Chapter 1 (First Half): The Era Of Noble Beasts.

Someone died, well, not completely...

After being trapped in a seemingly endless coma, Shi Yu suddenly jerked up from the bed.

He took a big gulp of air as his chest trembled.

Confusion and puzzlement, all sorts of emotions rushed into his heart.

Where am I?

Shi Yu subconsciously took a look around but it just resulted in him being even more confused.

A single dormitory?

Even if he had been rescued, he should be in a ward right now and not here.

And his body… How is it possible that he is not hurt at all?

With doubts, Shi Yu's eyes swept quickly around the room before his eyes landed into a mirror at the bedside.

The mirror reflected his present appearance. He was about 17 or 18 years old and looked quite handsome.

However, the problem is that this was not him!

The 'him' was a 'handsome' young adult in his twenties and already had experience in working in the society.

Currently, his appearance was only that of a high school student!

Shi Yu didn't know what to say...

This situation also couldn't be because of a successful operation, after all, his body and appearance have changed. 

This was not a question of a successful surgery or not, but magic!

He has completely changed into a different person!

Don't tell me... did I cross into another world?

In addition to the mirror at the bedside which was obviously not well positioned, Shi Yu also found three books nearby.

Shi Yu took a look and the titles instantly stunned him.

<<Beast Breeding Essentials for Novice Breeders Handbook>>

<<Postpartum Nursing for Beasts>>

<<Interspecies Reviewers>>

Shi Yu: ???

The names of the first two books were normal. But what's wrong with the last one?


Shi Yu was about to stretch out his hand when it suddenly froze midway.

He wanted to open the third book and see what it was but he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his brain. A large number of memories then came raging in like a flood.

Icefield City.

Beast Breeding Central.

Trainee Beast Breeder.


What a mess...

The sudden memory influx took Shi Yu 10 minutes to digest it all.

After a long while, Shi Yu looked up with a complicated expression.

He had guessed right, he seems to have really crossed into another world.

He came into this conclusion not only because of the memories, but also because this was certainly not his body.

As we all know, it has almost become an unwritten law that the ugly has no qualifications to complain or be passed on.

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If he was handsome, he wouldn't have run away...

After his accidental death, he crossed into a different world where Noble Beasts were the mainstream.

Although this room looks like a modern single dormitory, he is no longer on Earth, but instead came to a place called Blue Star.

This world was very strange, and its culture was also quite different from that of Earth.

Since ancient times, supernatural powers have already existed here.

These supernatural powers were not the Battle Spirits, Magic or Cultivation of the Immortals that Shi Yu has seen in various film and television works...

But instead it was that every creature has the possibility to evolve.

Through continuous evolution, most animals and plants can awaken higher wisdom and powerful abilities.

It was not limited to animals and plants either, even mountains and rivers, lakes, wind and snow can also evolve into living organisms.

All these extraordinary creatures have great powers, such as thunder and lightning, flames, hurricanes, and are no different from the mythical beasts depicted on Earth. They were aptly named Noble Beasts.

In this context, since the ancient times of this world, weak human beings could only rely on the powerful Noble Beasts, treating them as their guardians, to survive in the form of tribes.

However, after a long period of development, the human race gradually developed its own supernatural power, that is, the ability to tame the Noble Beasts.

Through meditation, some people can unlock a different space in their minds which they called Beast Space and capture these creatures through this.

At the beginning, human beings only forcibly captured the weak Noble Beasts. They used them as slaves, commanded them to work and fight. But in the face of powerful Noble Beasts, human beings could not resist.

Later, however, it was discovered that Noble Beasts' growth rate was several times faster than the outside world in the Beast Space. It was easier to break through racial restrictions and evolve!

This discovery made mankind see the hope of rising, and people began to delve deeper into the mysterious Beast Space.

Immediately after, humans began capturing, training, cultivating and commanding Noble Beasts. Brought about by the continuous development of these abilities, there was gradual improvement of the System. A wide variety of powerful Noble Beasts were cultivated by people, and a profession called the Beastmaster stepped onto the world stage.

With the rise of the Beastmasters, many Noble Beasts began to take the initiative to sign contracts with human beings, hoping to use the powers of human beings to grow rapidly and try to break through their racial restrictions.

Now, thousands of years later, mankind has established a brilliant beast taming civilization, which controls the most abundant resource areas on this planet.

In this era of beast taming, Beastmasters naturally became a symbol of status and class.

All walks of life are closely related to taming beasts. Only when you become a Beastmaster can you become an elite in all fields.

Just the appearance fee of a famous Beastmaster alone was sky high.

If there is a powerful Beastmaster in a city, it would boost the economic level of the city.

In most industries, the Beastmasters occupy the core positions, and the top powers are also controlled by Beastmasters.

However, although human beings have risen in status, there are still a large number of Noble Beasts active in various places that cannot be tamed, often causing disasters to human cities.

That's why some cities want to win over powerful Beastmasters.

And in 'my' memory... This body's family was killed in a Beast Tide.

"The world of Noble Beasts... I think I understand it."

"But... why am I in such a miserable position?!"

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