it would just cause destruction."

Shiyi looked at Shi Yu with a firm expression.

It suggested that Shi Yu could take some hard equipment to hit it. In this way, he would be able to temper himself just like you would on a burning iron.


Moreover, the effect might be better as long as he can totally endure!

Brave Shiyi is not afraid of pain!

"No, I can't bear to hit you." Shi Yu shook his head.

Shiyi was touched.

The truth is, Shi Yu was worried that he would be tired even before Shiyi's hardening strength could improve.

Won't this numb his (Shi Yu) body? And the efficiency was too low...

"Ahem, but I prepared something for you to be able to train the hardening strength independently. Just wait for a while and it should be delivered soon."

No sooner had Shi Yu spoken his words, there was a knock on the door. Several porters carried a pile of high-strength alloy steel plates into his house.

Looking at a floor of steel plates, Shiyi showed a bewildered expression.

"This is a high-strength alloy steel plate, you can't smash the wall of the house, but you can hit yourself with this."

"In addition, if you don't feel like it's not enough and the effect is not obvious, you can add a few more layers."

"With the power of gravity, letting the planet assist you in training, from the tree or the roof you can free fall into it."

"Our persimmon tree and roof are quite high. I named this the 'falling training method.' You can adjust the training intensity by adjusting the height of where you jump down."

Average Noble Beasts in a normal state would certainly feel nothing falling from the tree. But if it is in the hardened state and they let themselves fall on the steel plate, their cushioning skills can not be used and there would be a fierce impact...

Isn't this more efficient than getting hit? One can continuously train till even jumping from the clouds would leave one unscathed!

After understanding the training content, Shiyi's eyes glowed.

This type of training was genius! How could he not think of it before?

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