Chapter 3: Initial Plan.

The Skill Book was really updated!

After discovering the change, Shi Yu got immediately distracted.

"It successfully copied the Intimidation Skill."

"According to the rules, as long as I find a target, I should be able to teach this skill to other Noble Beasts at any time!"

The Intimidation Skill... It was the skill that the Wolf King used to command the wolf pack.

If he could teach this skill to ordinary Snow Wolves, wouldn't it be possible to mass-produce Wolf Kings?

And if this skill could also be taught to other species' Noble Beasts, isn't it possible to also make them "Kings" in their respective groups? 


The more Shi Yu thought about it, the more he thought how OP (overpowered) the Skill Book was. 


But then again, having an OP skill is not something bad. In fact, it is a joyous occasion to discover such an OP talent.


When Shi Yu came back to his senses, he saw the Snow Wolf King gazing at him in confusion.

[Roar woo~]

The Wolf King gave a low growl, and frowned.

Shi Yu immediately understood what was happening. The other party saw himself giggling like some pervert and suspected that he was scared silly...

However, Shi Yu did not care.

His happiness is not something the Wolf King can understand.


As he had just taken advantage of the Snow Wolf King, Shi Yu looked at it pleased.


Your Intimidation Skill is very powerful, thank you for letting me copy it.

The Snow Wolf King did not yet know that its skill had been copied. After it confirmed that Shi Yu did not turn crazy because he got scared out of his mind, it turned its head and began to eat meat with a big mouthful.

It ate and drank enough before the ordinary Snow Wolves in the pack dared to come forward.

Probably because of the scent Wolf King left behind, even after the Wolf King left, the ordinary Snow Wolves did not behave as fiercely as before when facing Shi Yu.

Just as the other Trainees said to him before, they were very well behaved.

This good behavior made Shi Yu's feeding process and the process of studying the Skill Book in his mind go a lot smoother.

"Sure enough, I can really teach it." After distributing food to the Snow Wolves, Shi Yu was excited in his heart.

Just now, when there was a snow wolf in his sight, the first page of information on the Skill Book in Shi Yu's mind directly changed.

The [Skill Status] changed from 'no teaching target' to 'teachable.'

In other words, he could indeed teach the Intimidation Skill in the Skill Book to every snow wolf that he had just fed!

He can really mass-produce Wolf Kings!

Of course, being able to teach it doesn't mean that he would do so. Obviously, Shi Yu would not use this teaching ability recklessly.

He still doesn't know how much of his strength will be consumed from teaching a skill. In addition, randomly helping the Snow Wolves in the breeding center learn the Intimidation Skill is asking for trouble.

Continue feeding–

Shi Yu put his heart and soul into it, and soon, his task was completed. The only thing that made Shi Yu feel regretful was that during the process of feeding the Snow Wolves, he was not able to copy the other skills.

After all, except for the Wolf King who always used the Intimidation Skill, the other Snow Wolves would not have the leisure to use their Racial Skills while eating.

Oh well, Shi Yu was not greedy. The High Order Intimidation Skill had already earned him a lot.


Next, after finishing feeding the Snow Wolves, Shi Yu started to do other tasks.

Inside the breeding center, Shi Yu saw a green-backed eagle that swept past the sky on patrol.

He locked his sights into the bird and although he was quite far away, the [Skill Status] of the Intimidation Skill in the Skill Book once again changed from 'no teaching target' to 'teachable' status.

Looks like not only can he train a Wolf King, he can also train an Eagle King!

Shi Yu really wanted to give it a try.

However, reason made him choose to work.

Trainees are very miserable, the most difficult and tiring tasks are given to them, and, also, they are not much technical content.

However, this can't be helped, after all, they are still just at the learning stage.

But then again, letting Shi Yu and the others do difficult tasks such as training Noble Beasts is not realistic as they don't have the ability to do so.

For example, in the wolf pack just now. If there was no Wolf King who could use Intimidation, it would be very difficult to manage the pack.

Training the Snow Wolves well and turning them to be suitable for a Beastmaster to contract as their Noble Beast is the job of a Breeder. 


Trainees like Shi Yu could only do the basic work.

Of course, in addition to the basic work, the official Breeders would regularly lead the Trainees like Shi Yu to do other work, which would allow the Trainees to learn many new things.

"There are still three months left in my Trainee period, it's better to learn the ropes properly first."

