Chapter 78: The Kabat Empire's Attack.

In the Cecil Star System, outside the entrance of the Star Path in the direction of Viter. Warships were coming one after another and forming dense arrays.

Each Fleet had at least 100,000 warships, while the most conspicuous and small one only had 10,000 warships.

However, do not underestimate the 10,000 warships because it is composed of battlecruisers and destroyers!

In addition, all of the ships are equipped with Energy Shields. Their combat power is comparable to that of an ordinary fleet that has 100,000 warships.

This is where Faris' confidence lies in this attack of the Viter Star System. The fleet was aptly named the Trap Fleet!

"All fleets shall depart according to the plan!"

Upon Faris's order, the Trap Fleet entered the Star Path first before the other fleets followed in one fleet after another.

It took more than 6 hours to send all 2 million warships into the Star Path.

"Faris, it should be certain this time, right?"

"Grand Commander Hamid, please don't worry, this time I am 99% sure that we will take down the Viter Star System and won't pay too much loss!"



The distance between the Viter Star System and the Cecil Star System was very close, only 1.2 light years.

It can be reached in just over 4 months through the Star Path which was quite a short journey for a Level 3 Civilization.

At this time, the Kabat Empire's 2 million warships were about to reach Viter. On the other hand, Viter's defenders still did not notice the impending crisis that they would soon face. 


In the defense line of the Star Path, the number of regular defenders was 100,000 ships while the rest of the warships were docked in the fortress. After all, is it really possible to put 1 million warships in a high state of alertness for decades round? Of course not! 


Moreover, the Star Path is not that big, in every 10 minutes, only 50,000 ships can pass through it. And once these warships exit the Star Path, they would face the 100,000 warships of the defenders. 


By the time your follow-up fleets come out the Star Path, the back up fleets of the defenders would have also arrived.

With all things considered, the deployment of too many troops in the Star Path defense line doesn't make much sense.

Even if the defenders do deploy more, there wouldn't be many positions for them to fire. The entrance to the Star Path can accommodate a few hundred ships at a time to pass at the same time. 100,000 warships would basically be piling up against each other in the defense position.

When the Kabat Empire attacked here twice over thirty years ago, they had to retreat because of too many casualties!

According to the post-war calculations, the battle damage ratio between the two sides reached a horrific 1:12! This just shows how dominant the defending side in the Star Path is. Not to mention that the Star Path between Viter and Cecil was especially narrow, which further extends the advantage of the defending side.


It was like any other day in the Ochs Empire garrison, boring as always with nothing to do. However, this peace was suddenly shattered at the sound of sirens ringing throughout the system of all the warships and Starports.

The Kabat Empire had begun another attack after thirty-two years!

A large number of warships started to come out of the Star Path, and to the surprise of the Ochs Empire Commander on the defensive line, all the warships in the enemy's vanguard were battlecruisers and destroyers.

Could it be that the Kabat Empire is concentrating its main ships together as the vanguard to try and quickly break through their defense line?

But the opponent's Commander should not be so stupid! Even if their main ships are concentrated together, in the face of a much larger number than their own, it wouldn't make a difference, they would still get mopped to the floor!


The Ochs Empire Commander felt something was missing, but he had no time for him to think about it more. He immediately ordered his Fleet to open fire!

On the other hand, the more than 5,000 warships of the Kabat Empire's Trap Fleet just came out of the Star Path and immediately formed an assault formation. They were returning fire against the defenders on the defensive line.

The more than 5,000 warships, composed of battlecruisers and destroyers, were concentrated together and they also opened fire at the same time. This made their firepower dense, to the point that it makes people's scalp tingle!

Although there were more than 10,000 battlecruisers and destroyers of the 100,000 warship defense line, they were scattered throughout.

After the first wave of attacks from both sides, the Ochs Empire defense line was inflicted by more than 1,000 warships destroyed, and another 1,000 that was injured!

The gunfire caliber of destroyers and battlecruisers was far superior to that of the frigate patrols. Hence, when hit by the former's main artillery fire, the latter would either explode or be maimed!


On the other hand, the Kabat Empire's Trap Fleet was completely unharmed as a transparent blue Energy Shield lit up on every Warship. Seeing this, the Ochs Empire Commander's eyes shrunk and immediately realized that they were in trouble.

In the first round of attacks, the Ochs Empire battlecruisers' fire was not concentrated so the enemies were only at most hit by 2, 3 rounds of their main guns. As for the other hits, it was only from the secondary guns and the non-main warships such as frigates, destroyers, cruisers, etc.

After two rounds of fire, the Ochs Empire Commander realized that the enemy indeed had an Energy Shield equipped and ordered all warships to start concentrating their attacks.

However, at this time, the Kabat Empire's Trap Fleet of 10,000 warships had all arrived. The warships that had been hit by multiple rounds of main gunfire from the enemy also moved inside the formation as their job in tanking the enemy attacks was achieved. Then, the entire fleet began a full-speed assault toward the defense line!

At the same time, the ordinary fleet of the Kabat Empire behind them also started sailing out of the Star Path...

The Ochs Empire Commander quickly made the decision to continue bombarding the enemy with attacks, maybe exhausting their Energy Shields. However, it still could not stop the advance of the Trap Fleet.

With this collision the battle switched to close combat. This time, the Ochs Empire was suffering.

The enemy and their warships were mixed together, so it was impossible to use cluster fire. They also could not use the main guns easily and can only use their secondary guns to attack.

As for the Trap Fleet? They just started attacking wherever, anyway, even if they accidentally attacked their own people, there are shields to block the attack.


As the battle continued, the Ochs Empire Commander got more and more gloomy. They were disadvantaged in the equipment, they could not do anything!

He wanted to order his fleet to retreat, but he couldn't. As for the ships in the Starport, they were coming, but it would take a few minutes to arrive.

Moreover, the second line of defense was not completely ready, it would take at least another half hour.

With all this, how can they retreat? If they retreat, it is likely that the entire defense line will begin to collapse!

The Ochs Empire Commander had to continue this close combat at the casualty ratio of more than 1:30, with them suffering the greater part.

It was not a problem to hold out for another half hour, but the Kabat Empire's follow-up fleet had already come out of the Star Path with 50,000 warships or so that also joined the attack. Not to mention that there were more still sailing out of the Star Path in a steady stream behind.

How could he hold out for half an hour after the massive follow-up of the enemy fleet pounces on them?

The next moment, the Kabat Empire's Trap Fleet did something that made him even more panicked.

After crashing with the first line of defense of the Ochs Empire, the Trap Fleet simply passed right through! They didn't continue clashing and instead continued towards the second line of defense of the Ochs Empire that was still assembling themselves!

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