Chapter 1 (Second Half): The Era Of Noble Beasts.

Shi Yu took a deep breath. In such an obviously dangerous world, it would be best if he had crossed into the body of a rich second generation youth.

It's best to have a dragon girl guarding you from an early age and be accompanied by an elf. That way one doesn't waste his time crossing into another world.

But unfortunately, it seems that crossing into another world seems to be as technical as rebirth.

He is still called Shi Yu, but his identity is no longer Shi Yu. He was a scholar on Earth, but he's now an ordinary Trainee Beast Breeder at the Beast Breeding Central in Icefield City.

He's not even a Beastmaster... More like a handyman for a Beastmaster.

This place is dedicated to raising beasts... He is currently learning the experience of raising beasts here.

His daily tasks include feeding beast cubs, shovel excrement, and cleaning.

He was a worker at the bottom of society.

Now, Shi Yu understood the contents of those books. It turned out that he wanted to learn...

The reason why the previous body owner worked so hard was that he hoped to become a Beastmaster. But alas, reality is cruel. Not to mention cultivating beasts, he was an orphan who can't even support himself.

Given Shi Yu's family circumstances, it's too difficult to become a Beastmaster.

However, Shi Yu is also lucky. Because with a little talent and some effort, at least his present career is linked with that of Beastmasters. So it is not impossible to become a Beastmaster in the future.

He has even made a lot of preparations, and decided to buy high-quality beast cubs to become a Beastmaster.

At a young age, he decided to borrow some money to get some beasts.

But in the end, he ended up getting stuck and was miserable.

With a large loan, this guy deserves a hundred million points of empathy. However, Shi Yu didn't expect that he would inherit such a loan right after his crossing.

He doesn't expect to be able to pay it. It was too far. At present, Shi Yu is just a minimum wage worker.

Currently, there are tasks waiting for him. In the 666 working system, time is very strict.

To tell the truth, he hasn't got up at six in the morning for a long time except when he was in high school...

Shi Yu rubbed his head with a headache and then walked to a wall where there was a posted worksheet.

This was the weekly task list that was just issued yesterday. As a trainee in the breeding central, his daily tasks are arranged.

Today's task is... Shi Yu looked at the contents below Monday.

Morning: Feed the Snow Wolves (Single Task)... Carrying Feed (Collective Task) ...

Afternoon: Record the growth data of Cotton Worms (Collective Task)…


If his memory serves him correctly... Snow Wolves were a social but ferocious carnivorous beast, right?

It seems such a dangerous task... Seriously, it has to be done alone?

Shi Yu was lost in thought.

When he was a child, he was bitten by a dog, and that traumatized him. He was not fond of this task.

"It should not be a big problem..."

Shi Yu suddenly remembered that he has a talent for "Telepathy." He can communicate with any creature, hence he feels that there should be no problem...

He was able to come here for training, not only because he has achieved good results in theoretical courses at school, but also because he has a special talent for taming beasts called "Telepathy".

When human beings successfully unlock the Beast Space through meditation, they will have a talent for taming beasts along with their awakening.

Shi Yu has successfully opened up his Beast Space and awakened his talent.

Thanks to the cultivation of talented people who have the ability to tame beasts, after entering the era of modern times, the state has incorporated a meditation method of opening up the Beast Space into compulsory education, and it was at that stage that Shi Yu was found to have the ability to tame beasts.

There are many kinds of beast taming talents, but they are mainly divided into two types, namely, Enhance Type and Special Type. The awakening ratio is about 9:1.

Enhance Type talents, such as Fire Enhancement, is the best talent to find beasts with fire ability to cultivate.

Because in battles, Beastmasters can use their talent to strengthen the power of their Noble Beast's skills, like its fire ability.

Compared with Enhance Type talents, Special Type talents are very complicated and irregular, and the manifestations of the abilities of different talents vary greatly.

For example, the Special Type talent "Skill Share" allows the Beastmaster to share a skill of a contracted Noble Beast, and gain the skill themselves.

Generally, the Beastmasters who have this kind of talent are much stronger than ordinary Beastmasters in terms of combat strength.

There is also the Special Type talent "Amalgamation", which can make the Beastmaster temporarily merge with his Noble Beast into a new form. 

Maybe the beastmen (aka catgirls) really exist?

As for Shi Yu's Telepathy talent, it belongs to the Special Type. It is more popular as it is one of the most common Special Type talents at present.

A Beastmaster master with telepathic talent can communicate with any intelligent creature without needing to deal with any language barrier.

Generally speaking, a Beastmaster can only understand the thoughts of a Noble Beast that has signed a contract with himself. But a Beastmaster with telepathic talent can communicate not only with other people's Noble Beasts but also the ones in the wild.

In the history of the development of this profession, telepathic talent can not directly translate into combat effectiveness, but its status can not be shaken and is indispensable.

After all, if we can communicate with other species, it is very likely that an unnecessary war can be avoided.

For example, among medical workers, teachers, researchers, breeders, etc., a Beastmaster with telepathic talent holds a core position. It is a great talent.

Having such a practical talent for Noble Beasts, it stands to reason that he and wildlife can get along relatively easily.

When his thoughts reached this point, Shi Yu was relieved.

As for the use of "Telepathy", although Shi Yu is far from skilled, he should not be that bad.

Subconsciously, he tried to use his talent and listened to all directions. He also planned to master the next step in advance, so as not to trip later.

But at this moment, an unexpected development suddenly occurred...

Shi Yu's Beast Space shook and his vision suddenly blurred. Then, in his mind, a black book suddenly appeared.

He seems to have awakened a second talent!

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