The former owner of this body has always wanted to become a Beastmaster and has done a lot of preparation. 


Although Shi Yu obtained a golden finger, his understanding of Beastmasters is very limited. He can't just rely on the memory left by his predecessor, he has to develop steadily on his own. 


The Skill Book is undoubtedly built for becoming a Beastmaster so it would be a pity not to be one. But apart from the teaching ability of the Skill Book, he currently has no other capital to become a Beastmaster.

The following period of time, Shi Yu decided to first take the job as a Breeder and take this opportunity to learn more about the Skill Book and the world, and then he would make other plans.

Moreover, the cub he ordered from the Iron Bamboo Breeding Center in the Pingcheng District of Iceplain City also needed his Trainee Certificate in order to receive it.

The Iron Bamboo Breeding Center took into account Shi Yu's repayment ability, and he is not eligible to receive the cub now. But when he finishes his internship and gets his Breeder Certificate, he will be eligible for a loan.

Therefore, for Shi Yu, this Trainee period is really important.

If all of Shi Yu's plan goes well, becoming a Beastmaster should not be a problem. However, it is a long career. The process that could potentially allow Shi Yu to soar to great heights by becoming a Beastmaster, but it could also drag him down... After all, raising Noble Beasts is a real drain on resources.

Iron Eater!

This was the name of the cub that Shi Yu reserved.

[Name]: Iron Eater

[Attributes]: Gold

[Racial level]: Middle Noble

[Racial Skill]: Harden

The Iron Eater... was actually a giant panda.

Shi Yu also did not expect that the pandas in this world had evolved into Iron Eaters with a Racial Level of Middle Noble.


Regarding his predecessor's choice of his initial Noble Beast, Shi Yu was quite satisfied.

The beauty and rarity of pandas are a big plus!

If there is no accident, he would not change his choice, after all, the deposit was already paid.

It's just that the great pandas in his previous life has been reduced into this miserable status.

If an ordinary giant panda and ordinary wolf were to be pitted against each other, the panda can slap the wolf to oblivion.

{T/N: The last 4 paragraphs about pandas are true in Chinese culture, it's interesting, you should give it a search}

However, the Iron Eater beast is one Racial Level lower than the Snow Wolf.

But it was clear to Shi Yu that it had to do with the Racial Skills.

Compared to the Snow Wolf's four Racial Skills – Ice Crushing Teeth, Ice Shattering Claws, Snow Concealment and Cold Breath, the Iron Eater only had one Racial Skill.

Just like its name Iron Eater, this world's pandas can harden their bodies by eating metals after they evolve, so that their bodies can be as hard as steel.

The level of the Racial Skill Harden is not high and since it is only close combat, it belongs to the low level. It naturally can not be compared to the Snow Wolf that is favored by the heavens.

Actually it is actually not bad, excluding the Low-level Racial Skill, the Iron Eater has excellent physical fitness and it is a Middle Noble beast.


At any rate, in Earth's legend, a panda was Chi You's mount...  So how could it be mediocre and ordinary?

{T/N: Legend of the panda mount – https://daydaynews.cc/en/history/amp/448193.html}

Shi Yu suspected that it was because the pandas are too lazy. They were either eating bamboo or sleeping, plus they are docile in nature. This must be the cause of their slow evolution.

So how about mixing some intensity into them to train them?

Well, it's not like Shi Yu is complaining, because he wouldn't have been able to afford an Iron Eater if it was a top beast.

"The Iron Eater is actually a good Noble Beast..."

"The Iron Eater's Harden Skill also has both offensive and defensive capabilities..."

If he is not wrong, he should be able to teach the Intimidation Skill that he just copied to the Iron Eater.


The Intimidation Skill that represents a "King's qualification." Not only can it reduce the opponent's will to fight, it will also strengthen his own morale!

The Harden Skill can enhance his defense and attack power...

The combination of these two skills made Shi Yu think of something strange.

Is there a skill that can increase speed?

If he could copy a similar skill...

By that time, the Iron Eater can change its name to Panda King.

This skill set, I guess no Iron Eater Beastmaster has tried yet.


Thinking about it, Shi Yu thought it seemed worth a try...

He should stay at the breeding center, not only to learn, but also because the environment here makes it easy for him to collect rare skills.

In the meantime, he will collect skills. And later, when other Beastmasters struggle with how to teach their Noble Beasts various skills, he would be able to easily teach his Noble Beasts' godly skill sets!

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