Chapter 79: Viter Has Fallen!

It had been more than half an hour since the Kabat Empire's attack.

The Trap Fleet took advantage of the fact that the second line of defense of the Ochs Empire had not yet finished assembling, to break through their defenses. Within this half an hour, more of the Kabat's Empire's follow-up fleets exited the Star Path, increasing their numbers to more than 150,000 warships.

Meanwhile, the Ochs Empire's Star Path defense line that had turned chaotic due to the onslaught of the Trap Fleet, was completely destroyed by the Kabat Empire's follow-up fleet very easily.

As time passed, the fleets of both sides gradually got into place. In the third hour after the start of the battle, the total size of the warships engaged by both sides on the second line of defense of the Ochs Empire had reached nearly 1.75 million ships.

Among them, the Ochs Empire had about 950,000 ships, and without the backup force, they had lost 250,000 warships in the past 3 hours.

On the other hand, the Kabat Empire has about 800,000 warships in the battlefield at the moment, with losses currently at about 150,000 warships.

A key point that one has to remember is that the Kabat Empire still has more than 1 million warships that are still sailing out of the Star Path. The speed at which they exited the Star Path averages at 50,000 warships every 10 minutes. As time goes on, the scales of victory are gradually tipping in favor of the Kabat Empire.

As for the Trap Fleet, there are still about 8,000 surviving ships that have retreated to the rear.

In such a large-scale confrontation, if the 8,000 warships rushed into the enemy, although they might gain some advantage, they will also lose a lot. Not to mention that doing so is completely unnecessary, 'good steel should be used on the edge of the sword!'

As far as the current situation is concerned, the Kabat Empire can rely on the continuous stream of incoming warships to completely overwhelm Viter's defenders with numbers. They would achieve victory as long as they don't make any major mistakes.

When the time ticked to the fourth hour after the start of the battle, the number of Kabat Empire's warships on the battlefield had increased to 1 million, while the Ochs Empire was left with only 800,000 warships. The power contrast between the two sides had changed.

However, this change did not end here, because 700,000 more Kabat Empire warships were descending into Viter one after another.

At the fifth hour, the ratio of warships between the two sides had expanded to 1.2 million to 500,000, with the Ochs Empire's fleet already showing a collapse in some areas.

Finally, at the eighth hour of the battle, the Kabat Empire succeeded in capturing the Viter Star System along with the destruction of the last Ochs Empire warship!

In this battle, the Ochs Empire lost 1.2 million warships, while the Kabat Empire lost nearly 500,000 warships, including 2,000 Trap Fleet warships.

The fall of Viter had a significant impact on the Ochs Empire as it is a well-connected Star System.

In addition to being connected to the Cecil Star System, it is also connected to three other Star Systems, including the Star System where the other 2 nodes are located, La Ceia, and Reo.

This means that the Kabat Empire can threaten both La Ceia and Reo through Viter, and the other 2 nodes of the Kabat Empire's army, to attack these 2 Star Systems on both sides!

Or to a much more extreme scenario, the Kabat Empire will directly send a million troops directly to the rear of the Ochs Empire. One has to know that the Ochs Empire's current rear, except the Imperial Capital Circle, were almost all empty without any defense force to speak of.

Of course, choosing to do this, the Kabat Empire has to face a certain threat. La Seia and Reo together have more than 3 million warships. They will probably abandon the two Star Systems and raid the rear of the Kabat Empire if ever they really decide to go with the last option. 


Once the million plus Kabat Empire fleet in Viter is besieged, it is likely that the power balance between the two sides will be brought back to the previous state.

Therefore, in the end, Faris and Hamid decided to just send 300,000 warships to the rear of the Ochs Empire to make some trouble.

The remaining 1.2 million warships were going to hold down the fort in Viter and threaten La Ceia as well as Reo, even cooperate with their other 2 nodes to pincer attack La Ceia and Raio if necessary.


Solar System, Tianyuan IV.

At this moment, Hamid had already sent the situation of the battle through the quantum communicator left by Lin Fan.

"It seems that the Kabat Empire did quite well. They eliminated 1.2 million warships of the Ochs Empire and captured a strategic location!"

Inside the Uranus, Liang Xingchen's virtual figure was standing in front of Lin Fan. Both sides were discussing the battle report sent by Hamid!

Lin Fan nodded at the results of the Kabat Empire's battle, they did a good job!

"Indeed, after taking Viter, La Ceia and Reo will have a hard time. Originally they only had to defend one node of the Kabat Empire, but now they have to divide their troops to defend two nodes at the same time!"

Liang Xingchen, on the other hand, interpreted Viter from a strategic point of view.

Once the Viter fell, the impact on La Ceia and Reo was great. Liang Xingchen even thought that if he was the Ochs Empire Commander, he would definitely withdraw his fleets from La Ceia and Reo and instead look for other suitable nodes to regroup.

After all, with the loss of Viter, there was no point in continuing to hold La Ceia and Reo.

Not only holding the two meaningless, but it was also very foolish. One screw-up will bury the remaining 3 million ships of the main fleet of the Ochs Empire.

"Commander Liang, what do you think Emperor Ramiro of the Ochs Empire will do after receiving the news?"

"This is hard to say, strategically speaking, the best thing to do is to have the Fourth Imperial Legion turn around and intercept the 300,000 warships sent out by the Kabat Empire. At the same time, the fleets in La Ceia and Reo will retreat and find new suitable nodes to arrange a defense zone."

"En, that is true, but from the intelligence obtained from Lancer, it is said that the Emperor of the Empire is very tyrannical, and will often vent out his temper which leads to irrational decisions. If not for a sensible member of the Royal Family on his side to guide him, the Empire would've already fallen!"

Lin Fan recalled the information he had read earlier and said.

"If that's the case, then the Emperor probably won't recall the Fourth Imperial Legion, but instead will let them continue to sail towards us because of the hatred bound by Doren!"

"Actually, I do hope that that Imperial Uncle of his can persuade Ramiro to make the right choice this time! It's in our best interest for both of the Empires (Ochs and Kabat Empire) to suffer losses. If the Kabat Empire easily exterminates the Ochs Empire, we'll be under just as much pressure as we did with the Ochs Empire before."

Lin Fan thought about it and spoke his mind.

"I agree!"


Three months later, 45 light years away, in the Natural Life Planet of the Ochs Empire.

"Your Majesty, something has happened!"

Imperial Uncle Ross opened the door directly and walked quickly into the audience room.

"What's wrong Imperial Uncle, why are you so panicked, it's not like you!"

"It's Viter, Viter has fallen!"

"What? This is impossible, we have arranged 1.2 million warships in Viter. The Star Path there is also particularly narrow. They can easily defend against the attacks of several million warships!"

Ramiro wore an expression of disbelief. What a joke? This is completely impossible!


"Your Majesty, normally this is true, but this time the Kabat Empire sent tens of thousands of warships equipped with Energy Shields as a vanguard, and directly broke through the Star Path's defense!"

"What? Energy Shields?!"

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