Chapter 80: Ramiro Coming To His Senses.

Inside the audience room, Ramiro looked at Ross in disbelief

"Imperial Uncle, are you sure the news is correct? 10,000 warships?"

"Yes, that's what the Frontline Commander reported!"

After hearing Ross confirm that the news was true, Ramiro fell into deep thought.

If the Kabat Empire had purchased the Babawi Empire's warships, there was no way Ramiro wouldn't know about it.

After all, the warships sold by the Babawi Empire to the public were all versions without warp engines, so these warships would have to pass through the territory of the Ochs Empire if they were to be delivered to the Kabat Empire.

He has not received any of such news, so how did they get warships with Energy Shields? If they did not buy from the Babawi Empire, then where?

"Imperial Uncle, is there a detailed report from the frontline about these newly spotted warships?"

"Yes, it said that the warship is still the Kabat Empire's warship, the only difference is that they have Energy Shields. The color of their shield is light blue."

"It's still the Kabat Empire warships? Wait, Imperial Uncle, did you just say that their shields are light blue?"

"Yes, what's wrong?"

However Ramiro once again fell into contemplation and ignored Ross.

Light blue… light blue! Damn, then they could never be from the Babawi Empire!

When the Ochs Empire bought 5000 Babawi Empire warships before, Ramiro had asked, 'were all the shields of Level 4 Civilizations red?'

Ramiro remembered very clearly that at that time, the Babawi Empire's trade officer's answer was...

"Not necessarily, the Energy Shield device is, to put it bluntly, a way of using energy. The technology of each Civilization will not be exactly all the same with each other, hence the Energy Shield developed by each Civilization is naturally not of the same color."

After recalling these words, Ramiro became more certain that the Kabat Empire's Energy Shield was not purchased from the Babawi Empire.

"Imperial Uncle, there's something you don't know. Based on the color of the Energy Shields, it is likely that the Kabat Empire got it from a Level 4 Civilization as the Babawi Empire's Energy Shield is colored red."

"Your Majesty, do you mean that the Kabat Empire somehow got a channel to buy equipment from other Level 4 Civilizations?"

"Yes, it's very possible!"

"Your Majesty, no matter what, we'd better let the Fourth Imperial Legion come back as soon as possible. Otherwise the Kabat Empire will be able to sweep our rear with the 2,300,000 warships they stationed in Viter!"

This was the reason why Ross was so anxious and seeked Ramiro urgently. He didn't believe that the Kabat Empire wouldn't think of this idea against them!

If the Fourth Imperial Legion is not called back, then the Kabat Empire only needs to send out their 2,300,000 warships to sweep through half of the Empire's territory.

Except for the capital circle, the Ochs Star System, all the other Star Systems were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. They are powerless to resist.

"Hmm? The Fourth Imperial Legion? No, absolutely not, the Fourth Imperial Legion is there to avenge Doren! They cannot be called back!"

"Your Majesty, if we don't call them back, the Kabat Empire will sweep half of our territory with the 2,300,000 warships from Viter! If they were ruthless and attacked with their entire force, then even the Immediate Guard Legion wouldn't be able to hold back 1.5 million warships!"

"Then let the Immediate Guard Legion Fleet go, as for the Fourth Imperial Fleet, let them continue with their original (the original, way before it changed to revenge for Doren) mission!"

"No, Your Majesty, the Immediate Guard Legion must not leave the Empire, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable! Your Majesty, there are still many opposing forces out there that have not been cleared out, once the Immediate Guard Legion leaves, those people will definitely act!"

Looking at the stubborn Ramiro, Ross felt bitter in his heart.

How come he didn't expect that Ramiro would be so obsessed with humans? He even almost disregarded the survival of the Empire!

However, he must convince Ramiro no matter what, otherwise the Empire would most likely perish because of this.

"Your Majesty, it is important to preserve the Empire, if the Empire is gone, then what will happen even if you avenge Doren?"

"Imperial Uncle!!!"

Ramiro was angry. Ross is ignoring his orders again and again. Is he really not taking him, the Emperor, seriously?

"Your Majesty, even if you want to cut off my head today, I have to say this. Doren and the Empire are not equal, the former can never be compared to the latter. With the survival of the Empire, all things must give way!"

"You should also put away your immature temper, otherwise the Empire will have no future! It may even be exterminated by the Kabat Empire before you exterminate the human race!"

"I've said all I need to say, your Majesty. If you think I've disobeyed you, you can just execute me, at least I've said all I need to say and won't be ashamed of facing my brother (aka in heaven)!"

Ramiro's eyes widened as he looked at Ross with a shocked expression.

In his memory, although Ross was his Uncle, he had always appeared in front of himself as a vassal, and had never overstepped his boundaries.

But now he was actually yelling at himself in the audience room? Could it be that he was really wrong?

In fact, Ramiro is not stupid, on the contrary, he is very smart, otherwise back then, Ross would not support Ramiro to the throne! He just has some character flaws that clouds his judgement.


Doren is his favorite son, since Doren died, Ramiro's emotions have been a little out of control.

At this time, Ross yelling at his face made him sober up.

Yes, he still has a chance of extinguishing the human race a few decades later. But if the Empire is gone now, how could he even talk about extinguishing the human race?

Ross was standing in front of himself with his eyes closed. It was as if he was waiting for his verdict. At this time, Ramiro thought through a lot of things at once.

"Imperial Uncle, I understand, inform the Fourth Imperial Legion to intercept the Kabat Empire!"

"Your Majesty, you?"

"No need to say more, I have already figured it out. The human race can still be extinguished a few decades later. What is important right now is preserving the Empire!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Ross said with tears streaming down his face. He was overwhelmed with joy, Ramiro had finally come to his senses, the Empire can still be saved!


A month later, the Fourth Imperial Legion, which was rushing towards the humans, received an order from Ross.

"Commander Isa, the latest order from Lord Ross, the Minister of Military Affairs, has arrived!"

"Read it!"

"Viter fell four months ago. The Kabat Empire will most likely send a legion from Viter to sweep the rear of the Imperial Capital, so the Fourth Imperial Legion is ordered to turn around immediately and intercept the fleet that the Kabat Empire may send and ensure that the rear is safe! Commander Isa, the survival of the Empire depends on you!"

"What, Viter is lost? What are those guys doing?"

"Commander Isa, Lord Ross also sent a detailed battle report, it's top secret information. It has been sent to your terminal, please check it!"

"Hmm? I'll read it."

Isa had doubts, a battle report was sent as a top secret document?


However, when he opened the file and read it carefully, his face could no longer remain calm, instead it was filled with shock!

At the same time, he also understood why this battle report had to be classified as top secret.

10,000 warships with Energy Shields? If this was made public, it would be an absolute blow to the military's morale!

"Order the fleet to turn around and head for Horton as soon as we reach the exit of the Star Path!"


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