Chapter 2 (Second Half): Skill Book.

After arriving at the destination, he stopped the car, got off, and began carrying the meat. Shi Yu quickly went about his work.

During this process, with the white backdrop of the snowy mountains, afterimages suddenly began appearing and traces of dozens of giant wolves appeared.



Wolf howls sounded and the snow-white giant wolves on the snowy mountain all ran towards this side. At first, they were very fast, but they gradually slowed down to a walking pace.

But even though they were walking, it was still extremely oppressive.


Each wolf was 2 meters long and nearly 1 meter tall. They are so well developed that it is hard to imagine that these are just 'cubs.'

They have long white fur all over their bodies, and their tails, backs, and limbs are covered with very thick ice blue fur.

As they walked, their blue eyes gazed at Shi Yu. Their fangs showing in their mouths.

[Name]: Snow Wolf

[Attribute]: Ice

[Racial Level]: High Noble

[Racial Skills]: Ice Crushing Teeth, Ice Shattering Claws, Snow Concealment, Cold Breath

[Introduction]: These beasts evolved in snowy mountainous areas. They have sharp fangs and claws that can easily tear through steel. They are good at hiding and hunting in snowy weather.

Shi Yu's knowledge base was good and the relevant information about this Noble Beast immediately emerged in his mind.



At this moment, the wolves drooled as they stared at Shi Yu. Light flashing through their eyes.

"I really understand..."

As for Shi Yu, who was being watched by this group of snow wolves, he felt fresh and novel.

Although there is no need to think to know that this group of wolves are hungry, Shi Yu did hear their thoughts of hunger.

This feeling of knowing what the other side is saying... both reassure and worry him.

He's reassured because it felt like both of them are on the same channel. He's worried because one wolf said it wanted to taste him.


What kind of crappy job is this?

Am I here as a breeder or as spare food?


"Where's the wolf king?"

Shi Yu tried not to care about this wanting to taste him thing and instead looked further away.

"ROAR WOO!!!~~~~"

The group of snow wolves arrived and all stood neatly in a row. They did not dared to move rashly, not because they fear of scaring Shi Yu or were being polite, but because their boss had not come over yet.

With a more intimidating growl, the wolves made a way and came a much bigger Snow Wolf. Its body's length was more than three meters and its height was at least 1.6 or 1.7 meters.

"Roar Woo!!!~~~~"

The wolf king of the Snow Wolf pack slowly walked out and locked its gaze on Shi Yu.

The other Snow Wolves, on the other hand, all looked at the wolf king with both fear and respect.

Snow Wolves were a species of Noble Beasts that were strictly hierarchical, the wolf king had a supreme deterrent power.

Some wolf kings could even awaken an intimidation skill that could create a sense of oppression and be used to command the wolf pack.

This was not a basic racial skill of the Snow Wolves, but a high level skill that required extremely harsh conditions to be awakened later in life.

Under this Majesty and power, the Snow Wolves were all well-behaved. They dare not to move rashly and were acting in a very orderly manner.

Obviously, Trainee Breeders like Shi Yu and the others can feed the Snow Wolves safely, not because of some telepathic communication skills, but because of the deterrence of the wolf king.


This Snow Wolf King was the Noble Beast of a Beastmaster in the breeding center, responsible for assisting in managing the wolf pack.

Shi Yu wondered whether the owner of the Snow Wolf King was peeking at his performance on the job and secretly scoring him...


However, since the other party is very important in the whole breeding center, and this wolf king is just one of the Noble Beasts released by the other party, this means that he should not be bored enough to pay attention to them.


Could it be that this wolf is his grading instructor? Shi Yu's expression was strange.

Next, the Snow Wolf King indifferently approached Shi Yu step by step and came to his side.

Shi Yu tensed up inwardly and looked at this majestic wolf with a strange gaze.

This wolf king gave him a sense of oppression that was not at all comparable to that group of ordinary Snow Wolves.

The wolf king is also looking at Shi Yu. Although it did not growl or anything, the cold aura around is still terrifying. It continued to gradually approach Shi Yu.

Then, its body brushed against Shi Yu, and its head touched Shi Yu for a moment.

According to the usual practice, the wolf king would leave its scent on the Trainee Breeder and the scent would carry the unique deterrent effect on the Trainee Breeder. In this way, the Snow Wolves would be safe during the feeding process.

When Shi Yu felt the coldness around him, he understood that he had been marked by the wolf king.

Using this way to leave its scent?

It's not bad, at least it is much more civilized than pee marking.

When Shi Yu was immersed in his thoughts, the Skill Book suddenly activated.

It was because the wolf king subconsciously emitted its intimidation skill and it also made contact with Shi Yu meeting the prerequisites of the talent activation...

The extremely smooth process made Shi Yu bewildered. He was originally thinking how would he find an opportunity to copy the skills of the Snow Wolf King, but now… It happened just like that. 


Not to mention that what he got was a high level skill of the wolf king!

The first page of the Skill Book was opened, and at the top was the image of the Snow Wolf King while at the bottom was a bunch of text.

[Skill]: Intimidation

[Skill Level]: High Order

[Description]: A mental skill that can intimidate, deter, and dominate with its aura, can also make beings much weaker than the user faint. It is a symbol of having the "King's Qualification".

[Status]: No teachable target

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