Chapter 2 (First Half): Skill Book.

What happened... Where did this book come from?

Shi Yu was dazed as he had just received a lot of information.

This information, in the form of images and words, suddenly appeared in his mind.

After a moment of dizziness, Shi Yu was stunned.

That's because the book that appeared in his mind, instinctively made Shi Yu understand a part of its function.

It's function is what you can call BUG-like (cheat), it's almost the same as downloading aimbot. 


The book is called Skill Book.

He can copy the abilities or skills of Noble Beasts and paste them in the Skill Book. The skills that are stored in the Skill Book can be freely taught by Shi Yu to other Noble Beasts; it is not possible for humans.

Noble Beasts are powerful because they can master a variety of extremely special skills! If he was able to copy, paste and teach it, isn't it possible to teach a skill from a Divine Noble Beast to an ordinary Noble Beast?

According to the information provided by the Skill Book, he had to meet three conditions in order to successfully copy a skill.

  1. He must see the skill being used.

  2. He must touch or get in contact with the Noble Beast.

  3. From seeing the skill to touching the Noble Beast, it has to be done within 1 hour from each other.

The above was the conditions for copying skills.

As for teaching skills to other Noble Beasts, he also needs to meet certain conditions.

Depending on the level of the skill, teaching will consume a certain amount of strength from the user.

In addition, the Noble Beast to be taught must have a certain degree of compatibility with the skill.

Although the restrictions are quite a handful, Shi Yu dare not complain. Although he is not yet a Beastmaster, he was clear that this Skill Book would make all Beastmasters go crazy to get their hands on it!


The strength of a Beastmaster, in addition to depending on the skills of their Noble Beast, is also closely related to three disciplines.

  1. The development of their own talent.

For example, a Beastmaster with the Fire Enhancement Talent. The amount of increase or buff percentage that the Noble Beast's skills will receive is dependent on how strong and developed the Beastmaster's Fire Enhancement Talent is.

  1. Secret Skills.

The vast majority of Noble Beasts can only use their awakened Racial Skills. When and how they awakening their Racial Skills is also an important reference point in determining their Racial Level.

A Noble Beast's combat power is also dependent on the strength of their skills.

Generally speaking, it is difficult for a Noble Beast to learn skills other than its Racial Skills.

Teaching a Noble Beast skills other than its Racial Skills is as difficult as wanting a seven-year-old kid learn how to fly a plane. However, it is not impossible. Through some special methods, Noble Beasts still have a chance to learn other skills.

This kind of skill teaching method is just like the martial arts novels' Secret Techniques. It is precious and can quickly improve a Noble Beast's strength.

If a Beastmaster masters this kind of special method of teaching skills and successfully teaches his Noble Beast, they would be able to easily defeat their opponents.

  1. Evolution method.

Most of the Noble Beasts have the possibility to evolve, but many evolution methods are kept as secrets.

Beastmasters who know an evolution method can raise their Noble Beast's Racial Level and make them awaken stronger Racial Skills.

Of these three disciplines, the first one is the development of the Beastmaster's own talent and abilities.

While the second and third one is the accumulation of knowledge and experience of the Beastmaster.

Shi Yu's Skill Book was like allowing him to master a large number of secret skill teaching methods.

Skill Book...

Is this some sort of... System? Or is this his second talent?

Compared to the vague idea of having a System, Shi Yu is much more inclined to believe that it is his second talent.

But isn't his talent Telepathy?

He had never heard of this kind of talent.

Nor has he heard of a person who can have two talents...

Shi Yu's heart was full of emotions.


In a short span of time, he had brainstormed countless possibilities.

Since it happened to him, maybe it's more possible?

After all, he was a traverser, he was not a normal person in the first place.

But then again, he already has the Telepathy Talent, and now he also has the Skill Book…? This is just confusing!


"Anyways, let's calm down first."

No matter how you look at it, this is a good thing. This seems to be his golden finger (cheat ability of MCs in novel).

From shock to joy, Shi Yu finally let out a sigh of relief.

From the beginning, after realizing that he had arrived in a different world, his heart has always been unsettled. He felt his shortcomings. Now, he finally felt relieved.

"Damn, it's getting late."

After being immersed in the shock of awakening the Skill Book, Shi Yu suddenly realized that it was already very late.

He put on his clothes and was ready to carry out his morning work. He did not even plan on eating breakfast. At this time, Shi Yu was not eager for work, and instead wanted to try to see if the talent he had just awakened was real or not.

With anticipation, Shi Yu soon left the dormitory.


{T/N: Changed Central to Center}

The Iceplain City's Beast Breeding Center is very large. It had tons of varying environments such as lakes, grasslands, forests, and even snowy mountains... All these places are where different Noble Beasts reside.

To take care of so many Noble Beasts, there was quite a lot of staff. There is a huge staff area nearby, the processing and handling of various beast feeds are also carried out here.

Inside the feed plant are a large number of breeders. But due to the different division of tasks, the vast majority of people just pass by each other.

Shi Yu went to look for the feed that he was tasked to carry after arriving here. His goal was clear, but after getting the feed, the specifications of the feed were beyond Shi Yu's imagination.

"No wonder the average person can't afford to be a Beastmaster, these beasts eat better than people!"

As Shi Yu carried two heavy preservation boxes out, he could not help marveling in his heart.

In the preservation boxes were layer upon layer of fresh meat. The type of meat included at least seven to eight kinds. It seems that this nutritious meal is specially matched with the beast.

Inside the boxes were the food that he will serve to the Snow Wolves for breakfast.

"Shi Yu?"

"Are you going to feed the Snow Wolves?"

While Shi Yu was carrying meat one trip at a time, someone saw the kind of feed Shi Yu was carrying and joked, "Those guys are not friendly, be careful out there."

"But then again, the breeding center's infirmary is very advanced..."

"Don't listen to him, with the Wolf King there, there is no danger at all." Someone next to him reassured Shi Yu.

"Okay, okay, I was just kidding, we are done moving, do you need help?" The person who joked and started the conversation asked.

Shi Yu looked at the two people but he knew absolutely nothing about them. He can only respond with an awkward yet polite smile: "No thanks, I'll be done moving soon anyway."

After saying that, the three did not continue to chat, after all, each has jobs to do.

After the other party left, Shi Yu suddenly remembered that the previous owner of this body liked to be alone and do not like contact with people because of what happened to his family. He did not make any friends nor did he integrate into different small circles. He was always solitary so his interpersonal social side is very lacking.

No wonder he had not have much impression of other people, not even their names... Though, he does know a lot of information about the breeding center.

Shi Yu shook his head. For the time being, there is nothing wrong with this, let's keep it that way first.

The most important thing is to slowly familiarize himself with the world first, socializing or whatever can be done later on.

After finally spending some time moving a cart of meat feed, Shi Yu started the transport vehicle and drove to a certain part of the snowy mountain area where the habitat of the Snow Wolves were.

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